12 Thrilling Adventure Sports in Sikkim for Daredevils

Bordered by Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet, Sikkim is a northeastern wonderland in the Himalayas. The mighty snow-clad mountains, meandering roads, exotic wildlife, and thick forests are all venues for adventure sports in Sikkim.

This mountain state also boasts clean towns, quaint villages, great food varieties, verdant surroundings, tourist attractions, exquisite culture, cool breeze, etc. Also, it gives you a chance to partake in adventure sports in India. So, if you are planning a visit to this state, do not miss out on these adventure sports activities in Sikkim.

12 Thrilling Adventure Sports in Sikkim

  1. Rafting
  2. Mountain Biking
  3. Paragliding
  4. Rock Climbing
  5. Trekking
  6. Ropeway
  7. Mountaineering
  8. Yak Ride
  9. Bungee Jumping
  10. Hang Gliding
  11. Caving
  12. Helicopter Rides

River Rafting

  • Cost of rafting in Sikkim: INR 3000-INR 5000 per person (approx.)
  • Best time for River Rafting in Sikkim: March to November, except for monsoon
  • Difficulty level: Easy to intense

Tip: Make sure you spend a good amount of money on your rafting shoes to avoid slipping on a wet surface. Also, purchase waterproof gloves for efficient gripping. 

Tighten up your jacket, wear the helmet, and set your grip on the oars as you settle in your raft to face the challenges of river rafting in Sikkim. The rafting experience in the demanding icy cold waters of River Teesta and River Rangit is unrivaled. Offering you a high adrenaline rush, it is one of the best adventure sports activities in Sikkim. Besides, both beginners and experienced rafters can go for this activity here.

River Teesta and its tributary River Rangit have grades from 2 to 4 and are popular on an international level for their rapids and intensity. The banks of these rivers are dotted with lush jungles, small mountain hamlets, and spots with terrace farming. One can also enjoy camping on the river banks. These well-equipped camps are set up on clean white sands.

While in River Teesta, rafting starts from Makha, going down towards Sirwani, including Rangpo. During rafting in River Rangit, the raft begins from Skip, goes to Nayabazar, and ends at Malli.

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Mountain Biking

  • Best time for Mountain Biking in Sikkim: April to May and mid-September to October

The rugged terrain of Sikkim has vast stretches for mountain biking, a reasonably new adventure activity. Therefore, as you embark on mountain biking in Sikkim, savor breathtaking views of snow-clad mountains, admire the peaceful ambiance, and learn about the Sikkimese culture.

Furthermore, this exciting outdoor activity combines sightseeing, trekking, and other unique experiences.

Go on these popular mountain biking trails for adventure sports in Sikkim are:

  • Gangtok – Rumtek – Sangh – Sirwani – Temi – Namchi – Jorethang – Melli
  • Gangtok – Rumtek – Sang- Sirwani – Temi – Damthang – Rabong – Kewzing – Tashiding – Yusum- Pelling – Dentam – Rinchenpong – Soreng – Sombaria – Jorthang- Namchi- Rangpo.
  • Gangtok – Rumtek – Sang – Sirwani – Temi- Namchi – Namthang – Rangpo
  • Gangtok – Phodong – Rangrang- Dikchu Makha- Sirwani- Temi.
  • Rangpo – Rhenock – Rongli – Barapathing – Pakyong – Ranipool – Gangtok – Rumtek – Sang – Temi – Ravang – Tashiding – Pelling – Khechopalri Lake – Yuksom – Rabong – Dikchu – Mangan – Lachung – Yumthang and back.

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Paragliding in Sikkim

  • Best time for Paragliding in Sikkim: March to June and September to November

How do you like flying like a free bird in the sky? If this excites you, go paragliding in Sikkim. Also, the views of the majestic Himalayas and the green surroundings will be matchless. Moreover, operators offer tandem flights, and no training is required.

One is accompanied by a certified paragliding expert who lets you enjoy a ride safely, navigating the flight himself. Then, it would help if you contributed to takeoff and landing.  Also, you must know that there’s only one pre-requisite the weight limit is 90 km.

Besides, there are two types of paragliding- Medium Fly and High Fly. While in the first one, the altitude of around 1300- 1400 meters with a flying time of 5-10 minutes, in the second one, the take-off site is 2200 meters with a flying time of around half an hour.

It is a highly popular adventure sports activity in Gangtok city, making it the best place to visit in June in India. There are a number of operators on the site of activity.

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Helicopter Rides in Sikkim

  • Cost of a helicopter ride in Sikkim: INR 3500 onwards per person (approx.)
  • Time duration: Average of 15 minutes
  • Places for a helicopter ride in Sikkim: Gangtok and Kanchenjunga
  • Best time for a helicopter ride in Sikkim: May-June and September-October

Note: Rides won’t take place if the weather doesn’t permit them.

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Satiate your fantasy of touching the clouds by taking a helicopter ride in Sikkim. This adventure activity is sure to leave you mesmerized. Also, with verdant green valleys and towering snow-covered peaks beneath you, there’s no reason not to indulge in these adventure sports in Sikkim. So, if you are a family of fewer than five people, a helicopter ride in Sikkim is for you!

Now that you know about the top adventure sports in Sikkim, it’s time to book a Sikkim tour and indulge in them. Also, whether you want to travel with family, friends, beloved, or solo, Indian Holiday customizes the packages as per travelers’ needs and budgets. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and grab amazing deals on Sikkim packages!

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