Top 20 Honeymoon Destinations in the World

For some, it’s Paris or Rome. For others it’s the exotic islands of Thailand. Where should you head for your beautiful beginning?

Honeymoon is the time to celebrate the union between a newly married couples. Already married couples also plan holidays to re-kindle their love. The special time is meant to be unique, adventurous, restful, and romantic.

They are meant to be once in a lifetime experiences whose memories will endure forever. Our little blue planet offers numerous destinations that are perfect for romance. Heavenly islands, mesmerizing cultures, snowy landscapes or thrilling adventures, the options are numerous and quite a difficult choice.

So if you are wanting an unforgettable honeymoon and are wondering where on earth to go, consider these Top 20 Honeymoon Destinations in the World:

Maldives: One of the Top Beach Honeymoon Destinations in the World

Maldives is one of the hottest honeymoon destinations in the world

Create cherished memories of a romantic honeymoon in the unspoilt heavenly islands of the Maldives. The archipelago of idyllic 1190 islands dotted in azure blues of the Indian Ocean are blessed. The powdery soft sands fringed by lush palms, pristine cerulean waters teeming with life and beautiful sunsets creates a perfect backdrop. The resorts and lavish villas on the islands are private and pampering. Scrumptious platters of food and indulgent spa, massages and other lavish activities makes your stay fun. Scuba diving and snorkeling session offers a proper introduction to the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The fusion of private, serene locations with a laid back ambiance concocts the perfect honeymoon.

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The ‘Isle of Gods’ Bali evokes romance. The heavenly islands of Indonesia in the midst of Indian Ocean is blessed with pristine beaches, misty mountains, hot springs, rice paddies, ancient temples, vibrant arts scene and water sports. All its blessings makes for a dreamy honeymoon. The intriguing blend of culture and unrivalled natural beauty, makes it synonymous with pleasurable memories. Enjoy the bliss of true timeless charm of Indonesia with a stay at a private villas overlooking crystal blue waters. Evenings are full of orange sunsets. Relish the soothing ambiance with private time enjoying walks on the beaches, romantic dinners of the scrumptious cuisines and indulgent Balinese massages.

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French Polynesia

The heavenly French Polynesia is the best definition of a romantic honeymoon. The archipelago of 118 islands are serene with silvery sands and looming hills in the horizon. The shade of blue is re-defined with multitude of colors of aquamarine. The over-water bungalows are perfect for romance. The marine life in the lagoon does not need to view by any special gears, the clear waters present a picture like that of a giant aquarium. The Islands of Tahiti and Bora Bora are ideal for a cherished stay. Do not miss to view a sunset together and having a meal of appetizing local food. Take home a black pearl for remembrance.


Few honeymoon destinations in the world offer experiences like of Thailand. From tropical islands like Phuket and Krabi to culturally rich cities like Bangkok and Chiang Rai, this Asian nation seamlessly combines adventure and relaxation. The stunning natural beauty of Thailand has long been a draw for honeymooners. There are endless soft, white sandy beaches, electric blue waters, and some of the best sunsets in the world. The nation boasts of a vibrant nightlife, plenty of options to relish the piquant cuisine, cultural pleasures of palaces, Buddhist temples and shrines, experiencing the soothing art of Thai Massage. The five-star resorts provide couples all luxuries they dreamt of.

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Greece, the Cradle of Civilization has not just come up with democracy and Olympics, it must have also come up with idea of honeymoon. Historical attractions, delicious gastronomy, breathtaking Mediterranean beaches and gorgeous sunsets proves why you settle for nothing else. In Santorini, whitewashed villas contrasts the unbelievable shade of waters. The hilly island of Hydra, has inspired generations of poets and avant-garde painters. On Crete, soft sands give way to unreal shades of turquoise, teal, and green waters. Athens, Mykonos and Thessaloniki are places to re-live the old-world charm. Do not choose, hire a boat or hop on a cruise and tick off as many islands.

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France allures couples for a visit once in their life and what better than a honeymoon? The European country boasts of extraordinarily diverse and beautiful terrain. From rolling hills in Provence, majestic Alps in Bordeaux, wind-swept coastline in Brittany, warm sun in the Riviera, every locale has its own charm. Planning a France honeymoon is enviable. After all, one country is the home to fine wine, delectable cheese & breads, luxurious chateaus, fantastic architecture and attractions breathtaking in their glory. To add to the delights are the cozy cafes and bistros, museums and gardens. The Eiffel Tower in Paris is one sight every couple would enjoy.

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It is easy to see why Venice have captured the hearts of lovers for centuries. Nothing spells “amore” like a gondola ride through the Grand Canal as you sail past historic buildings. Tolling church bells, elegant piazzas, mesmerizing architectures, glittering waterways and cultural grandeur will turn you passionate at one sight. The unrivalled Venice offers the romantic gondola ride in its heart-stopping canals. The romance and charm of the city lingers in the very air. Get away to Murano Island famous for its artisan glassblowing. Do not miss out the delectable flavors of the city as some of the seafood is unmatched. Wines compliment the amorous mood.

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New Zealand

Honeymoon in New Zealand is a rare treat. Blessed is the only word that can actually describe the pleasures the country offers. Here landscapes are what fairytales are made of as glaciers leads to lush rainforests, mountains trap the ocean into breathtaking fjords and vineyard rows lead down to the windswept beaches lapped with waters of glorious shades of blue. The incredible outdoor activities is perfect for adrenaline junkies as sky-diving, bungee jumping and thrilling trekking are offered. The terrific fine wines and delectable cuisines are amazing experiences. Music festivals and activities are on the calendar throughout the year. Couples will take home cherished memories.

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Caribbean Islands

Also known as the playfield of the richs, Saint Barts is one of the luxurious honeymoon destinations in the Caribbean

Caribbean Islands are the first thought of honeymoon couples. The picturesque islands enjoys maximum hours of pleasant sunshine throughout the year. The picture of white sands, azure waters, swaying palms, glorious sunshine and laid-back ambiance invokes amour. Feel the bliss of pristine beaches, beautiful shades of turquoise waters, luxurious resorts with fabulous facilities. Explore the thriving marine life in the abundant atolls and coral reefs. The scrumptious cuisines, walks on the beaches and revitalizing spa session create wonderful memories. The Bahamas, Anguilla, St. Lucia, Jamaica, St. Barts, Aruba, British Virgin Islands, each island has its own vibe making it the perfect destination for couples with varied tastes.


The most desired honeymoon destination of Hawaii boasts of unparalleled experiences. The volcanic Islands in the midst of the Pacific Ocean is blessed with unique scenery including tropical rainforests, sandy beaches, gushing waterfalls and exotic flora in abundance. Couples can choose to spend time in romantic cruises, adventures, relaxing in the luxurious 5 star private resorts or serene vacations in cottages. Relish the blissful Aloha state of mind wherever you go. Pick your pleasure. Oahu has allures of Honolulu and North Shore. Maui enjoys joyful vibe and celeb-magnet resorts. Kauai offers dizzying cliffs and waterfalls. The Big Island has rare beauty of active volcano and black-sand beaches.


Australia is the ideal choice for honeymoon couples seeking a gamut of delights. Spend private time enjoying exhilarating sunsets over turquoise waters. The rugged mountain topography is equally gorgeous. Go adventurous in the wilderness. Explore the Victorian architecture and modern designs in the cities. The cafes, bistros, river promenades are as charming. Savor the delicious flavors of food with appetizing taste of wines. Explore the beautiful world’s largest coral reef; the Great Barrier Reef where the marine world is a treat and so are the islands which can be entirely yours for stay. Scuba dive, snorkel, hot air balloon rides, kayaking or road trips, Australia makes your honeymoon cherished.

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Honeymoon in India is the earthly union of souls destined in heaven. The multi-ethnic nation is a gamut of experiences of beaches, hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries, royal palaces and vibrant cities. Plan a honeymoon in the heights of snowcapped peaks of Himalayas in the ‘Heaven on Earth’; Kashmir. The tropical beaches of Goa along the Arabian Sea are enchanting. The desert state of Rajasthan is the home of royal palaces, forts and other stunning architectures. Kerala is the amorous destination of scenic backwaters, Ayurveda and natural beauty. The Rann of Kutch in Gujarat, unexplored North east in east and treasure house of temples and architecture in South India are equally fascinating. The sights, food, culture and hospitality makes cherished memories.

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The Philippines

The Philippines has captivated honeymoon couples from all over the world with its sublime pleasures. The archipelago of 7100 islands has rainforests, white pure sandy beaches, fantastic coral reefs, thrilling adventures, mesmerizing culture and a relaxed ambiance. Philippines on honeymoon is a destination of pleasurable days lazing on the beaches sipping on cocktails, indulging in every water sport you can think of and getting pampered by the hospitality of amiable folks. Do try the delectable platters of multi-cultural cuisines. Shopping and exploring are as intriguing. Check out Boracay Islands, Cebu City, Palawan Island, the Bohol Islands and the World Heritage City of Vigan for cherished memories.


Honeymoon in Dubai is a treat for the senses. For beautiful views head to the observation deck at the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building or savor a hot air balloon ride for an enchanting aerial experience. A Dubai Creek dinner cruise enjoying wonderful views of Dubai’s cityscape is amorous for couples. Enjoy range of diving spots in the azure waters of Arabian Gulf suitable for beginners and experienced divers. For a spectacular tour of the Arabian Desert, choose a guided desert safari that includes a romantic dinner at sunset. The incredible shopping, the 7 star luxuries of hotels and the impossible sights will be some cherished memories. You can also be a part of Dubai Shopping Festival in 2016.

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Seychelles offers a honeymoon like no other. The newest country of the world is everything honeymoon is made of. The 115 islands snuggled in the middle of Indian Ocean is the backdrop of fairytale romances. Enjoy the scenic secluded beaches of pristine white sands. The waters range from the darkest to turquoise shades. Nature has blessed the islands with abundant flora and fauna. Pampering luxury resorts create luxury stays. Mahé Island is great for active couples as this is a tourist base. The secluded tropical islands offer idyllic hideaways. The hidden coves of Praslin and La Digue are perfect for romantics seeking peace and a little more privacy.

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South Africa

As a honeymoon destination, South Africa is an exotic experience. Whatever your heart desires and budget allows, South Africa caters. The ‘Rainbow Nation’ offers stunning mountains, coastlines and wine lands. Enjoy safari thrills at the Kruger National Park. Go whale-watching or swim with the sharks in the blessed waters. Enjoy shopping in Cape Town and the fantastic gastronomy that suits every taste. South Africa is a treasure of cultures and landscapes and they’re waiting to be discovered. From the secluded beaches, to the fine dining splendor, heavenly forest hideaways and spectacular safaris, this astonishing country can offer something for each and every romantic couple. Explore to your hearts’ content.

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Kenya makes it name in the list of amorous holiday destinations owing to its unrivalled beauty, excitement and experiences. The African nation has dose of relaxation and adventures. Where else can you mix remote wilderness of Africa, mesmerizing waters of azure sea and pampering luxuries of extravagant resorts and jungle camps? Check out spectacular, rich wildlife of the Masai Mara. The elegant old bush homes in the midst of the African landscapes are enjoyable. Trekking, walking, riding, diving, watersports and more are some thrills. Be it the beautiful hideaways, with natural backdrops, and true safari style, spend a romantic escapade at affordable budget.

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One of the upcoming honeymoon destinations in the world, the 300 island archipelago of Fiji ticks off all the requirements of a heavenly honeymoon. The heavenly beauty has isolated beaches, five-star resorts, countless activities and experiences that shall make space in your heart forever. Relish the laid-back ambiance. The Mamanuca Island group and Viti Levu for sun-drenched white sand beaches and turquoise lagoons. Yasawa Islands offers rugged coastline and powdery-soft white sands. Northern Fiji is home to lush tropical rainforests and pristine coral reefs. Relish the experience of scuba diving, snorkeling, beach horse riding, trekking, the scrumptious gastronomy and other pleasures. Go island hopping, take a romantic yatch ride and get pampered at the plush resorts.


Honeymoon in Switzerland, arguably one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in the world, is a fairy tale come true. Words cannot do true justice to its spectacular beauty. The Swiss Alps make the perfect backdrop for any romantic escapade. Switzerland offers premiere skiing destinations. World renowned slopes are at Davos, St. Moritz and Klosters in the Granbunden. Romance amidst the beautiful impressionist buildings, sinful chocolates and other tempting cuisines. Explore the enchantments of Geneva as you shop and explore the city. Zurich fascinates you with its amorous appeal. The historic village of Gstaad needs to be experienced to understand its magnetic allure. Stay in one of the restored castles with views of a lake to relive a fairytale.

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Sri Lanka

A magical honeymoon is created in the spectacular beauty of Sri Lanka, one of the top honeymoon destinations in Asia. The tear drop island in the Indian Ocean is blessed with scenic beaches, tropical rainforest, thriving cities, soothing Buddhist culture, appetizing cuisines and pampering resorts. Couples come to the island nation for a holiday of cherished experiences. The resorts in Bentota, Galle and other beaches are world-class delights offering honeymooners the much-needed privacy and pampering of best amenities. If you want to escape to the hills, there is no place like Nuwara Eliya. Adventures in the Yala National Park will bring you close to your partner as you explore scenic waterfalls, tea plantations and wildlife sanctuaries.

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