Top 15 Places to Visit near Mumbai in May for your Weekend Getaway

With summers approaching, most places throughout the country experience the scorching sun and unbearable heat. Some places experience dry summers, whereas the states in the peninsular region have to bear the hot and humid climate.

Due to the unbearable heat, people plan weekend trips during the season. If you live in Mumbai, several go-to destinations can help you beat the heat and give you a chance to have quality time with friends and family.

This blog lists the top 15 places to visit near Mumbai in May for a weekend. The list includes the top attractions, hill stations, and camping sights, including Panchgani, Lonavala, Khandala, Igatpuri, and Alibaug.

This blog will satiate adventure junkies and people looking for places to visit near Mumbai with family. All the places are easily accessible and can be covered for a quick weekend, if not for long. So, grab your traveling boots and find a spot that perfectly fits your budget, time, and interest.

Needless to say, Mumbai is a very primely located city surrounded by some of the best destinations in India. There are equal shares of serene places, offbeat spots, pilgrim destinations, and places that interest adventure junkies. Go through the entire blog and create your itinerary for fathomable close-by destinations.

List of 15 Destination to visit near Mumbai in May 2022

1. Panchgani

A trip to Panchgani will always be mesmerizing and beautiful irrespective of the time you visit here. Where summers give you a cool and pleasant environment, winters are known for chilly winds. However, summers are also known to be one of the best times to visit here because of the flora and vegetation that’s housed in the valley.

Nestled in the Satara District, Panchgani is one of the best attractions and most popular hill stations near Mumbai. An abundance of virgin beauty and offbeat spots makes Panchgani an ideal destination for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. Moreover, the location of Panchgani amidst the 5-majestic hills makes it a vibrant go-to destination even for couples.

Mumbaikars looking for destinations that can fill their days with the essence of nature and natural beauty head to this hill station to escape the hustle-bustle of the city.

Panchgani is not only known for its serenity, natural beauty, and mesmerizing views; the place is also known as the largest producer of strawberries across India. The Mapro Garden, endowed with a mesmerizing beauty, is known to produce about 80% of the strawberries across the country.

If it is your first time visiting this garden, a Strawberry Festival is celebrated during harvest time. Make sure that you don’t miss out on this festival. With such beauty sprawled across the hill station, the serene environment sounding like melody, and the soothing weather throughout the year has made Panchgani a popular getaway destination for 2 days near Mumbai.

Distance from Mumbai: 243 km
Travel Time: 4:30 hours (approx.)

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2. Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is a place that needs no introduction amongst travelers or people on the hunt for getaway destinations near Mumbai. Situated approximately 262 km from the city of dreams, Mahabaleshwar is a picturesque destination in the Western Ghats of India.

Owing to its natural beauty, this place tends to captivate travelers’ attention and imagination. From majestic cascades to high summits, a person can enjoy many things in Mahabaleshwar.

The popular tourist attractions of Mahabaleshwar include the Venna Lake, Pratapgad Fort, Tapola, some parts of Mapro Garden, Elephant’s head point, Babington Point, and the magnificent Lingmala Falls. Over time people have started gaining interest in different spots of the Mahabaleshwar plateau, increasing the traction amongst tourists.

Being one of the finest weekend destinations for family, Mahabaleshwar not just boasts the natural splendors and ancient ruins as well. One of this place’s finest and probably best attractions is the ancient temples and the magnificent Pratapgad Fort sitting on a cliff. Mahabaleshwar has something for everyone and if you are an adventure junky simply wanting to explore the offbeat parts of the town, come straight to Lingmala Falls.

To reach this point, you use the local buses or even hire a cab, but upon arrival, you will be witnessing a breathtaking view of the cascade and the waterfall, which is also the source of Venna Lake. With all the essential elements in place, it isn’t difficult to say that Mahabaleshwar is one of the best destinations offering family holidays in Maharashtra.

Distance from Mumbai: 262 km
Travel Time: 5 hours (approx.)

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3. Matheran

A couple of hours on the road toward the Eastern side of Maharashtra takes you to the dreamy land of Matheran. It is arguably the smallest hill station in India and owing to this fact, and it gets the nickname “cutest little hill station” in the country. Even though it is petite in the area, the natural beauty, splendors, and tourist attractions of Matheran are spell-bounding.

Known as one of the best places to enjoy sunset and sunrise around Mumbai, Matheran has become one of Mumbai’s best tourist places with family and friends. This is one of those rare towns in India that has successfully kept it automobile-free. Matheran is a municipality-hill station tucked away beautifully in the Raigad District of Maharashtra.

Owing to the serene and beautiful environment and a short distance from Mumbai, Matheran is a vibrant destination hosting hundreds of people for weekend getaways every year.

Apart from the outer circuit of this hill station, a person can also visit its top attractions, such as Louisa Point, Panorama Point, Porcupine Point, Money Point, and many more. Matheran is also one of the best places to visit near Mumbai in May.

This picturesque destination not just gives a great weekend but some peaceful time to all travelers. If you think Matheran is all about hill summits and dense vegetation spread across the area, you must visit Charlotte Lake. Whether you are an adventure enthusiast or nature lover, this lake is an apt place for you to spend some time.

Hike up to the lake, and there are places where you can camp and enjoy a bonfire. People also prefer activities like bird watching at the lakeside.

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Distance from Mumbai: 85 km
Travel Time: 2 hours (Approx.)

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4. Lonavala & Khandala

Talking about the best places to visit in Mumbai during summer, Lonavala and Khandala are two places that will always be on the top of the list of every traveler. Perched at an altitude of about 2047 ft. above sea level, Lonavala is a vibrant romantic destination near Mumbai.

Away from the chaos of the city, it is a sublime place with a salubrious climate, exquisite sights, ancient caves, serene and picturesque lakes, dense vegetation, and much more on offer. Once an offbeat destination, Lonavala and Khandala are listed among the top destinations near Mumbai.

The charm and serenity in the environment of both these hill stations have constantly magnetized tourists’ attention, not only during summers but winters as well.

People looking for places near Mumbai for a family vacation have also enjoyed these places immensely. Some top-notch attractions here are Bushi Dam, Shrivardhan Fort, Rajmachi Fort, Lonavala Lake, Tikona Fort, Ryewood Park Bhairavnath temple, and several others.

With so many places that soothe every kind of traveler, Lonavala and Khandala are probably some of India’s best summer holiday destinations. Then, of course, there are trekking and mountaineering trails, which even adventure enthusiasts love to visit here frequently.

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Distance from Mumbai: 90 km
Travel Time: 2 hours (approx.)

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5. Igatpuri

Summers call for a vacation or weekend trip to hill stations, and if you reside anywhere in Mumbai, Igatpuri is the place you can head to. An excellent and pristine hill station in the Nasik District of Maharashtra offers travelers scenic beauty, thrilling sports, and much more.

Arguably one of the best weekend getaways from Mumbai within 200 km, Igatpuri is also the center of tourism in Maharashtra. People from Mumbai and across the country visit here for a good time. Igatpuri is surrounded by the high hills of the Sahyadri Range.

People use several tracks and trails for trekking. These trails have all the varieties, right from moderate trails to difficult level grades. So if you are one of those who enjoy an adrenaline rush in their body, then Igatpuri can serve you just right.

Igatpuri has become a vibrant destination for travelers, which you will find is included in most of the Maharashtra tour packages. Having small streams, majestic waterfalls, and the unparalleled beauty of nature, it sounds like a perfect destination for Mumbaikars searching for a weekend destination.

With ample natural beauty, Igatpuri is also admired and visited for the ancient ruins of massive forts and ancient temples. So, if you consider visiting Igatpuri for a family vacation in May, it will be blissful.

Distance from Mumbai: 121 km
Travel Time: 2:30 hours (approx.)

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6. Malshej Ghat

Imagine a lean gorge in the rugged Western Ghats, tranquility and utterly mesmerizing view all over the place, unfathomable beauty, and whether you were longing for during summers; the image you get in your head is of Malshej Ghat.

This place is known to be the perfect weekend destination for solo travelers as well as the ones traveling in a group. Due to the peaceful surrounding of this place, people can rejuvenate their minds and body away from the chaotic life of Mumbai.

This Thane-Hill station has actively hosted people from not just nearby cities but from across the country. Malshej Ghat is a place thriving with many species of flora and fauna (especially birds).

Several rare species of birds can be spotted throughout the year. Many bird watchers visit here yearly due to the number of bird species. As a result, you get bird species such as crakes, cuckoos, flamingos, quails, and rails. All of these species are rare to be found in cities like Mumbai.

Apart from this, the major attractions of this destination are Mhaismal hill station, Bhimashankar hill station, Tamhini Ghat hill station, Wai, Gagan Badva, Panhala, and Toranmal hill stations. All these places might be hill stations, but they have their unique essence that can be felt upon visiting.

They offer panoramic views that would spell-bound you at every glance. Another reason Malshej Ghat holds a lot of significance in Indian history is that it is the birthplace of the great Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the great Maratha warrior. You can visit the ruins of ancient forts, cascades, beautiful waterfalls, and more.

This is just a short description of the place’s store for you. So if you are still looking for a weekend spot, then Malshej Ghat can be your destination as it can be the perfect host of your honeymoon trip in Maharashtra.

Distance from Mumbai:127 km
Travel Time: 3:12 hours (approx.)

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7. Kolad

If you don’t wish to go too far, then a beautiful petite hamlet is located just about 116 km from Mumbai in the Raigad district of Maharashtra named Kolad. You might have heard people talking about a destination called “Rishikesh of Maharashtra?” It’s Kolad that they are referring to.

This is a small but breathtakingly beautiful village boasting scenic valley views. The entire village is surrounded by dense forest and hills that offer luxury, verdant, clear streams, and a calming and pleasant ambiance throughout the hamlet. All these ingredients together make Kolad a perfect destination for a family vacation near Mumbai in June.

Keeping in mind that forests extensively surround the hamlet. The trails throughout the vegetation have always lured travelers from all over the state and country. Hundreds and thousands of solo travelers have frequently visited here owing to the serenity and unfathomable beauty.

It is not just families and solo travelers who get intrigued by this quaint hamlet. Several couples looking for a slightly offbeat honeymoon destination near Mumbai also visit here. But, apart from all this, Kolad is a real gem to explore, and adventure enthusiasts are now thonging the hamlet for its adrenaline-rushing activities.

One can enjoy trekking, hiking, birdwatching, camping, and sightseeing. But, above all these things, if you take yourself as a hardcore adventurer, then do not miss out on the white-water rafting that takes place in the all-time raging Kundalika River.

From soaking yourself in peaceful activities like a picnic to enjoying the exciting white-water rafting, Kolad has everything on offer, making it a fantastic weekend getaway destination from Mumbai.

Distance from Mumbai: 122 km
Travel Time: 2:30 hours (approx.)

8. Sandhan Valley

Popularly known as the “Wonder of nature,” Sandhan Valley is another magnificent place that offers adventurous sports to those who visit here. Moreover, being a part of the Western Ghats, the Sandhan Valley is also filled with pristine and calming spots. Hence, it serves as a great weekend destination for travelers near Mumbai.

From people on a family vacation to solo travelers wishing to indulge in adventurous activities, Sandhan Valley is an apt destination for all of them. Located on the western side of the Bhandardara Region of the Western Ghats, Sandhan Valley is a new place for all. So if you are tired of the regular city churn and wish to go for a rejuvenating weekend from Mumbai, then heading to the valley of shadow will not be a mistake.

Sandhan is known as the “Valley of Shadow” due to the 2 km of dead dark passage to reach the place. The region is shadowed by the highest summit of Maharashtra (Ratangad) on one side and Sahyadri on the other.

Sandhan Valley is also great for adventure enthusiasts because of the Alang. If trekking through the forest to the mountain top is what excites or interests you, then Alang has a quality offering for you. Known to be one of India’s most challenging treks, Alang might give you the thrill you were longing for.

So, prepare a backpack, put on your trekking shoes, and visit one of the best weekend getaway destinations near Mumbai. Another exciting activity offered by the place is rappelling. Every year hundreds of people come here to enjoy this activity over the 200 feet high gorge carved by a river at some point in time. Yes, you are right; Sandhan Valley is a 200 ft. deep water-carved valley that has become a go-to destination for people.

Distance from Mumbai: 183 km
Travel Time: 4 hours (approx.)

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9. Karjat

If you search for destinations to go to during the summer months, ruling out Karjay will be a mistake. Sprawling over Bhorghat across Sahyadri and the Western Ghats is a beautiful place to spend a weekend at. Be it a trip with friends or family or even solo, Karjat, with its beauty, will keep you engaged for the entirety of your trip.

Most of Karjat is situated on the Ulhas River basin, which increases the place’s natural beauty, a number of folds. Being an ideal weekend getaway destination in May, Karjat is an absolute mesmerizer for many good reasons.

Apart from the quaint environment and astonishing natural beauty, like many of its neighbors, Karjat has an extensive list of adventure activities on offer. The infinite possibilities of adventure activities include hiking, trekking, sightseeing, mountain climbing, and many more near the city of dreams.

Probably one of the best hill stations near Mumbai is the intriguing landscapes and thrilling adventures, two of the most important elements that give it the title. In the past, Karjat has frequently kept hosting Hindu pilgrims who visit here to offer their prayers at the ancient temples.

The offerings of this destination are never-ending, and other brilliant attractions here are the caves. Yes, you heard that right; Kondana caves are one of the many such places that can be explored during your weekend getaway. Hence, whenever people look for places for trekking in Maharashtra, Karjat is a name that finds the top position in the list.

Distance from Mumbai: 64 km
Travel Time: 1:31 hours (approx.)

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10. Lohagad Fort

Approximately 100 km from the bustling city of Mumbai is a place named Lohagad. It is also a famous hill fort in Maharashtra that has gained much traction in the past decade. Initially an offbeat destination, Lohagad Fort is a picture-perfect destination perched at 1033 m above sea level.

Offering a breathtaking view from the top of the fort, people usually find themselves at this place for a weekend. The unstained beauty of Lohagad Fort is one of the prominent reasons why this place is a perfect family destination for a weekend getaway in summer.

Its resilient structure and incomparable view make Lohagad a fantastic place. One of the best things to do in Lohagad is a trek to the fort. Ideally, the place is visited throughout the year, but summers can give you a break from soaring temperatures, even though it will be for a day or two.

Distance from Mumbai: 100 km
Travel Time: 2 hours (approx.)

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11. Mulshi

Looking for a fantastic year-long destination near Mumbai? Mulshi can serve you right. Still an offbeat destination compared to the other neighboring area, Mulshi is a scenic destination that attracts people who wish to take a break from their chaotic lives in the cities.

Many people use this destination as a picnic spot from Mumbai and Pune. However, the beauty of this place is simply incredible and inexplicable, as it’s the perfect melange of peace and mesmerizing sights. One of the best destinations in this place is the Mulshi Dam, where you can get tons and tons of pictures for your social media and enjoy the time.

Mulshi Lake is another key element that increases the beauty of the place and is also known for the catchment area it forms.

Distance from Mumbai: 170 km
Travel Time: 3:30 hours (approx.)

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12. Alibag

Maharashtra is one of those states of India that is home to a lot of hill stations and other landscapes. People from Mumbai often seek out destinations around the city for a break. If you, too, are having a stressful week and longing for a weekend, Alibag can be your next destination.

Alibag, also written as Alibaug, is the same place approximately 98km from Mumbai. Alibag is a little coastal town often serving as a beautiful weekend destination near Mumbai.

The name of this place refers to “The Garden of Ali,” which means a fruit orchid planted and taken care of by Ali. The place is named after the person because he was an early resident and has made this place famous for various species of fruits and flowers.

As already told, the place is situated in the state’s coastal region, which is why it gets all the beauty from the beaches. People visit here for some quiet time, and the beauty and brilliance of the place envelop them gladly. Being known for its beaches, Alibaug offers a variety of happening watersports and fun activities.

The famous attractions of the place include Kolaba Fort and Brahma Kund. If you are visiting this perfect weekend getaway destination near Mumbai, do not miss out on the fun on offer by the watersports.

Distance from Mumbai: 98 km
Travel Time: 2:30 hours (approx.)

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13. Pawna Lake

Around Mumbai, there are several adventurous destinations, but Pawna Lake stands taller than any other. A good destination that hundreds of adventure junkies visit throughout the year is Pawna Lake. Out of all the other destinations near Mumbai, this one is a bit more untainted and a bit better.

You can enjoy the watersports and appealing natural beauty of the place. People can also enjoy camping in the backdrop of Tikona Fort and Lohagad. You can enjoy kayaking, windsurfing, and water gliding in the lake.

Distance from Mumbai: 118 km
Travel Time: 2:45 hours (approx.)

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14. Kundalika

Another go-to destination near Mumbai is Kundalika. This area is the place away from Kolad, offering matchless opportunities to soothe the adventurers. You can indulge yourself in nerve-tingling white-water rafting just like the one in Kolad. The thrilling rapids of Kundalika stretch over 14 km making it a fantastic ride for all the people on the boat.

Though you will be escorted by experts that won’t stop the tides from bringing chills to your body, ensure you have all your safety gears on so that you are safe and sound after the bumpy ride gets over.

Distance from Mumbai: 116 km
Travel Time: 2:30 hours (approx.)

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15. Kamshet

From majestic waterfalls to beautiful temples and monasteries, Kamshet is a complete package that has got itself to the best Maharashtra tour packages. The place soothes all kinds of travelers, be it the one who loves adventurous sports or those who love spending some quality time in a peaceful surrounding. From exploring the Buddhist caves to enjoying paragliding, your trip to Kamshet will be wonderful and unique.

Distance from Mumbai: 102 km
Travel Time: 2 hours (approx.)

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Undoubtedly, the city of dreams is a beautiful place to live in, but we can’t deny that it has a very fast-pacing life. Amidst their daily schedule, people usually plan on rejuvenating weekends now and then. If you are planning on something like this, try the places listed in the blog for a memorable short trip. Plan your May trip, and let us know about your vacation experiences!

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