Top 17 Things to do in Mauritius

Located within the Indian Ocean, flanking the eastern side of the African continent, Mauritius is doubtlessly one of the most exotic destinations on Earth. It was not for nothing that Mark Twain once wrote, ‘Mauritius was made first and then heaven, heaven being copied after Mauritius’. This amazing place is blessed with all the charms that nature has to offer.

Coupled with heart-warming hospitality, Mauritius is frequently high on the charts of international travelers. If you are one of those lucky excursionists planning to visit this amazing place, this is our list of top 17 things to do in Mauritius:

Let’s take a look at top 17 things to do in Mauritius:

1. Marvel at the incredible sea life with Blue Safari Submarine

Get on an excursion that takes you on almost a heavenly sojourn with this amazing underwater submarine dive. One of the top[ things to do in Mauritius, the submarine lets you descend nearly 115 feet deep and explore some of the most pristine marine lives.

From the windows of your air-conditioned cabin, you will get to see many sea coral formations, the shipwreck of the Star Hope and the anchor of a 17th century galleon. This 40 min trip will take you to an unforgettable experience and form cherishing memories as you survey the ravishing waters of this exotic country.

2. Dolphin-Watching

Dolphin watching is yet another top activity in Mauritius. A relaxing cruise along the western coast of Mauritius gives you a unique chance to view dolphins in the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean. As you cruise along, enjoy fresh, cool breeze or take a refreshing swim, relish the warm sunlight or please your taste buds to delectable dishes.

A guide that usually accompanies you will also make you understand the fragile balance on which the natural habitats of these amazing beasts rests. Hence this is an exciting as well as a learning excursion. If moving further north, you also have the chance to swim in the turquoise waters and enjoy the vibrant colors of the exquisite natural aquarium.

3. Head to Northern Islands for a unique adventure

The northern islands of Mauritius are tropical havens and it’s a memorable experience to enjoy a day out in this excellent ambience. There are plenty of options for indulgence. Spend your day laying out on the beach, revel in the leisurely swim or snorkel in the warm waters, the time you will spend here will be truly mesmerizing.

And to punctuate this all, a hot and delicious barbeque awaits you on board to recharge your spirits for another excursion in to the waters.

Due to stunning surroundings and incredible underwater wealth, snorkeling here is especially remarkable. Besides the vibrant colors of the pristine islands will leave a lasting impression.

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4. Enjoy a memorable sojourn at Ile aux Cerfs Island

Ile aux Cerfs Island is one of the most breathtakingly picturesque islands in Mauritius. Home to tropical vegetation and exotic, white sandy beaches, a cruise along this protected lagoon off the east coast will be an outstanding experience. You can exercise other options here as well.

Enjoy a stroll on the cool breeze of the island, or dive for swimming or snorkeling to marvel at the region’s incredible marine life. Also relish the mouth-watering barbeque aboard your catamaran. You can start your trip aboard a ferry, taking you up to the estuary of Grande Riviera Sud-Est to visit the astonishing waterfalls. Thereafter, proceed onto the island to enjoy your day sporting various activities.

5. Take a fascinating detour to Ile des Deux Cocos Private Island

Located in the middle of the protected Blue Bay Marine National Park, the Ile des Deux Cocos Private Island is like a heaven on Earth. The island is pervaded with some of the most exquisite white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.

You have plenty of things to do here to spend some unforgettable moments. Dive into the waters to have a great swim, snorkel near the shallow shores to gape at the exquisite marine wealth, enjoy the glass-bottom boat ride, explore the island’s fascinating locations or just simply relax on the beach and soak in the fabulous ambience.

As you take a break from your adventures, dig your fingers in the delectable, hot barbeques awaiting you. The trip will definitely be an exotic joyride. As the day ends, take delight in your luxury with rum cocktail as you proceed back to the mainland.

6. Understand the Mauritian Legacy on Mahebourg & The Valley of Ferney tour

Visit to this location of exquisite charms will bring closer to the legacies of the earliest days of the settlement in this splendid island. The trip lets you appreciate the wonderful arts, crafts and culture of the island, which makes its society unique.

Visit the Naval museum, to witness the relics of the historic Battle of Grand Port, try some delicacy at the Manioc biscuit factory, take a stroll on the olden Cavendish Bridge, explore the wondrous vegetation of vegetables, fruits and spices and explore the handicrafts and textiles in a local village market, there are plenty of options.

Besides these attractions, the island itself is surrounded by majestic sights which are truly enchanting. A trip to this island is nevertheless, full of charms.

7. Set out to discover the fabulous Mauritius

Discover Mauritius at your own pace and time, slowly reveling in its myriad charms. The appeal of its bustling capital of Port Louis and the famous botanical garden of Pamplemousses is unique.

Explore the mesmerizing city sights from Fort Adelaide, rub shoulder with the local Mauritian people in the central market, proceed to Blue Penny Museum to see the Blue Penny Stamps or enjoy the traditional Mauritian feast at the village of Moka, it is sure that the country will never disappoint you. Capture these amazing memories in pictures to cherish them for your lifetime.

8. Explore the Nature Reserve & Marine Park with Glass-Bottom Boat Trip

Witness the natural habitat of Mauritius like never before with a spectacular trip to Ile aux Aigrettes. Discover the exotically vibrant marine life in a glass bottom boat cruise along the Blue Bay Beach. Also see giant tortoises, pink pigeons, Mauritian Kestrel and many more animals living side by side in their natural habitat.

A stunning variety of marine animals is also housed in the Blue Bay Marine Park. The park is home to nearly 50 different species of coral and other unique sea creatures. Enjoy great underwater sea world on this amazing expedition, captivating your heart.

9. Revel visiting Northern Coast with Sugar World Museum & Grand Bay

Find a complete new definition of Mauritius with unique fragrances, images and colors of the northern coast. Explore the Sugar World Museum which is a converted sugar factory, emphasizing the importance of sugar in country’s history. As you proceed towards the coastal town of Grand-Baie, an amazing atmosphere with diverse shopping centers, narrow lanes and alleys wait for you.

Explore the rocky island of Gunner’s Quoin, see the mesmerizing chapel of Notre Dame Aurilliatrice and visit Chateau de Labourdonnais, one of the most incredible mansions on the Island. Full of magnificent charms, these offer a unique presentation of Mauritius.

10. Thrill with Quad Biking at Frédérica Nature Reserve

Navigate and reveal the wonders of Frederica National Park on a Quad Bike in this exotic expedition, arguably counted as one of the top things to do in Mauritius. Move towards the heart of the Nature reserve after a security briefing and absorb some of the most breathtaking views of exotic flora that lay hidden within its bosom.

On your trip, your guide will help you navigate through sites such as ruins of the sugar factory and expansive plains where stags roam freely. Don’t forget to visit the Cascade de I’Exemple waterfall to cool off in cool dew and surroundings. With such scenic landscapes pervading the site, it is definitely a not-to-be-missed destination in Mauritius.

11. Have unlimited excitement with Sea Kart Safari

A sea kart is a unique model of a speed boat and one of best places to enjoy this amazing experience is Mauritius. A sea cart can normally accommodate 2 adults and one child and can furnish a great ride for family and friends.

The kart takes you through one of the most beautiful places in Mauritius. As you cruise in the waters, don’t forget to keep a tab on the exotic wildlife lurking nearby. The sight of dolphins diving in and out of waters is most mesmerizing. The Kart ride is a lot of fun and starting from is base station in Black River, takes you on one of your most adventurous excursions of a lifetime.

12. Experience tremendous fun with Sea Kayaking to Amber Island

Kayaking is doubtlessly a great fun and north east coast of Mauritius is a perfect location to enjoy this thrilling activity. The clear, warm waters of the sea are quite an invitation. The mangrove filled channels are charmingly picturesque. As you launch into the sea after the security briefing, you will find the calm waters as perfect.

The island looks mysterious with the forest thicket. After parking your vassal on the beach, get to learn more about the fragile ecosystem, the native vegetation and faunal environment. Find equally captivating views on your return journey to the mainland.

13. Pay a visit to the exquisite South Coast

There are plenty of exquisite locations that awaits you in South Coast. Start off with a relaxed stroll in the tropical La Vanille Nature Reserve. Watch crocs, who use this place as a breeding ground. Admire the exotic flora and fauna and learn about the exotic vanilla cultivation at St. Aubin Sugar Estate.

Experience the wild nature of rugged coast at Gris Gris and visit a distillery where rum is made. The trip to South Coast is full of diverse experiences and incredible adventures and hence it is a one of the top things to do while in Mauritius.

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14. Enjoy Swimming with Dolphins at Black River

This is one of your most amazing chances to see dolphins in their natural habitats. One of the most human friendly marine creatures, the dolphins are remarkably sociable. The excursion starts early morning when the dolphins return from a night of hunting expedition.

The travelers are briefed on the nature of dolphins, the guidelines to be followed and other safety measures. After this they board their boats and begin the search for dolphins. Besides meeting with these exotic creatures, the trip also doubles as wonderful snorkeling adventure. The excursion is remarkably exciting and for some time you feel as a part of the underwater community.

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15. Relish Underwater Sea Walk in Grand Bay

This excursion lets you to walk on the floors of Indian Ocean and explore its incredible underwater wealth. The Snorkeling experience at Grand Bay has a charm of its own and is equally popular with adults and children alike. From the diving platform, the travelers are made to wear helmet attached with a pipe which lets them breathe normally underwater till about 10 feet.

The entire adventure lasts for about 20 minutes letting you admire the vibrancy of aquatic life from close quarters. The activity does not require any special training and its entirely safe. Thus it is thoroughly enjoyable.

16. Walk with Lions at Casela Nature Park

The experience at Cassela Nature Park is sure to remain etched in your memory for your lifetime. The expedition not only lets you get up and close with the king of the jungle but it also lets you touch them and get your picture clicked with them. After a security brief, the visitors are safely guided through the Lion’s enclosure by a thoroughly professional team.

Initially as the visitors are invited inside the enclosure, they watch the lions go about their daily routine. Slowly as they become accustomed, they may test their nerve, under the watchful eyes of the guides, to touch them and get their photographs with them, which obviously become a valuable souvenir. The experience is thoroughly nerve-wrecking and affords you a rare chance of an encounter with these majestic beasts.

17. Don’t forget the Wild Southwest

This trip lets you to discover exotic beauty and picturesque wonders of South-West Mauritius. The excursion usually starts with a picturesque drive along the west coast where the amazing shoreline is highly admirable. You continue your trip to Chamarel which is home to the spectacular waterfalls.

Don’t forget to visit Case Noyale on the way to marvel at the splendid coffee plantations and to try some freshly roasted Mauritian coffee.

Wonder at the verdant vegetation which furnish a great opportunity for photography. The volcanic rocks, cooled at various temperatures present an amazing view. A visit to this marvelous region is full of surprises and wonders and hence it’s a great excursion nevertheless.

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