17 Top Things to Do in Bengaluru (Bangalore)

Bengaluru is the city of charms. Being called the “Silicon Valley of India,” Bangalore is often identified as the hub of the country’s information technology – the headquarters of India’s premiere institutions like ISRO, Wipro and Infosys being located here. Nevertheless, this capital of the Indian State of Karnataka, has a unique appeal and a certain dynamism that separates it from other cities across India.  Distinct from its lightning-fast life, its conspicuous western cultural influence, the swanky, new buildings, carrying some of the best minds of the country’s hi-tech, software technologies, the city has some beautiful buildings and attractions that has the potential to draw any leisure excursionist. Out of the city’s numerous allures, it’s definitely difficult to narrow its best and most outstanding appeals, however, leaving many things upon the choice of the visitor, we mention 17 top things to do in Bengaluru letting you to have a comprehensive experience of the city while entrusting you to add the rest in the comments section below.

Let your Hair down at Wonderla Amusement Park

Wonderla Amusement Park is widely acclaimed and one of the most popular funfairs in Bangalore and also in India. Stretched in a vast 82 acres of land, the park has in total of 59 dry and water based rides planned and designed for a complete thrill, adventure and enjoyment. Besides, the park has a musical fountain, an electronically run comprehensive rain dance floor, a unique and amazing fountain and laser show as well as a virtual reality show, offering an incredible experience. There are facilities of great diversion for kids too, for instance, a thrilling Kiddies Free Fall Ride. Wonderla was declared as number one amusement park in India as well as seventh in Asia. It has a wonderful accommodation for 1000 people for conference as well as at least 5 restaurants with a cumulative seating capacity of 1,150. Along with the locker facility of 2,350 lockers, it also features a first aid and paging system for its guests.

Lose yourself in Spiritual Ambience at ISKCON Sri Radha Krishna Chandra Temple

Located towards the northern side of the city, the temple is a charitable society dedicated to the spreading of teachings of Lord Krishna as stated in Bhagwad Gita and ISCKON culture throughout the world. Being inaugurated in 1997, ISKCON Bangalore is one of the largest ISKCON complexes in the world. Visiting this sacred place is counted as one of the top things to do in Bengaluru. The temple is situated on the top of the Hare Krishna Hill. The compound has a unique aura and ambience, full of spiritual atmosphere with devotees, priests and monks excitingly subdued in the devotion to their Lord. The temple is open to public from 4.30 A.M in the morning, when it’s time for the first invocation to the deities. The place is usually full with people on Sundays. Besides there are many cultural and spiritual attractions on Weekends to attract people. Read more

Enjoy the a rich tapestry of flowers at Lal Bagh Botanical Garden

Lal Bagh or literally The Red Garden is a famous botanical garden, located at the heart of the city just 4 km from the state legislature, The Vidhan Soudha. The garden was commission by Hyder Ali, the famous ruler of Mysore in 1760, but it was finally completed by his son Tipu Sultan. It was initially planned out in the manner of Mughal Gardens but Tipu imported a wealth of rare plants and herbs from many countries and converted it into a horticulture treasure. Later on the garden acquired the continent’s first lawn clock as well. Over the years, more and more area was added to the garden which now extends to an expansive 240 acres of space. The highlight of the garden, however is the famous glass house, which moderates the temperature inside the compound for optimum growth of flowers and which hosts a biannual flower festival, exhibiting a tremendous variety of blooms for the public.

Appreciate the beauty of The Bangalore Palace

Constructed in the elegant Tudor style of architecture, this vast and expansive palace was built by Rev. J. Garret and was subsequently bought by the Maharaja of Mysore in the year 1873. The palace is characterized by stunning and graceful interiors with magnificent wooden carvings, gothic windows, battlements, fortified towers and turrets which makes it resemble to some sort of English castle and the fact that makes it one of the top things to do in Bengaluru. The palace initially had vast gardens surrounding it, which have now been reduced. Nevertheless, exquisite furnishings, a number of paintings of Raja Ravi Verma, open courtyards and a ball room are quite an attraction for tourists. The palace is now the property of the erstwhile Mysore Royal Family and is usually the venue for various concerts, cultural programs and exhibitions. Read more

Get mesmerized by the architecture of The Suryanarayana Temple

Built in the exquisite Chola style in rock granite by skilled artisans and craftsmen, The Suryanarayan Temple is a vast and beautiful edifice, being one amongst the few Sun temples in the world. Being situated in the center of the Bangalore city, the place is visited by huge number of devotees from in and around the town. An important attraction at the temple is the annual fair of the principal deity on Rathasaptami Day on which the huge chariot of the Sun God is brought out and is pulled by the people around the town. A must visit site for the travelers. Read more

Capture your imagination with the elegance of Vidhan Soudha

Completed in 1956, the Vidhan Soudha is an exquisite building of majestic sight and constructed in largely assumed Neo-Dravadian Style with subtle elements of Indo-European and Old Dravadian styles. The building was chiefly constructed under the guidance of the then chief minister of Karnataka, K. Hanumanthaiah, who put in a lot of inputs and dedicated the edifice as a tribute to Indian temple architecture. Currently being used as the State Legislature, the overall structure has about 300 rooms, housing almost 22 departments of the state government. The building, which rises to the height of 46 meters is a visual treat. The entry, which is restricted due to security reasons notwithstanding, the building otherwise look awesome when it’s floodlit on Sundays and public holidays. It is widely said that a tour to Bangalore is not complete without the visit to Vidhan Soudha.

Admire the lush greenery and vastness of the Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park is the central and most important garden of the city, often called the “lung” area of Bangalore. The park was originally planned and created in the year 1870 and was laid down under Sir Richard Sankey, the chief engineer of the Mysore State. Expanded over a vast 300 acres of land, the park has many walkable paths, motor able roads, shaded areas and is a hub for early morning walkers and joggers as well as naturalists and students who have an interest in its extensive range of flora and beautiful natural landscape. The park houses a number of neo-classical style government buildings such as The Public Library, The High Court, Government Museum, Vidhan Souda, and Doll’s Museum, Children’s amusement park along with a toy train that moves within the premises and is very popular. There is also a Vijayanagara Theater complex that plays children’s films and stage plays. It is often being said that the title “The Garden City” for Bangalore is attributed to Cubbon Park. The fountains lit up in the evening look awesomely beautiful and is a major attraction. Read more

Get astonished at the magnificence of the Bull Temple

The Bull Temple, also known in the local language as Dodda Bsavana Gudi is the largest temple in the world dedicated to the divine Hindu demi-god called Nandi, who is a close devotee of Lord Shiva. The main idol of the Bull is huge, measuring 4.5m in height and 6.5m in length. There is a legend associated with temple that a Bull used to eat and destroy all the groundnut that used to be grown here. It is believed that when the temple was built, the bull stopped doing the same. The local farmers in celebration of this incident, started the tradition of organizing a Groundnut Fair, which continues even to this day and is very popular. The temple is built in the traditional Dravidian style and is one of the oldest temple in the state, drawing a huge number of devotees from the around the city as well the country.

Cherish the marvel of the Swee Dodda Ganapathi Temple

Situated right next to the famous Bull Temple, The Swee Dodda Ganapathi Temple is another one of the popular attractions of the city. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu God Lord Ganesha and main idol of the Lord is massive 18 ft. tall and 16 ft. wide, carved out of a single rock. Legend has it that Kempegowda I, the founder of the Bangalore city was walking down the road and found this mass of stones that resembled the idol of Lord Ganesha. He then and there ordered the idol to be made. It is believed that the idol has supernatural power and is said to be growing on its right side. The ambience around the temple very quiet and peaceful and perfect for some soul-searching and meditation. As with the Bull Temple, The Ganpathi Temple too is a huge draw for tourists and devotees in and around the city and country.

Engross yourself with amazing history at the Tipu Sultan’s Palace and Fort

Dating back to the year 1537, the elegant and historic Fort, lying close to the Krishnarajendra market is a beautiful landmark and is an important destination for the tourists thronging to the city. The Fort was initially built by Kempegowda, who was the founder of the city of Bangalore. However, it was later extended by Tipu Sultan, who finally completed it by 1790. The main building has intricately carved pillars and arches as per the Islamic style. Another major draw within the fort is the Ganapathi Temple which is also very popular. Inside the compound of the fort itself, is the Tipu Sultan’s palace, built primarily as his summer residence. The edifice of the palace is built entirely of teak wood with beautiful ornamental frescoes and adorned with pillars, balconies and arches. The palace and fort served as a major defense for the Mysore Royal family against the British. It was here that Hyder Ali imprisoned many of the officers of the imperial army. Punctuated with elegant gardens on its either side, leading to the main entrance and decorated with charming floral motifs, it is a beautiful spot subdued in history for a traveler’s delight.

Get your heart racing at the exotic wildlife of the Bannerghatta National Park

Located about 22 km. from the main Bangalore city, Bannerghatta National Park was founded in 1971 and was designated as a National Park in 1974. Spread in an expansive 22.27 km2 area, the Park is rich with natural wealth, both floral and faunal. At least one hundred and one species have been recorded and enlisted in the park such as leopard, elephants, jackal, fox, chital, Sāmbhar, hippopotamus, porcupine and monitor lizard etc. In 2002, a part of the park was converted into a Biological reserve for eco-recreation, eco-tourism and conservation and knowledge. The reserve has a number of different units such as a Zoo, a reptile park, a Butterfly Park, an elephant sanctuary, facilities for safari and a rescue center, meant for rescuing captive and troubled animals. The safaris are organized by the concerned state department through which the visitors have the opportunity to look at the animals closely and they are hugely popular. Besides, in 2005 an exotic butterfly park was also opened which houses well-preserved exotic species of different butterflies and is also a major attraction in the park. Wildlife safari in this park is definitely high on the list of things to do in Bengaluru.

Gape at the amazing structure of the Attara Kacheri

Attara Kacheri, which in local language means eighteen offices or local departments, is an elegant and beautifully constructed building of red sandstone bricks that currently houses the High Court of the Indian State of Karnataka. The history of Attara Kacheri goes back to the year 1884, when it was commissioned and constructed under the reign of Tipu Sultan and the eighteen departments of Revenue and General Secretariat were shifted there. The edifice of the building is in the manner of beautiful European Gothic style. It is situated right opposite to another building of note, The Vidhan Soudha and offers a complete contrast to it. Located in the northwestern part of the Cubbon Park, the building is quite an attraction for the visitors to the city.

Calm your mind in the tranquility of the Ulsoor Lake

Pervaded with small islands all over and spread in a spacious 1.5 km2 territory, The Ulsoor lake is a famous tourist spot in Bangalore. The lake was known earlier by the name Halsur or Alasur. During August/September, it serves as the venue for the Ganesha festival. Besides, there is a famous Sikh Shrine or Gurudwara near it which is a massive structure, being the largest Gurudwara in the city. One of the famous recreations at the Ulsoor Lake is boating and one can hire a boat from the boat club for a peaceful, evening cruise. Moving around, the lake has some beautiful monuments like a temple dedicated to Subbaraya and the Kensington Park which adds an additional charm to the place.

Science and Technology at the Visvesvarya Industrial and Technological Museum

The museum is a famous spot inside the city and exhibits a number of displays related to various aspects of science engaging both children and adults alike. There are a number of items on display inside the museum, from electronics, to properties of matter, to the action of motor power etc. There are in total of five galleries, dedicated to different aspects of science and engineering and showcases the complex inner workings of machines. If one wants to, one can also work on different models and understand their operation. A major appeal of the Museum is the mobile Science and Technology exhibition that organizes tour through the entire state and make people aware of importance and contribution of science to the human welfare. Located beside the Karnataka State Government Museum, it one of must-visit spot in the city.

Wonder at the fascinating variety of fishes at the Bangalore Aquarium

Boasting with the distinction of being the second largest aquarium in India, the Bangalore Aquarium extends to up to three floors and hosts one of most exotic variety of aquatic life. Inaugurated in the year 1983, the aquarium has tried to create as much natural habitat for fishes as possible. The place exhibits both indigenous and exotic freshwater varieties like angel fish, glow light tetra, Indian tiger barb, Siamese fighters, mahseer fresh water prawns, red tail shark, gold fish etc. The building of the aquarium is just situated on the entrance of the Cubbon Park and is octagonal in shape. It is open to visitors on all days of week except Tuesdays.

Put on you hiking shoes at the Nandi Hills

Once being the summer retreat of the famous Tipu Sultan, Nandi Hills now serves as a perfect weekend spot for the people of Bangalore, in and around. The site has a pleasant atmosphere and cool ambience. There are few attractions, where tourists can spend some time. Located at the top of a 600m high cliff is Tipu’s drop from where, it is believed that, condemned criminals were pushed to their deaths. Besides there is Yoga Nandishwara Temple, built after Chola style and bearing an inscription by Shivaji’s son Shambhaji. The place is well connected to the main city by Road, Rail and Air. Tourists can also step around to visit Amrita Sarovar which is a beautiful and enchanting lake and Gandhi Nilaya and Nehru House, associated with erstwhile leaders of India.

Rejuvenate your spirits at the Angsana Spa Resort

Making luxury and extravagance accessible to their esteemed guests, Angsana Spa Resort blends in beautiful Asian traditions with modern, contemporary style of architecture to furnish a memorable experience. Inaugurated in 2001, Angsana Resort, operates under the Brand of The Banyan Tree Group, which is based in Thailand.

Situated in the cradle of lush greenery of the countryside, the cool and vibrant ambience of the resort and spa has a rejuvenating and tranquilizing influence and lets the visitors unwind and refresh themselves with different therapies, treatments and healing. It features a gym, yoga/meditation room, a library, a bar and a gallery which exhibits traditional, local handicrafts. With ample space of 79 guest rooms with all the modern amenities, the visitors can also enjoy delectable, mouth-watering cuisines and sea food that gives sufficient enjoyment and recreation.

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