9 Top Tourist Places in Idukki That Are Enraptured With Greenery

Nature dominates the top tourist places in Idukki. Without a doubt, nature’s favorite color palette, “Green,” is astounding in Idukki. One can observe the different shades of green like mossy, vibrant, emerald, and mint green at Ilaveezha Poonchira, Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, Thekkady, Vagamon, etc. This district of Kerala covers most of the Western Ghats mountains.

Plan a trip to Idukki for camping, trekking, rafting, boating, tea garden, and spice plantations tours. Irrespective of the travel style and type, there is a place for everyone in the Idukki district. For instance, Idukki Arch Dam (Asia’s Biggest Arch Dam), built on the Periyar River, has a boating option for kids. 

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is the place for dwelling herds of elephants, tigers, etc., for wildlife-loving tourists. Moreover, the miles of stretches of the tea plantations in Munnar sets a perfect mood for couples to unwind in the lush green environs.

Here is Our List of Top 9 Tourist Places in Idukki

Most of the tourist places to visit in Idukki district Kerala are wrapped in shrubbery, savanna forests, evergreen forests, and moist deciduous forests. If you want to watch human nature coexist in harmony, put on your reading glasses because I will transport you virtually to the top Idukki tourist places.

Undoubtedly, you will develop a new appreciation for green because of the top tourist places in Idukki. After hours of research, here is our list of 9 top tourist places in Idukki with photos. Feel free to jump directly onto any of them with a click:

1. Idukki Arch Dam – Witness the Panoramic Views of Forests and Hills

Sandwiched between Kuravan and Kurathi Hills, Idukki Arch Dam is a perfect recreational spot built over Periyar Lake. There are facilities for boat rides sailing through the dam reservoir. Opening days of the same recreational activity are for 5 days (except Wednesday & Saturday). Kids, like-minded adults, love to spend picnics here.

What to Expect from Your Visit to Idukki Arch Dam?

Idukki Arch Dam is a special place to visit in Idukki as it is Asia’s first Arch Dam at a height of 550 ft above sea level. Above 360 feet (approx.) There is a Hill View Park on a hillock where you can gaze at the swapping views of Idukki’s greenery. The park has a garden for kids and a government-run guest house for accommodation.

What to Know Before You Go to Idukki Arch Dam?

Close to the Idukki Arch Dam is Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary. Any electronic device is prohibited inside the Idukki Arch Dam. Visitors must keep their belongings inside their vehicle or pay a small fee to the shop that stores belongings with a coupon system. Private vehicle entry is restricted, but the electronic vehicle is at your rescue if you can’t hike for around 3 kilometers (one side). One must visit Cheruthoni Dam first to reach Idukki Arch Dam and then take an EV or walk.

  • Entry Fee: INR 25 for adults (approx.), INR 5 for kids (approx.)
  • Battery Operated Car Ride: INR 500 per person (approx.)
  • Opening Timings: 10 AM – 5 PM (hovers a little as per the authorities decision)
  • Boating Ride Price: INR 600 (approx.) for 5 people

2. Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary – Rugged Mountain Site Surrounded by Lake

Occupied between the forested land of Periyar and Cheruthoni River, Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is another awesome tourist place to visit in Idukki on a one-day trip. Here wild animals like lions, elephants, bison, wild dogs, etc., and different snake breeds, including the krait and cobra.

A boat ride trip is conducted at the lake inside the wildlife sanctuary. In addition, visitors will have to choose from the bus and jeep safari options.

What to Expect from Your Visit to Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary?

Steep mountains, valleys, and hills are sprawled across the 77 square kilometers of the area at an elevation of 450 m – 748 m (approx.) above sea level. Hence, Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is a crowd-pulling tourist attraction in Idukki with friends.

Put your binoculars with you to spot the migratory and native birds like myna, bulbul, kingfisher, thrush, and and peafowl. Safari options are well organized at the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary and heavy and light vehicles categories. Each option has different pricing. 

What to Know Before You Go to Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary?

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is one of those places to visit in Idukki that visitors can visit without any hindrance during monsoon. There is also a dedicated parking space for guests. The boating trip lasts 1:30 hours (approx.) and is one of the best options for seeing the Bison and Wild Dogs. Guests will be asked to pay an additional charge for the still camera and the video camera.

  • Opening Timings: 8 AM – 4 PM (subject to change anytime), all the 7 days
  • Entry Fee: INR 10 (approx.) for Indians, and INR 150 (approx.) for foreigners
  • Safari Charge for Heavy Vehicle & Light Vehicle: INR 150 (approx.) for heavy, and INR 75 (approx.) for light.
  • Additional Charges: INR 25 (approx.) for still camera, and INR 150 (approx.) for video camera

3. Ilaveezha Poonchira – Stunning View Point During Monsoon

Ilaveezha Poonchira is a beautiful valley that sprawls across 100 acres and is landlocked between the region of Idukki and the Kottayam district. Synonymous with the tag ‘Sangri-La of Kerala,’ Ilaveezha Poonchira is punctured with the enchanting hillocks – Mankunnu, Thonippara, Kodayathoormala rising to 3,200 ft (approx.).

Hence, trekking is an excellent activity here. Unlike other Idukki tourist places, Ilaveezha Poonchira remains open during the monsoon and becomes extra enchanting. The downpour fills the valley that turns into the lake and is beholding.

What to Expect from Your Visit to Ilaveezha Poonchira?

Ilaveezha Poonchira is crunched between the Kottayam and Idukki border in the Melukavu Village. Guests are suggested to start their journey early and return by sunset because the travel distance is approximately (64 km). This place is a trekkers paradise; hence, (senior citizens) with wheelchair accessibility are not suggested to visit this place.

Visitors must have strong endurance to reach the top. Camping options are available during the hike. If you have less than 48 hours in hand, a day trip to Ilaveezha Poonchira is a must in the quest for tourist places to visit in Idukki.

What to Know Before You Go to Ilaveezha Poonchira?

For guests, a jeep ride to the summit starts at INR 500 (approx.) per person. Tourists who have been to Ilaveezha Poonchira go on a guided excursion to unfold the mythological connection of this place with the legendary heroine of Mahabharta – Drapaudi. Though it is still a safe place in monsoon, you must be careful with the sponges.

Visiting Hours: 6 AM – 6 PM (morning to sunrise)
Entry Fee: Free for all

4. Keezharkuthu Falls (Rainbow Falls) – Catch A Ultra Rare Moonbow

The name suggests that visiting this waterfall is all about seeing a moonbow and lunar rainbow. Hence, Keezharkuthu Falls (Rainbow Falls) falls among the best places to visit in Idukki Munnar.

Here water gushes from the height of 1,500 m (approx.) and makes hues of the rainbow, which is a delight for shutterbugs. Also, trekking, camping, and rock climbing excursions are famous around Keezharkuthu Falls because the forests encircling its features feature significant medicinal plants.

What to Expect from Your Visit to Keezharkuthu Falls (Rainbow Falls)?

However, the elusive phenomenon of the lunar rainbow occurs predictably to the locals, but past visitors said it often occurs. Guests can reach this jaw-dropping cascade Idukki traveling approximately a little (30 km). Outside from the mainland. Eleven if you are coming from the sleepy town of Thodupuzha, 25 km (approx.) The cab ride through verdant greenery is bewitching.

What to Know Before You Go to Keezharkuthu Falls (Rainbow Falls)?

10 kilometers (approx.) of forest trekking is required from the base station to reach the Keezharkuthu Falls (Rainbow Falls). Moderate-level trekking is needed; therefore, this waterfall is a perfect attraction in Idukki to visit with friends. During the hike, tribal settlements are friendly to meet and could arrange for you the overnight stay (additional cost).

  • Keezharkuthu Falls (Rainbow Falls) Trek Starting Point: Malayinchi
  • Visiting Hours: 6 AM – 6 PM (Sunrise to sunset)
  • Entry Fee: Free for all

5. Vandanmedu – Home to India’s Biggest Cardamom Plantation

Unlock the antidote to exhaustion at Vandanmedu village, which is snuggled in the high mountain ranges of Western Ghats. Vandanmedu is famous for its enchanting cardamom plantations sprawled across hundreds of miles of lush greenery. Not only for couples, but Vandanmedu is also a must-visit place in the Idukki district with friends as it is located at an elevation of 4,000 ft (approx.), and the hairpin bends on the Thekkady-Munnar route are every mountain biker’s dream.

What to Expect from Your Visit to Vandanmedu?

In this quaint hamlet of Idukki, visitors can see the world’s largest auction center for cardamom, which is cultivated here by the natives and sold to tourists. Also, there are spice plantations whose aromas will certainly tantalize guests on a day trip from Thekkady or Munnar.

The mist-laden valleys, rolling hills, and jaw-dropping cascades like Nariyampara Triple Waterfalls provide a perfect picture backdrop. Alongside trekking, rock climbing, and staycation in the middle of the cardamom plantation, Vandanmedu tourism highlights.

What to Know Before You Go to Vandanmedu?

Roads are well connected. One can easily reach Vandanmedu from Kumily, Thekkady, and Munnar via cab, bus, or private vehicle. The carpet of dense forests invites every kind of tourist (couples, families, backpackers) throughout the year.

  • Visiting Hours: Mon-Fri: Sun 06:00 AM – 06:00 PM Sat: 06:00 AM – 04:30 PM
  • Entry Fee: Free for all
  • Closest Popular Attractions to Vandanmedu: Kumily (23 km), Munnar (68 km), Thekkady (22 km)

6. Mangala Devi Temple – A Historic Temple in the Dense Forest of Periyar Tiger Reserve

One of the best places for pilgrimage tourism in the Idukki district, Mangala Devi Temple is a 1,000 years old historic temple in Thekkady. This iconic temple is dedicated to Kannagi or Kannaki – a legendary woman commissioned by Cheran Chenguttuvan – the king of ancient Tamilakam.

Visitors can visit MangalaDevi Temple only during Chitrapournami Festival held in April/May! Feel free to club the safari excursion in the wilderness of Periyar National Park during summer, followed by a visit to Mangala Devi Temple. People with strong endurance take 10 kilometers (approx.) trek from Kumily to reach the temple while some prefer jeep ride also!

What to Expect from Your Visit to MangalaDevi Temple?

A wilderness in veins with a touch of spirituality is guaranteed when you visit Mangala Devi Temple at Thekkady in the Idukki district. Its elevation is 1,337 m (4,386 ft) above sea level, and the Pandayan architecture is the WOW factor here. There are steps made from stones that pave the entryway to the sanctum sanctorum. Locals worship other idols, including Karuppuswamy, Ganesha, and Lord Shiva. But the Goddess – Kannagi or Kannaki- gets adorned with garlands and jewelry by the priests during the Chitrapournami Festival.

What to Know Before You Go to Mangala Devi Temple?

Mangala Devi Temple is located on a hill inside the buffer zone of the Periyar Tiger Reserve. Hence, any visitor, including locals and tourists alike, must take persimmon from Thekkady’s wildlife warden. There is also a jeep ride facility for the people from the entry gate. And since Mangala Devi Temple is bordering Tamil Nadu, the procession of the Chitrapournami Festival is carried out by the priests from the two states (Kerala and Tamil Nadu).

  • Visiting Hours: 6 AM – 5 PM only during Chitrapournami Festival
  • Jeep Ride Distance from Kumily: 11 kilometers (approx.)
  • Vehicle Pass: INR 90 (approx.) per person and could be obtained on arrival

7. Kalvari Mount/Calvary Mount – Hug the Low Hung Clouds

Put on your hiking boots to climb up the Kalvari Mount/Calvary Mount – a vantage point also a sacred site for Christians. The site’s surroundings feature beautiful homestays of Idukki. Novice trekkers can embark on the hike to the Kalyanathandu viewpoint (Kalvari Mount/Calvary Mount).

During the hike, the low-hung clouds and and the bird’s chirping sounds are a visual retreat for photographers. Lastly, the effort to reach the summit is rewarding as wanderlust gets sweeping views of the Idukki Dam and the reservoir.

What to Expect from Your Visit to Kalvari Mount/Calvary Mount?

This tourist attraction in Idukki is Kerala’s eco-tourism destination in the high reaches of the Western Ghats. Since it’s located on the hillock, expect a steep slope hike. During your hike, take a halt at the nearby tea factory to sip one of the finest tea. Foot climbing and motorable vehicles are permitted. Also, the forest department supervised two cottages at the foothills of Kalvari Mount. Therefore, the overnight stay could be arranged there.

What do You know Before You Go to Kalvari Mount/Calvary Mount?

First comes first – monsoon is not a suggested time to visit Calvary Mount/Kalvari Mount. Choose a jeep or any other SUV to reach the top only if you are comfortable with driving skills. Bonus? A parking facility is available but at half a kilometer downhill. Additional charges for the video camera (INR 500 approx.) and parking (INR 20 approx.) will be nominal. Also, if possible, visit the Calvary Mount during Good Friday and Lent.

  • Visiting Hours: 8 AM – 6 PM (hives a little during each season)
  • Entry Fee: INR 20 per person (approx.)
  • Distance from Idukki Bus Stand: 10 kilometers (approx.)
  • How long is the Climb: 1.5 kilometers/1 hours (approx.)

8. Thommankuthu Waterfalls – Bewitch Your Mind with the Seven-Step Cascading Falls

So you think therapy is expensive? Doge the cliche and head to Thommankuthu Waterfalls in Thodupuzha taluk in Idukki. If you want to visit tourist places in Idukki for a two-day trip, Thommankuthu Waterfalls is the place to be, irrespective of your travel partners. You will love the whiff of clear fresh air during your 12-kilometer trekking trail that passes through dense green forest cover and sleepy hamlets.

The sight of this seven-step waterfall is jaw-dropping, and the self-made pools are perfect for swimming. There are lifeguards available also, and the sight of the cascading water from the height of 1,500 m is what shutterbugs will love.

What to Expect from Your Visit to Thommankuthu Waterfalls?

No accommodation facility is available at the Thommankuthu Waterfalls. And hence, you need to book your accommodation either in Munnar or some other attraction in Munnar. Then, capture the descending sight of the waterfall that photobomb all seven steps.

Every step makes a small pool for swimming. Moreover, adrenaline-pumping activities like rock climbing are also carried out here. Unfortunately, there is no onsite parking facility, so guests need to park their vehicles on the side of the road.

What do You know Before You Go to Thommankuthu Waterfalls?

Thommankuthu is a series of 12 falls that sprawls over 5 kilometers. It is named after the tribal leader Thoman who got carried away with the beauty of this place. An entry fee is required to visit this place as it is under the supervision of the forest department. Also, avoid traveling to this place in the monsoon as the water level is not safe for swimming. Lastly, start your hike soon with a guide so that you don’t get lost in the wilderness of the forest.

Visiting Hours: 8 AM – 5 PM (hovers a little according to the season)
Entry Fee: INR 30 (approx.) per person

9. Ramakkalmedu

At an elevation of 3,500 ft (approx.) above sea level, Ramakkalmedu is a quaint hilly hamlet in Idukki. People from Munnar, Kottayam, and Ernakulam consider bookmark Ramakkalmedu as their weekend trekking destination in quest for peace. Such is the hype of Ramakkalmedu that Leonardo Di Caprio couldn’t resist visiting this place in 2002. The most talked-about highlight here is the statue of Karavan and Karachi. Alongside, the sitting benches are set by the tourism department.

What to Expect from Your Visit to Ramakkalmedu?

Here winds blow with an average speed of 35 km/hour irrespective of the season. This factor is the icing on the cake. At this site, several windmills are installed that beautify the beauty of Ramakkalmedu. Although the hamlet is small, you will find budget-friendly staycation options at Ramakkalmedu. If possible, interact with the locals to unlock the notch level of Kerala’s hospitality.

What You Must Know Before You Go to Ramakkalmedu?

Did we mention this tourist spot in Idukki has a fascinating legend associated with Lord Rama? Ramakkalmedu’s ecosystem is bestowed with shola forests and sporadic bamboo forests. There are several vantage points where you could gaze at the villages and towns of Tamil Nadu while savoring the bird-eye views. A guided excursion by the locals or your trip leader will help you unfurl the legends of Ramakkalmedu.

  • Visiting Hours: Sunrise to Sunset
  • Entry Fee: Free for all
  • Ideal Duration: 1 day (approx.)

What’s Invigorating About Tourist Places in Idukki District?

Unquestionable greenery is the first aspect of traveling to tourist places in the Idukki district. Secondly, flora and fauna found at 1,200 m above sea level are invigorating. Moreover, the sheer visual grandeur of this mountainous district is unparalleled because Idukki is wrapped within the Western Ghats. Cladded in lush greenery, the highest point in South India – Anamudi Peak, is in the Idukki district (a trekker’s dream). The peak is also where the rare blue Neelakunrinji flower blooms every 12 years.

Christened as one of the greener places in Kerala, Idukki district beacons tourists to enjoy mountain biking on the winding roads parallel to tea’s rolling hills. Lastly, Vagamon (paragliding capital of Kerala) is located on the borders of the Idukki and is one of the top spots for Paragliding in India.

Wrapping Up the Tourist Places in Idukki

That’s it! We congratulate you as you have finished reading our list of top tourist places in Idukki. When are you looking forward to your dream trip to Idukki? Invest your wanderlust in lush greenery and get close to nature. Check out Kerala tour packages for families, couples, leisure travelers, and backpackers if you need some more inspiration.

Related Questions Regarding Tourist Places in Idukki

Q. What are the important dams to visit in the Idukki district? +-

Ans: There are three important dams tourists can visit in the Idukki district - Idukki Arch, Kulamavu Dam, Cheruthoni Dam.

Q. Where and What are some amazing flora and fauna I can see in the Idukki district? +-

Ans: Head to the Periyar National Park, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Anamudi Shola National Park to witness Nilgiri Tahr, Nilgiri Wood Pigeon, Grizzled Giant Squirrel. Alongside, the must-see endangered birds in the Idukki district include Serpent Eagle, Fairy BlueBird, Rose Billed Roller. 

Q. What are some historical and mythological places to visit in Idukki? +-

Ans: Ilaveezha Poonchira's little outskirts from the Idukki is a trekking place with legends associated with Mahabharata's heroine - Draupadi. 

Q. What are some must-visit waterfalls in the Idukki district? +-

Ans: Keezharkuthu Falls (Rainbow Falls) is a must-visit waterfall in Idukki, and its moonbow and lunar rainbow phenomenon make it one of the best tourist places in Idukki. 

Q. What are the top tourist places in Idukki near Kattappana? +-

Ans: Kattappana is a town of Idukki district and Munnar its sister town. Accordingly, the Munnar tourist attractions are the prime tourist places in Idukki near Kattappana. Additionally, more places are Anchuruli Tunnel, Nariyampara Triple Waterfalls, and Kalyanathandu ViewPoint.

Q. What are some high-range tourist places in the Idukki district of Kerala? +-

Ans: High Range tourist places in Idukki include Idukki Arch Dam (168.91 m/554 ft) and Vandanmedu (4,000 ft) crunched in the Western Ghats. 

Q. Are there any vantage points in the Idukki district? +-

Ans: Yes! Kalyanathandu viewpoint, aka Calvary Mount, is a famous viewpoint at 2,700 ft (approx.) above sea level.

Q. Which places to visit in Idukki for couples are a big hit? +-

Ans: Munnar - the crown jewel of Kerala, is the pride of the Idukki district and is one of the best places to visit for a honeymoon in South India.

Q. What are some famous wildlife sanctuaries in Idukki? +-

Ans: Eravikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, Pampadumshola National Park, Kurinjimala Sanctuary are the famous wildlife tourist places in Idukki. 

Q. Is there any place for pilgrimage tourism in Idukki? +-

Ans: Yes! Visit the Mangla Devi Temple in the dense forest setting of the Periyar Tiger Reserve. It's 1,000 years (approx.) old temple and is one of the best places for pilgrimage tourism in the Idukki district.

Q. What is the culture of Idukki? +-

Ans: The culture of Idukki is mingled with different people, caste, and religions. But there is the stronghold of tribal settlement, which has embraced their native culture. 

Q. Are there direct trains to Idukki? +-

Ans: No! Idukki doesn't have its own railway station because of its mountainous setting. Tourists arrive at the closest railway station - Kottayam (103 km) and Ernakulam Junction (120 km).

Q. Which is a popular Christain pilgrimage site in the Idukki district? +-

Ans: Kalvari Mount/Calvary Mount is a popular Christain pilgrimage site in Idukki. 

Q. Which tourist place in the Idukki district is the largest cardamom plantation in India? +-

Ans: Vandanmedu village on the Thekkady-Munnar route is a famous tourist place to visit in the Idukki district and is the largest cardamom plantation in India. 

Q. What is the nearest airport to Idukki Kerala? +-

Ans: Cochin International Airport is the nearest airport to the Idukki district. It is roughly 100 kilometers (approx.). The journey requires 3 hours (approx.).

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