Top 10 Tree House Resorts in Kerala you must include in your trip for an intimate date with nature

Enjoying a great deal of love of Mother Nature, Kerala personifies bliss. While the verdant and unmatched beauty of Kerala lures people from across the globe, even God’s pride in their creation. While the state is dotted with various ecological spots; it also counted among the most diversified. Although differentiated, the varied geographies; misty plantations and lush rainforests, are all part of the subtle nature of Kerala. In order to enjoy the best moods of the state, plan a Kerala vacation to completely delve into its intoxication.

Top 10 Tree House Resorts in Kerala (with pictures) you should visit in 2021

  1. Vythiri Resort (Lakkidi)
  2. Green Magic Nature Resort (Wayanad)
  3. Rainforest Boutique Resort (Athirapally Falls)
  4. Shola Periyar Tree House (Thekkady)
  5. Vanya Tree House (Thekkady)
  6. Pepper Trail (Wayanad)
  7. Nature Zone Resort (Munnar)
  8. Marmalade Springs Plantation Resort (Kalpetta)
  9. Tranquil Resort (Kolagappara)
  10. Misty Tree House (Munnar)

1. Vythiri Resort (Lakkidi)

Winner of the International Quality Crown Award, Vythiri Resort is an idyllic eco-friendly jungle getaway.

Here the Malabar Whistling Thrush will wake you up; pity for the rooster. Like a camouflaged hideout in the jungle, Vythiri resort has made its world in the abundant green and moisture-laden tropical rainforests of Kerala. The resort has five tree house cottages. As it lays deep in the jungle, views from these 70 feet high tree houses are just phenomenal. In fact, you can easily trace the misty tops of the Western Ghats.

Highly fascinating is the manner in which the resort merges luxury of living in natural environs. While Jacuzzi and private pool selections amid the natural serenades are amazing, the buzzing mountain streams are magical. Separate your mind for a moment from the harmonious tone of the gurgling stream and the subtle sounds of the wildlife will catch you in a whimper.

Completely in sync with the nature of Wayanad, Vythiri resort augments its rejuvenating stay with refreshing forest walks, holistic ayurvedic spas, and tours to nearby breathtaking spots which makes it one of the best tree house resorts in India.

Address: Lakkidi, Wayanad, Kerala 673576

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2. Green Magic Nature Resort (Wayanad)

Spread over 30 acres, the resort is a perfect green getaway, and a great way to explore the state’s rich bio-diversity.

Another one in the promising ecology of Wayanad, Green Magic is a resplendent property that speaks for itself as one of the most popular tree house resorts in India. Call it a sister concern of the Vythiri for its flamboyance has shades of the rich bio-diversity and the indigenous craftsmanship of Kerala. The ethnical indulgences of Green Magic is quite apparent from the tree houses; built high above the ground using only eco-friendly materials and techniques that are reminiscent of the early inhabitants of the place.

Green Magic’s propensity to nature is not limited till here, but it can be experienced in the culinary delights as well. Organic farming become the prime ingredient in savoring the natural tastes in its meals. Contrary to its rustic and grounded themes of design, living in the tree houses of Green Magic is never deprived of modern amenities of comfort. Besides, the blissful nature surrounding the resort has its own way of comforting the guests; vistas, which are the patents of Wayanad.

Wayanad’s breathtaking natural surroundings are not just to please your eyes. Thus, activities like hiking, climbing and exploring the magnificent flora and fauna must be the mandatory additions in your magical stay at the resort.

Address: Lakkidi, Wayanad, Kerala 673576

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3. Rainforest Boutique Resort (Athirapally Falls)

Soak in the misty sprays of the cascading Athirapally waterfalls at Chalakudy, Kerala. Or simply rest your eyes on the lush green of the pristine Sholayar rainforest.

High up on the trees, overlooking one of the most magnificent waterfalls in Kerala, Athirapally, is the tree house of the Rainforest Boutique resort. Just like an eagle’s nest, the tree house of the resort offers a splendid aerial view of the roaring and gushing Athirapally Falls.

Just like its amazing location, the tree house intrigues a lot with its architecture. Contrary to its rustic design from the outside, the tree house is highly furnished with modern decors from the inside. What’s more unique is that such an attention in the interior decoration of the treehouse is specially given by a Swiss architect.

In other words, the tree house is a carefully crafted creation that without disturbing the natural charm of the vicinity, manages to slide in a lounge like experience. This rare harmony in the luxuries of nature and modernity entitles the rainforest boutique resort as a highly unique sojourn in the wilds of Kerala. Live your childhood fantasies or dwell in the grown up luxuries; it gracefully manages to bring the best of both worlds.

Address: P VI/93A, Chalakudy-Anamala Road, Near Athirapally Waterfalls, Kannamkuzhy P O, Athirapally, Kerala 680721

4. Shola Periyar Tree House (Thekkady)

Stay at the Shola Periyar tree houses is a unique experience and is welcome change from the usual stay in concrete and cement hotels.

It’s the real Tarzan house of Kerala; amidst the bustling wildlife of Periyar National Park. Deeply nestled in the rainforest, Shola Periyar is a unique and rare treat to vacationers, who usually prefer concrete luxuries during their travel. Completely eco-friendly and with the base of bamboo poles and hay straw in its design, the tree house looks like it branched out straights from the roots of the  jungle. Quite a natural design to support the claim of the local tribe to be its rightful architect.

Natural beauty surrounding Shola Periyar also comprises sprawling plantations of coffee, tea, cardamom and pepper, a complete look of which can be enjoyed from the balcony of the 80 feet high tree house. Amidst such a natural ambience, vacation here is totally aloof from the chaos of cities. Completely silent yet buzzing with melodies of nature; birds chirping, Shola Periyar Tree House is surely a place to get high in the nature of Kerala.

Various jungle activities like tiger trail, border hiking, bamboo grove, bamboo rafting, Night camping and tribal heritage tours are the best things to do at Shola Periyar.

Address: Spring valley, Thekkady, Kumily, S-India-685509

5. Vanya Tree House (Thekkady)

Named as ‘Vanya’ which directly relates to forest, itself symbolizes nature as the basic element of this tree house in the Thekkady region of Kerala. Completely isolated from the chaos of civilization and amongst the best human accommodations in the lap of Mother Nature is the Vanya tree house. Just like a small cradle, the tree house swings on the rhythmic tune of the nature. It has its interiors decorated in earthy tones, which seem to match up perfectly with the ambience of the exquisite flora surrounding the property.

Highly simple, the design of the tree house consists of a spacious double room, a shower room and a balcony which is positioned in such a way it offers a spectacular view of the lush green forests and mountains spiraled in the natural chain of Thekkady. Moreover, catching the wildlife; particularly deer and bison, from your balcony in the evening or early morning is a routine thing here, rather than being a matter of luck. Along with the wildlife encounter, the location is bound to give you an epic show of the rising and the setting sun.

Address: NH 220, Munnar – Kumily Hwy, Kumily, Thekkadi, 685509

6. Pepper Trail (Wayanad)

In the serene spots of Wayanad; primarily the reserved plantation areas, Pepper trail is beautifully nestled, flaunting a vintage appeal of its own. Set amid tropical rainforests and lakes, the aromatic plantations are rightfully the excellent spot for setting up a nature home; as the owners would say. Tree house lovers would have a great time as the resort provides accommodations, high up on giant jackfruit trees. To make it to these 40 feet high accommodations, the pathway meanders through the adjoining trees. In addition of designs as per the natural theme of the estate, the tree houses flaunts luxury. With a spacious bed room, luxurious bathroom, unlimited privacy and comforts, living here is certainly a blissful affair.

Address: Mangalam Carp Estate, Chulliyode, Sulthan Bathery – Chulliyode – Pandalur – Gudalur Rd, Kerala 673595

7. Nature Zone Resort (Munnar)

Now as you are exploring ultimate tree houses in Kerala, how can we miss to mention verdant Munnar. The Nature Zone Resort offers some of the best tree house experiences.
While the morning alarm is set by the birds, the day are full of sunrays peek through the leaves and fall like scanty torchlights and mountian breeze.

If you are willing to see more of nature’s subtlety, the resort’s naturalists will spare no efforts. This also brings upon the opportunity to come face to face with the prominent wildlife of Kerala; elephant, barking deer, mouse deer, bonnet macaque, gaur (Indian bison) and Nilgiri Tahrs. You can even spend your leisure time bird watching. Spot a great variety of exotic bird species like Grey headed, Nilgiri Pipit and Nilgiri wood pigeon.

Address: Pulippara, Pallivasal, Munnar, Kerala 685612

8. Marmalade Springs Plantation Resort (Kalpetta)

Home to the second highest peak of Wayanad, Marmalade Springs is another beautiful boutique resort. The property sprawls over breathtaking coffee plantations. What makes the location more fascinating is its proximity to one of the oldest tribal colonies. But first, let us brag about this exotic resort. It follows the vision to create nature based accommodations. In fact every element of the resort is at consensus with the serenity of Wayanad.

Overlooking the magical plantations, the tree house facility at Marmalade Springs has an earthy décor (in addition of luxurious ambience. Also, a part of your blissful stay at this resort talks about the indulgences with the nearby tribal colonies. Submerge yourself in to the colors of these communities. Also, treat yourself with their delectable cuisines, in addition of local dance forms and music.

Address: Muttil North Po, wayanad, Kalpetta, Kerala 673121

9. Tranquil Resort (Kolagappara)

This one’s a real treat in some of the best plantations of Wayanad; in existence since the colonial times of the British in India. Including aromatic plantations of coffee, cardamom, java and vanilla, the location is certainly a perfect option for nature dwellers. You can walk through them as the resort provides so much abundance when one talks about nature trails. To have a complete, mystical view of these plantations, just head to the tree houses of the resort; broadly divided into two.

Flaunting a rustic yet luxurious décor, both the type of accommodations take care of every comfort point of its guests. Now the pleasantries of the resort range from LCD TV, mini fridge, insect screens. In addition, avail complimentary meals and traditional Kerala ayurvedic massages. Also, a pet-friendly resort, it has one more reason to make you book this destination for your next nature holiday

Address: Kolagapara P.O.673591, Kolagapaara, Kerala 673591

10. Misty Tree House (Munnar)

An exquisite combination of luxury and nature; amid lush serenades of Munnar. In our exclusive list of best tree houses in Kerala, Misty tree house is an affordable option. In fact, it is among the best places to get close to the nature. Just like a hotel room, the tree house is fit-out with modern amenities despite its rustic outlook.

The tree house is made of all natural materials by traditional techniques. At 20 feet above the ground, you can always admire the breathtaking landscapes and plantations of Munnar.

Address: Chinnakkanal, Munnar, India

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