19 Best Warm Weather Destinations in South India 2022

Looking for holidays in India basking in warm weather? We have just what you need, a list of warm weather destinations in South India. Blessed with a vast coastline bordering three major oceans- Bay of Bengal Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea, South India mostly enjoys a tropical weather throughout the year.

When the Himalayan dominated hill stations in North India prefer to showcase their frozen beauty in the winters, the other major half of the country love to go the tropical way. The tropical South India, which often gets targeted for its hot and humid nature and often gets avoided in the summers, opens its doors with a new zing in the winters.

Travelers from overseas especially love to come here to escape from the chilling cold that grips Americas and Europe. This winter try something different and beat the boring freezing cold with a touch of pleasing weather and a lush green blooming nature that usually goes on hibernating at this time of the year in most parts of India. To help you with this, we present you some of the best winter destinations in South India 2022.

Pondicherry: The French Reviera

French legacy of Pondicherry is preserved in its French Quarter, with tree-lined streets, mustard-colored colonial villas and chic boutiques.

Renowned for its French vibe, Pondicherry or simply Pondi is one of the best warm weather destinations in South India.Unlike other popular regions of South India, Pondicherry is quaint paradise. The city lies on the tail of India and its unique fashion separates it from the rest of the country.

Vintage French colonies, tranquil beaches, and spiritual hotspots (Auroville, Sri Aurobindo Ashram); all juxtaposes in this unique settlement in the country. BBordering the Bay of Bengal, Pondicherry has a great number of beaches. However, being close to the equator draws some limitations to its fun also. That is why visiting Pondicherry in the summer months is certainly a bad option.

Instead, save the vacation for winters, when the temperature is in the cool bracket of 15 to 20 degrees. Regardless of your travel purpose, Pondicherry offers some of the best experiences in winters.

Best time to visit: October to March

Things to do:

  • Boating at Chunnambar Backwater
  • Go scuba diving
  • Enjoy sunset at Ousteri Lake
  • Explore French colonies
  • Seek blessings at churches and temples
  • Get spiritual at Sri Aurobindo Ashram
  • Savor the local food
  • Explore Auroville
  • Relax at Old Lighthouse
  • Try surfing at Serenity Beach

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Kumarakom: Home of Ayurveda


Set in the backdrop of the largest freshwater lake in Kerala, Kumarakom is known as one of the most popular destinations in South India. It is famed for housing a natural protected reserve with a whole range of exotic and migratory birds. To catch the rarest bird species at this sanctuary, one must plan its trip in the winter months.

The other side of Kumarakom is even more enchanting. It consists of Kerala’s trademark tourism hotspot, the backwaters. It is not just limited to a ride in the backwaters but organizes spectacular boat races as well. The season of these highly applauding traditional boat races starts post-monsoon and ends by Onam.

Nevertheless, some of these splendors take place only in the cool, humid-free breeze of the winters.

Best time to visit: November to February

Things to do:

  • Bird Watching at Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
  • Witness the beauty of Aruvikkuzhi Waterfall
  • Experience boating in backwaters
  • Catch the beautiful sunset
  • Enjoy Kathakali performances
  • Stay in a houseboat
  • Enjoy Ayurveda Spa at Maya Spa
  • Stay at an exotic resort

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Andaman and Nicobar

Havelock Island, Andaman

An archipelago in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Andaman and Nicobar is a much-favored name in our list of best winter destinations. This group has more than 300 islands that are known for beautiful snow-white beaches, emerald waterfronts, and world-class diving opportunities.

Although Nicobar Island is off limits for foreign visitors, the exotic beaches of Andamans are always welcoming for a fun experience. In winters the tropical beaches of Andamans become a paradise for tourists from around the globe. With its rich history, abundant marine life, and pristine beachesAndaman sits right on the top when it comes to places to visit in India in winters. In fact, Radhanagar Beach has been voted the best beach in Asia by the Times magazine.

Best time to visit: October to May

Things to do:

  • Experience marine life through scuba diving
  • Ride the glass bottom boat
  • Try mangrove Kayaking at Mayabunder
  • Tour the volcano at Barren Island
  • Enjoy Sound and Light Show at Cellular Jail
  • Visit Chidiya Tapu
  • Go trekking
  • Try adventure sports
  • Hop on a cruise

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Bangalore: India’s Silicon Valley

Bangalore Palace

Beautifully built at its urban fronts, the city of Bangalore is a highly traveled destination in the south of India. The city has fast emerged as a major hub of the IT industry; therefore a home of many professional expats. However, this has slightly shadowed the tourism potential of this city in some way. Often tourists fail to see the flip side of this chaotic modern city. It offers lovely holidays in the lap of nature and creates a necessary travel regime that needs to be strictly followed during the scorching summer days.

If this has changed your perception about Bangalore even a bit, then head to Nandi Hills nearby the main city. The best time to travel to this hill station is the winter season. The temperature ranges between 10 and 28 degrees, making this hill station an active spot for great outdoors.

Bangalore city also has many tourist attractions within its boundaries, which becomes a highly pleasing affair in the winters.

Best time to visit: October to February

Things to do:

  • Visit the Bangalore Palace
  • Witness Wildlife at Bannerghatta National Park
  • Have a day-out to Wonderla
  • Shop at MG Road
  • Wine Tour
  • Skandagiri Trek
  • Try adventure sports
  • Seek blessings at Banglore’s temples
  • Peek into history at Tipu Sultan Palace
  • Visit Vidhana Soudha
  • Explore HAL Aerospace

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Rameswaram: Holy Hindu Dham

Image Source

One of the most sacred places for Hindu pilgrims in India; Rameswaram is a mixture of Indian mythologies. Some believe Rameswaram is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva, while others believe it to be the place where Lord Rama and his army built a bridge of stones to reach Lanka. Currently, this coastal town has a linking bridge and is no ordinary one. Pamban Bridge, the oldest and a remarkable sea bridge in India connects Rameswaram with mainland India.

Travelers who seek spirituality should definitely plan a visit to the prominent Ramanathaswamy temple. Not to mention, the best time to visit this holy Hindu Dham is the winter season.

Best time to visit: October to April

Things to do:

  • Wash away your sins at Agnitheertham
  • Visit the ghost town of Dhanushkodi
  • Stand at the edge of India
  • Take the train over Pamban Bridge
  • Try kite-surfing
  • Spot flamingos and other migratory birds
  • Relax at the beaches
  • Indulge in water sports
  • Visit Kalam House Museum

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Kanyakumari: The Southern Tip


Talking about sacred places in South India without including Kanyakumari simply is not in our behavior. The southernmost end of India, Kanyakumari is a religious place dedicated to the virgin goddess, Devi Kanyakumari. It is the tip of the country, which is known to be the meeting point of the three water bodies – the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea, and the Bay of Bengal. This attracts a large number of tourists to Kanyakumari.

The region is also blessed with spectacular sunrises and sunsets that are amongst the most breathtaking in the country. Travel to Kanyakumari this winter to beat the cold spell of mainland India and witness some of the most amazing sights of nature.

Best time to visit: December to February

Things to do:

  • Visit Vivekananda Rock Memorial
  • Bathe at Triveni Sangam
  • Explore Vattakottai Fort and Beach
  • Watch the sunrise and sunset
  • Pay your respects to Goddess Kanya Kumari
  • Visit the Thiruvalluvar Statue
  • Learn about Swami Vivekananda’s teachings
  • Stroll through the shops and stalls
  • Go on a day trip to Padmanabhapuram Palace
  • Explore the Thovalai flower market

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Hampi: Legends of the Fall

Group of Monuments at Hampi

Hampi in the northern region of Karnataka was once the richest city in the medieval world. To everyone’s amazement, the ruins of this historic destination still manages to draw a large number of tourists from all over the globe. It has the best Dravidian architectural marvels in the form of monolithic statues and sacred temples; all creations of the magnificent Vijayanagar legacy.

Thus, this winter season travels to this offbeat South Indian delight. Spend some time in this unique yet wonderful and culturally significant village where astonishment meets the new lines of heritage. Plus, Hampi turns out to be the most pleasurable during winters as the days are cool and nights are chilly.

Best time to visit: November to February

Things to do:

  • Explore Hampi on two wheels
  • Visit the ruins of Hampi
  • Seek blessings at temples
  • Visit Anjaneya Hill
  • Try rock climbing
  • Enjoy Coracle ride
  • Indulge in fishing
  • Go for cliff jumping
  • Climb Matanga Hill
  • Stay in a hut for a fun time

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Gokarna: Beach & Rejuvenation

Gokarna, Karnataka

Like an additional feather in the crown of Karnataka is the temple town of Gokarna. The town’s beaches are a great mark of contrast to its temple town image. This has divided Gokarna into two; sacred and full of ancient temples, which blooms to new standards during religious events, while the flip side is brimming with shorelines of beautiful beaches.

These sandy joints are best to spend a leisure time under the sun. If a beach holiday strikes your hippie instincts, then you can experiment with your senses at Paradise beach.

Winter is the prime season to hit the beaches of Gokarna as well as its mainland town. As these months bring a lot of Hindu festivals, visiting the temple town is fairly a good deal.

Best time to visit: October to March

Things to do:

  • Plan a spiritual trip to Mahabaleshwar Temple
  • Try adrenaline-pumping water sports.
  • Catch the gorgeous sunset at Kudle Beach
  • Do beach yoga
  • Have a candlelight dinner
  • Relax your body with a massage
  • Stay in a Tree House
  • Experience beach trekking
  • Have fun on a banana boat ride
  • Spot Dolphins at the Paradise Beach

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Mysore: The Royal Seat

Image Source

One major destination in our exclusive list of winter destinations in South India is Mysore. The city is known for its glorious royal heritage and serves as the property of various medieval dynasties. Take the city as a cultural detour, which not only let you explore the flourishes of its transitional phase; Wodeyar rule to the modern, but provides a glimpse into its scurrying trade habits of premium silk and sandalwood.

You can start with the historic Mysore Palace, the official residence of the Maharajas of Mysore. The best thing about traveling to this part of Karnataka in winters are the nature splendors nearby the city; Sivanasamudra waterfalls serve the purpose well.

Best time to visit: October to February

Things to do:

  • Admire the grandeur at Mysore Palace
  • Seek blessings at Chamundeshwari Temple
  • Take a stroll at Brindavan Gardens
  • Some up some peace at Karanji lake
  • Explore the Jaganmohan Palace
  • Witness the wildlife at Bandipur National Park
  • Enjoy the beauty of Trinesvaraswamy Temple
  • Go birdwatching at Shuka Vana

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Kabini: Call of the Wild

Image Source

Travel 94 km from Mysore and you will find yourself at the doorstep of one of the most popular wildlife sanctuaries in South India; Kabini. The best thing about this wildlife reserve is that it is surrounded by four major wildlife zones, namely Bandipur, Nagarhole, Mudumalai, and Wayanad. So, this forest trip never seems to end.

Being set at the banks of the beautiful Kabini River, the wildlife sanctuary is a true nature’s paradise. It has a great variety of animals and birds that includes the panther, sambhar, spotted deer, Chittal, and Indian Elephant. During winters, a cool-mist envelopes Kabini, making wildlife safaris one of the best in South India.

Best time to visit: November to June

Things to do:

  • Enjoy Elephant Safari
  • Opt for Jungle Safari
  • Ride a boat at Kabini river
  • Visit Nagarhole National Park
  • Stay at wildlife resorts
  • Plan a day out at Kabini Dam
  • Go for trekking
  • Ride a bike
  • Go on a shopping tour

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Alleppey: Backwaters Destinations in South India

Alleppey Houseboat

Home to a sprawling network of water channels, Alleppey or Alappuzha is symbolically the creators of the enchanting backwaters of Kerala. Crisscrossing through the picturesque villages of Kerala, a houseboat ride in the backwaters of Alleppey is certainly rewarding. But that’s not all!

This succulent green watery region has a place for beach lovers also. To the west of the Alleppey city are a couple of sun-kissed beaches, which are one of the best beaches in India.

Considering the warm tropical climate in summers and heavy rainfall in the monsoons, it is advised Alleppey to be explored during the winters. With temperatures within a comfortable range, the season is just perfect for beach lovers, honeymooners, and backwater explorers.

Best time to visit: November to February

Things to do:

  • Go for peaceful romantic beach walks.
  • Couples can take recharging spa together.
  • Recharge your DSLR and go for a bird watching trip.
  • Become a shopping spree and buy local souvenirs.
  • Satiate your cravings with authentic seafood
  • Revitalize your senses with authentic Ayurvedic treatment.
  • Meet the rescued elephants in Elephant Training Camp.
  • Buy vegetables on the boat at Triveni Floating Market.

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Kovalam: Beach Destinations in South India

Once a calm fishing village clustered around its crescent beaches, Kovalam today is Kerala’s most developed beach resort.

Kovalam: Beach Destinations in South India

Just 17 km away from the capital city of Kerala lies the beautiful city of Thiruvananthapuram. This bustling urban maneuver is the address of an exotic beach town Kovalam that needs no introduction for its resplendence. Attracting a major part of tourists flocking to Kerala, this beach town is a good warm-weather escape owing to its tropical climate.

However, this trend of respites continues in the cold season at Kovalam too. It is not too cold and not too hot which makes it a popular destination in our list of the best winter destinations in South India. Be it Ayurveda, surfing, or just lazing around, Kovalam is an ideal international beach destination in South India loved by many foreigners.

Best time to visit: November to February

Things to do:

  • Ride a houseboat
  • Channelize your inner adrenaline junkie
  • Revive your mind and body with Ayurvedic massage
  • Explore rural culture at Vizhinjam Village
  • Unwind at the Lighthouse beach
  • Visit Karamana river
  • Witness the underwater life at Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium
  • View the scenic beauty at Vellayani lake

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Bandipur National Park: Wildlife Holidays in South India

Bandipur National Park

Kerala does know how to preserve nature’s wonders. This is very much apparent from the natural habitat of Bandipur, which is a perfectly managed national park in India. Bandipur is part of the Nilgiri bio reserve and is known as a land of the tigers in the south.
If you are a wildlife lover, this is the place for you.

Along with the yellow striped big cat, the park has a variety of other species to boast upon. This includes the Indian Bison, Elephant, Chittal and Sambar. You can indulge in a lot of bird watching as well. The national park has a reserve of more than 80 species of exotic birds that are local as well as migrate from foreign lands.

Embarking on such wildlife expeditions can be little daunting if the weather is not soothing. To sum up the notion; the last months of the year set the weather just perfect for a safari. Highly misty, but with moderate temperatures. This in turn classifies the national park as one of the best winter destinations in South India.

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Periyar: Call of the Jungle

The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is located about 4 km from Kumily in Idukki district of Kerala. Image Source

To solidify your thoughts of visiting National parks during winters, we present you one more from the lands of God’s own country; Kerala. It’s the region of Periyar which encompasses a massive wildlife zone of 777 sq. km. This wonderful nature’s bounty is home to a great variety of mammals that include Bengal tigers, Indian elephants, Sambars, Gaurs, Nilgiri Tahr, Lion-tailed macaque and many more.

Nature trails at the national park have been set in such a way, they resemble a bit like Disneyland. Besides the jungle spirit, the national park is blessed with a breathtaking scenery that multiplies during the winter season. Starting early from the month of October, the dry cool winters at Periyar sets a special appeal to its wildlife safaris, bringing out the maximum wildlife from their burrows.

Kodaikanal: Honeymoon Destinations in South India

Kodaikanal is one of the most popular hill resorts in India. It is a charming hill station, stands amidst sylvan beauty on the southern crest of the upper Palani Hills.

Give Kerala a little breather and move to its neighboring state, Tamil Nadu. In the bereft of cool ambiance in the sun basked cities of the state, the notion of traveling to this part of southern India often gets a backseat. Removing all such clichés associated to it is the hill station of Kodaikanal, one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in South India.

At a height of 7200 feet above sea level, Kodaikanal resides in the upper Palani hills of the Western Ghats. Besides the usual sightseeing, the hills station is an ocean of wonderful recreational opportunities. You can hike through acres of forests of eucalyptus; a morning jog can be a highly refreshing gig. Then there is horse riding, cycling through nature’s burrows, boat rowing in a beautiful lake. Despite being a hill station, temperatures here do not drop to a chilling reading, even in the winters; making it perfect for outdoors. Thus, we see no ill fits in terming Kodaikanal as one of the best winter destinations in South India.

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Coonoor: Hill Stations in South India

Coonoor is one of the three Nilgiri hill stations – Ooty, Kotagiri and Coonoor – that sit high above the southern plains. Source

Fond of cool weather and want to experience the best of it in Tamil Nadu? Then its time you head to the hill station of Coonoor. Amongst the toppers in our exclusive list of best winter destinations in South India, Coonoor is as pragmatic for a hill station lover as it is in the case of the Himalayas in the north. With heights of around 1850 m, it is the second largest in the Nilgiris.

Unlike its neighbor Ooty, this paradise land is much quaint. Here you can explore the historic residences that the hill station keep count of as its very prominent tourist attractions. Besides, the natural splendors which we believe is needless to brag about; lush green tea plantations, magical waterfalls and blissful hiking trails.

In order to enjoy the most at your vacations in Coonoor, schedule your trip for the winter months (December-February).

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Chennai: Winter Holiday Destinations in South India

Chennai Central by Dr Mithun James

Chennai’s best season starts right after the showers of the north-east monsoon. It happens by the mid of November and what the mainland India prefer to call it the ‘winters’ book the city for the next few months. In reality, South India rarely knows cold as the winters bring pleasantries that the rest of India usually experience during the post southwest monsoons.

Similar is the story of Chennai, situated at one of the banks of Bay of Bengal. Despite being criticized for its extremely humidified tropical climate, the city manages to draw a lot of attention of tourists from all over; call it the recent cosmopolitan glamour or the trademark cultural heritage and some exquisite temples.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you stroll around its magnificent attractions; Dravidian temples, ancient churches and beaches, in a cool weather just like you expect from a beach town. Winters turn down the average temperature of Chennai close to 18° C and therefore setting perfect days to explore its whereabouts making it one of the top warm weather destinations in South India.

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Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram): Winter Destinations in South India

Arjuna’s Penance is one of the most beautiful stone carvings at Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu. Source

Now as you have considered traveling to Chennai this winters, why not make the most of your tour and also travel to Mahabalipuram; 58 km away from the former. The town is renowned for ancient archaeological wonders which when mixed with its coastal beauty has made it one of the most visited places in South India. So much so that this small town has become a major hit amongst western travelers wandering to this part of India.

Winters mark the best time to visit this corner of Tamil Nadu, whether hitting the beach fronts or exploring the trademark ancient relics and structures. It never gets much cold during winters.

One more reason to travel to Mahabalipurm in the winters of 2015-16 is the world renowned Mamallapuram Dance festival, which is scheduled to kick start in December.

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Madurai: Warm Weather Destinations in South India

Meenakshi Amman Temple in Madurai is dedicated to Parvati, known as Meenakshi, and her consort, Shiva, here named Sundareswarar. Image Source

Another city in our list of best winter destinations in South India is Madurai. Calling it just a city would be unfair as the righteous would prefer to name it as the soul of Tamil Nadu. The explanation lies in its prolonged ancient history that has imbibed culture, religion and tradition of South India in their most primitive forms.

Although the booming modern IT has reshaped this city, you can still find gigantic traces of the old civilization. The very first that catches the majority of the tourist’s interest is the Meenakshi Amman temple which is an iconic landmark in the city. Tour this metropolis in the pleasing winter months.

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That’s all from South India for now!

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