9 Best Waterfall Hikes in India to Relieve Stress and Boost Happiness

Roaring, powerful, serene, and calming – the best waterfall hikes in India are rewarding!

How to positively impact your body and mind after post-pandemic vacations in India? The answer is simple – surround yourself with the best waterfall hikes in India. Wondering why? You must know that exposure to waterfalls surrounded by lush greenery drastically improves mental health. 

Unlike the usual waterfalls where you just go and take snaps, India has some of the best waterfalls that demand a little hiking. Plenty of factors conclude the fact that why people are fascinated with waterfall hikes in India. One such factor is our energy and happiness. Yes! You heard it right! 

When you are around waterfalls, the negative ions are released by the waterfalls. These ions reach into our bloodstream and act as a catalyst in human bodies and relieve stress and depression. When the production of serotonin is increased in your body, you get a boost in energy and happiness. That is the exclusive reason why we love being around waterfalls. 

From the Garhwal Himalayan areas to the Himachal Himalayan area along with Western Ghats, India has some of the enchanting waterfalls treks under its belts that are challenging yet rewarding. If you want to engulf yourself in the magnetism of the best waterfall hikes in India amidst lush greenery, tea plantations, coffee estates, and snow-capped mountains, consider this blog post.

Here are some of the waterfall treks in India where gushing sound muffled with winds and chirping of birds is best observed.  

1. Dudhsagar Falls in Goa

Ripping cascades amidst lush greenery, Dudhsagar Falls in Goa is food for the wanderer’s soul. This waterfall hike in India is situated on the Goa and Karnataka borders in the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park. If Goa makes a special place in your heart either for your honeymoon, family vacay, or a trip with your gang of wanderers, you must include Dudhsagar Falls in the Goa itinerary. Watch the waterfalls plunging from the staggering height of 1,017 feet. 

What makes this waterfall worth a visit is a fact that when water gushes down through the lush green rainforest it looks like milk is falling from a goblet. The sight of milky waters touching the surface creates foamy clouds which is a visual retreat to the eyes. There are various base points to reach the Dudhsagar Falls and once you reach, erase all your worries by plunging into the cool waters of the pool. 

Starting Point of Dudhsagar Falls Trek: Kulem, Castle Rock, and Mollem

Trekking Distance to the Falls: 12 kilometers (approx.)

Time Taken to Reach: 3-4 hours (approx) depending on the endurance a person has

Highlight: The mist that rises from the falls creates a rainbow that is worth witnessing.

Trekking Timings: 6 AM to 5:30 PM (approx.)

Suitable For: Family, friends, or couples

Best Time to Visit Dudhsagar Falls: Monsoon period and post-monsoon phase (from September till February)

Travel Tips for Dudhsagar Falls

  •  Keep yourself hydrated throughout the trek
  • Embark on a guided excursion with a trekking map
  • Consumption of alcohol or any drug is prohibited and strictly not suggested
  • Wear good hiking shoes

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2. Athirapally Waterfalls in Kerala

The waterfall treks in India that are high and challenging are always rewarding and this waterfall is no exception. Standing 82 feet (approx.) tall and 330 feet (approx.) Athirapally Waterfalls is Kerala’s largest waterfall and is often regarded as India’s very own Niagara Falls. Athirapally Waterfalls is snuggled amongst the luscious forest and is encircled with thrilling flora and fauna. On a trek to Athirapally Waterfalls witness Great Indian Hornbill, Sambar, and Asiatic Elephant.

With the green forests in the background and white milky cascades hitting the base, Athirapally Waterfalls will amp up your Instagram game. The entrance of the falls is dotted with a bunch of shops and eateries located just before the parking space. The trek to Athirapally Waterfalls is not everyone’s cup of tea because of the steep pathways! If you are traveling with family, make sure to walk down to the lower end of the falls. On the flip side, youngsters can embark on hiking to the top of the falls. 

Trekking Distance to the Falls: 1.5 kilometers (approx.) from the parking area

Time Taken to Reach on Trek: 20 minutes (approx) depending on the endurance a person has

Highlight: This waterfall in Kerala is known as the Bahubali Waterfalls because it was featured in the movie Bahubali. Also, Aishwariya Rai danced in front of the Athirapally Waterfalls in the song “Barso Re”.

 Trekking Timings: 8 AM to 5 PM (approx.)

Suitable For: Youngsters and adults below 35 years (approx.) 

Starting Point of Athirapally Waterfalls Trek: Parking space or the entrance

Entry for the Falls: 30 INR (approx.) for Indians, and 100 INR (approx.) for foreigner

Best Time to Visit Athirapally Waterfalls: Early summer (April to May, and post-monsoon till winter (September to February)

Note: Parking cost is an additional 30 INR (approx.). Moreover, expect to pay an additional 20 INR (approx.) for the camera

 Travel Tips for Athirapally Waterfalls

  •  Feel the full force of the waterfall by going down to the base.
  • A ticket is required because the Athirapally Waterfalls access is controlled by the Sholayar Reserve Forest Department. 
  • The trekking trail is closed in monsoons due to safety reasons. 
  • Protect yourself from getting wet at the base of the waterfall by bringing or wearing a raincoat. 
  • There is treehouse accommodation near the falls that overlooks the cascading streams. 

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3. Shikhar Fall in Dehradun

Surround yourself with the high mountains to soak in nature’s blue at the bone-chilling Shikhar Fall in Dehradun. This waterfall hike in India’s Dehradun region however not on the tourists radar because Kempty Falls overtakes it in the terms of popularity, which is located nearby to Shikhar Falls. But if you want to hike through woodlands, and mountainous terrain encircling you, pass through a shallow pool to reach the main waterfall.

And once you reach the summit of the Shikhar Fall, marvel at the views of the valleys and let the refreshing breeze rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Shikhar Fall flourishes several migratory birds and butterfly species because the rich vegetation and manicured greenery dotted the trails. Did we mention that there are hawkers and stalls for snacks at the summit? What else do you want more?

Trekking Distance to the Falls: 1.5 kilometers (approx.) from base camp Kairwaan Village

Time Taken to Reach: 45 minutes to 1 hour  (approx) depending on the endurance a person has

Highlight: You will pass through manicured tea estates that are photogenic.

Trekking Timings: 6 AM to 6 PM (approx.)

Suitable For: Family, friends, or couples

Starting Point of Shikhar Fall Trek: Kairwaan Village

Best Time to Visit Shikhar Fall: Early summer (March to May), post-monsoon till winter (September to February)

Travel Tips for Shikhar Fall

  • Indulge in bird watching and don’t forget to take your binoculars or good photography camera. 
  • One needs to walk on a narrow concrete bridge which might be strenuous for kids. 
  • No matter which season you visit, always wear comfortable hiking shoes. 

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4. Talakona Waterfalls in Andhra Pradesh

The sight of silvery cascades dropping from a height of 270 feet makes Talakona Waterfalls in Andhra Pradesh the tallest waterfalls in the state. It is a waterfall trek that is located in the heart of the Sri Venkateswara National Park of Chittoor District. Talakona Waterfall is one of those waterfalls in South India that requires a little bit of hiking. A trek to these falls is more about witnessing flora and fauna including Great Indian Squirrel, Slender Loris, and Porcupine. Even photography enthusiasts would come across some medicinal plants if the trekking would be done under the expert’s guidance. 

Make your way up to the top from the parking space to get a glimpse of gushing streams. If you want to bask in the beauty of the falls in one single look, you must reach its upper part. You can take a plunge into a few downstream as the water has therapeutic properties because of the presence of medicinal plants in the forest area. There is one temple on the foothills of the falls; its name is Lord Siddeshwara Temple. Several trekking trails run through the dense forest which makes Talakona Waterfall worth a visit. You have to pay the affordable entry fee for a waterfall at the second checkpoint near Shiva Temple. 

Highlight: It is the highest forest waterfall trek in Andhra Pradesh that passes through the rainforest. 

Trekking Timings: 6 AM to 7:30 PM (approx.)

Suitable For: Family, friends, or couples

Distance between Waterfall Parking Space to Forest CheckPoint: 9 kilometers (approx.) 

Time Taken to Trek: 2 kilometers (approx.) from the parking area

Best Time to Visit Talakona Waterfall: Throughout the year

Vehicle Entry Fee at Forest CheckPoint: 15 INR (approx.) for a two-wheeler and 100 INR (approx.) for a four-wheeler

Waterfall Entry Fee: 10 INR (approx.) for adults, and 5 INR (approx.) for kids

Travel Tips for Talakona Waterfall

  • The Time taken to reach the top of the waterfall is 15-20 minutes (approx.). 
  • You should be a novice trekker if planning to hike in the monsoon as the path gets slippery. 
  • Keep your camera protected from the monkeys hopping around the walkways. 
  • Don’t disturb the flora and fauna. 
  • Conquer the easy level trek on a guided excursion by carrying a trekking map. 

5. Devkund Waterfall Near Mumbai and Pune

Manifest the idea of getting lost in the arms of nature at Devkund Waterfalls near Mumbai if you live in and around Mumbai. Devkund Waterfalls is one of the best waterfall hikes in India for backpackers as Western Ghats greenery in Sahyadri Range encircle it. This waterfall is a junction of 3 waterfalls that fall from the height of 80 feet (approx.) on the rocky earth surface and form the pond below for swimming. The foothills of the Devkund Waterfalls are ideal for camping, and picnicking. 

If you want to splash in some crystal clear water and are looking for an escape amidst the lush greenery and falls with easy trekking opportunities, bookmark Devkund Waterfalls in your Mumbai or Pune itinerary. The trek to Devkund Waterfall is relatively easy and passes through forests with rivers flowing parallel. Shutterbugs for sure can’t get over the lush greenery and the cascading sounds. 

Trekking Distance to the Falls: 5 kilometers (approx.)

Time Taken to Reach: 2-3 hours (approx) depending on the endurance a person has

Highlight: Sunlight passes through the mist and a rainbow is formed.

Trekking Timings: 6 AM to 5:30 PM (approx.)

Suitable For: Family, friends, or couples

Starting Point of Devkund Falls Trek: Bhira Village where you enjoy camping as well

Best Time to Visit Devkund Falls: Monsoon period and post-monsoon phase (from September till February)

Travel Tips for Devkund Waterfalls

  • You can’t reach Devkund Waterfalls via any vehicle. Trekking is the only way! 
  • Make Bhira Village your base camp where you will find guides starting at INR 100 to 300 INR (approx.).
  • An Entry ticket is required to enter Bhira Village – the base camp of something around 10 INR (approx.) 
  • Avoid visiting in monsoon as the trekking to the falls is a bit too risky. 
  • Keep yourself hydrated and carry a first aid kit. 
  • The average distance between Mumbai to these falls is 125 kilometers (approx.) while Pune is around 100 kilometers (approx.) 

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6. Chadar Trek in Ladakh

Listen up all you adrenaline lovers and avid trekkers, Chadar Trek in Ladakh is the stuff of your dreams and you can’t deny why it is so! This is the winter trail that spreads out over the Zanskar region. The sheet of thick ice is formed on the River Zanskar which allows novice trekkers to embark on it with a proper taste of scenic beauty. When you witness the frozen waterfall, you would find it hard to believe that you are in India.

Chadar Trek in Ladakh is strictly not for the newbie trekkers because your endurance gets challenged to its peak as you traverse through the frozen waterfall on the icy trail of Zanskar River. We strongly urge you not to get your heart broken if you have never been trekking since the maximum elevation of Chadar Trek is staggering, 11,123 feet (approx.). 

Highlight: Hardly any trek in India is as difficult as Chadar Trek because a serious level of adrenaline is checked on this icy frozen waterfall trek.

Days Required to Complete the Waterfall Trek: 9 to 10 days (approx.)

Trekking distance: 62 kilometers (approx.) with several halts

Suitable For: Experienced trekkers only

Starting Point of Chadar Trek: Chilling Village

Best Time to Visit Chadar Trek: Only peak winter (from December to February)

Everyday Hiking Timings: 5 to 6 hours (approx.)

Trekking Distance Covered Each Day: 10 to 15 kilometers (approx.) by foot

Travel Tips for Chadar Trek

  • Cold is the state of mind at Chadar Trek.
  • Keep your medical kit handy. 
  • Wear good hiking shoes and keep yourself protected with heavy woolens.
  • Take sleeping bags and trekking poles.
  • Don’t embark on the trek without an expert’s supervision. 
  • Keep additional camera batteries. 
  • Don’t challenge your adrenaline on Chadar Trek if you are not a novice trekker. 

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7. Catherine Waterfalls in Coonoor

The gorgeous Nilgiri Hills in the background personifies the beauty of the Catherine Falls in Coonoor. If you are planning to holiday in Coonoor or Ooty, a visit to this waterfall is a must. At this fall, water flows fiercely from the staggering height of 250 feet (approx.) which makes the pool at the surface perfect for swimming. The Catherine Waterfalls is a double cascading fall that is engulfed by lush green tea plantations. 

You will be hiking through the middle of the Shola forest and could reach several vantage points also like Dolphin’s Nose. Taking a break from the humdrum of city life would be best enjoyed when the lullaby of stunning Nilgiri Mountain soothes your face with its cold breeze on your visit to Catherine Falls

Trekking Distance to the Falls: 1.5 kilometers (approx.) from parking space

Time Taken to Reach: 1 to 1.5 hours (approx) depending on the endurance a person has

Highlight: You will pass through manicured tea estates that are photogenic.

Trekking Timings: 6 AM to 6 PM (approx.)

Suitable For: Family, friends, or couples

Starting Point of Catherine Waterfalls Trek: Aravenu or Kotagiri, or parking space

Best Time to Visit Catherine Waterfalls: Early summer (March to May), post-monsoon till winter (September to February)

Travel Tips for Catherine Waterfalls

  • Monsoon is considered unsafe because of the heavy flow of the streams. 
  • The waters in the falls are reduced or dried up in extreme summers due to oppressive heat. 
  • No entry fee is required to visit Catherine Falls. 
  • Senior Citizens must avoid hiking if they feel the problem. 

8. Gaipernath Waterfalls in Kota Rajasthan

Colorful turbans on the head, bangles in hands, and camel rides, and royal forts. If you think Rajasthan is all about this only then you are in constant flux. Switch your holiday mode to the different side of Rajasthan in the city of Kota which has everything you don’t know until you visit. Embark on a short trek to Gaipernath Waterfalls if you have been to Kota and think tourist attractions are limited to only Chambal Garden, Seven Wonders of the World, and Garadia Mahadev Temple.

This waterfall hike in Kota is a heaven for photographers and trekking lovers. The thick greenery encircling the falls and the small pool of water below invites a lot of locals along with like-minded tourists. You could reach this waterfall in Kota from a short auto-rickshaw or private cab ride from City Center Mall, sitting beside the Resonance institute. It is a 120 feet (approx.) height waterfall which is surrounded by rocky boulders. Visit Gaipernath Waterfalls on your trip to Kota with your girlfriend to exchange some romantic time amidst nature. 

Trekking Distance to the Falls from Parking Space: Around 300 steps (approx.) 

Time Taken to Reach: 15 minutes (approx.)

Highlight: The whole Kota is the highlight for holidays and Gaipernath Waterfalls is the icing on the cake.

Trekking Timings: 6 AM to 6 PM (approx.)

Suitable For: Family, friends, or couples

Distance from Rajeev Gandhi Nagar: 19 kilometers (approx.)

Best Time to Visit Gaipernath Waterfalls: Monsoon as the water dries up in the summers due to oppressive heat

Travel Tips for Visiting Gaipernath Waterfalls

  • Expect to pay around 50 INR (approx.) for a still camera and video camera.
  • Make sure you visit Lord Shiva Temple near the falls with your sweetheart. 
  • Photography and film shooting is allowed once the concerned authorities approve. 
  • Kota Junction Railway Station is around 8 kilometers (approx.) from Gaipernath Waterfalls.

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9. Neergarh Waterfalls in Rishikesh

Swimming trunks? Checked! Towels? Checked! Now it is high time to bask in the beauty of the series of three waterfalls. Neergarh Falls is snuggled in the green forestry of Rishikesh vicinity and is one of the best waterfall hikes in Rishikesh for every type of tourist, whether you are a couple, family traveler, or backpacker. It is a relatively very easy trek because Rishikesh itself is located in the lower foothills of the Himalayas. Once you reach the base of the fall, expect to climb up to 10 minutes (approx.) to reach the first fall to soak in the miniature pool. 

This small fall is located 1 kilometer (approx.) from the road. For plunging into a larger pool, hike up to 2-3 kilometers (approx.) more. The best thing about hiking to this waterfall is you don’t need to embark on it with the help of a guide. Instead, self-exploration at this place is the icing on the cake. The cascading water that falls from here comes from 25 feet (approx.) in height. If you are itching to pass through the coniferous vegetation through steep trails, explore Neer Garh Waterfalls on your trip to Rishikesh

Trekking Distance to the 1st Fall from Road: 1 kilometer (approx.)

Highlight: Passing through 2 rustic bridges and a gushing milky stream is the highlight. Also, faraway snow capped mountain views from the bigger waterfalls will tempt your soul.

Trekking Timings: 6 AM to 6 PM (approx.)

Suitable For: Family, friends, or couples

Distance from Laman Jhula: 5 kilometers (approx.)

How to Reach: Trekking is the only way to reach

Time Taken to Reach: 15 minutes (approx.)

Best Time to Visit Neer Garh Waterfalls: Any season but particularly, monsoon is the big hit as there is no risk involved in hiking the falls

Travel Tips for Neer Garh Waterfalls

  • You will find benches at every bend so fret not about the tiredness. 
  • A bike or scooter could drop you only at 1st fall. To reach the bigger pools, hiking is the only option. 
  • The trail is dotted with tea and water shops so fret not about the snacks and hydration. 
  • Indian tourists need to pay around 30 INR (approx.) per person.
  • Foreigners tourists need to shed around 50 INR (approx.) per person
  • Students would have to pay 20 INR (approx.) per person after showing their ID cards. 

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Have you visited any of these waterfall hikes in India? If not, grammable moments are awaiting you! Go hunt them at any of these best waterfall hikes in India with your special ones.

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