World’s Top 20 Private Islands for a Romantic Getaway

Your partner is the love of your life and not only your heart but your very life resides in them, isn’t it? Every moment you spend with them are your best moments and it always remains your utmost endeavor to always keep them and see them happy.

And how about if those moments are spent with them, arms in arms, at some of them of most exquisite destinations of the world, that also give you utmost seclusion and privacy? Well, those very destinations are listed below as World’s Top 20 Private Islands for a Romantic Getaway.

Check them out and plan an unforgettable vacation with your honey. And with such majestic views in the background and the just the perfect settings, she or he will surely love you even more. Do we need to say anything else?

Here are World’s Top 20 Private Islands for a Romantic Getaway.

Ariara, Philippines

Located about 160 miles south-west of Manila in the Calamian archipelago, Ariara is a beautiful, palm fringed island with sights so beautiful and ambience so mesmerizing that it can literally take your breath away. The island is the ultimate “off the beaten track destination”. Ariara more or less appears like a piece, broken off from the heaven.

The sandy shores, with crystal clear water and exciting jungles, a perfect place to hike, is too much of a temptation. A large thatched central sitting and dining area adorns the island. Four beach cottages and a couple of villas can accommodate around 18 people.

The train of staff, putting all their expertise in service, are best in pampering and attending the guests. There are facilities of Yoga, meditation, a pleasing massage and water sports, which include the thrilling paddleboats and kayaks, jet-skis as well as the speed boats. Ariara is a place that captures the imagination and is a destination that one would want to visit again and again.

Things to do: Jet Skiing, Wind Surfing, Water Skiing, Water Boarding, Snorkeling, Scuba diving etc.

Zaya Nurai Island, Abu Dhabi

Dubai is widely perceived to be the ultimate destination to enjoy all the luxuries and pleasures of life. In addition to the 200 of its own, naturally occurring islets, the country has given a tremendous impetus to tourism by building more and more artificial islands and investing exceedingly in infrastructure.

In Zara Nurai, the architects have really manifested their imaginations to the full, designing and decorating the island in most precise manner to give the superlative experience to the guests. Even though the Island was thrown open for the guests in February 2015, it is still evolving and developing with architects planning exotic spas, fanciful five star hotels, a Ripe Market, provided with locally grown fruits and vegetables, line-caught fish and biodynamic wines.

The villas located on the island are furnished with all the modern amenities with exquisite interiors and bleached wooden furniture. If all this was not enough, the outdoor terraces have private pools deep bed bays and wonderful views of caramel colored sand and a sea full of dungeons and dolphins.

Things to do:  Boat Trip, Private Pools, Exotic Spa, Water Park, Golf, Fun Tubing, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Wake Board, Banana Ride, Jet Ski, Fly Board, Kite Surfing, Fishing, Library, Board Games, Tennis, Badminton, Billiards, Football, Volleyball, Gym etc.

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Pulau Joyo, Indonesia

The Pulau Joyo is one of the several islands, archipelagos, uninhabited places and wilds that dot the South China Sea. However this island is one of the most beautiful and charming from the point of view of a stunning Romantic Gateways.

The largest traffic that the island get from are the expats from Singapore. Initially set up as a private holiday destination by Hong Kong magnate Antony Marton, the island has, since 2011, open for all. The development of the island has been carefully proceeded with the use of as little artificial embellishments as possible.

The island has six houses which are decorated with local antiques, ornately crafted artefacts, finds from the French Flea market, rustic hessian colored fabrics, large Balinese daybeds and soaring beamed ceilings. In addition to this there are a couple of smaller bale houses which are favorite haven for teenagers. To sum up the overall experience, the expert chefs prepare delicious dishes to punctuate the mood and gather lasting memories.

Things to do: Paddle boarding, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, gathering shells and chasing hermit crabs, fishing expeditions, sailing etc.

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Dolphin Island, Fiji

Four wonderful thatched roofs houses, bedecked with sweeping curtains, bleached timber and outdoor shower adorns this heavenly island as the place rightly makes the perception of Fiji as one of the most exotic destinations in the world, meaningful.

The guests spend their time enjoying amazing sceneries and sounds of the nature and birds. The main sitting room immediately draws attention with its cool breeze and excellent ambience while the deck, just outside affords stunning views of the infinity pool.

Admire the magnificent architecture or just sit on a white sofa and get lost in reading a good book from the library. There is a lot to do at this fascinating place and especially enjoy the warm cozy moments with your loved ones while relishing the delectable Fijian food, lavish drinks and outstanding services.

Things to do: Snorkeling, sailing, dolphin spotting, fire dancing etc.

Private Island Retreat, Greece

This island gives a perfect location and a sense of seclusion to enjoy the warm moments with your honey. This small, privately owned islet is located at the beginning of Cycladic islands actually gives a feeling of remoteness, even though it is just situated at a span of 45 minutes from the capital Athens.

Covered in an envelope of ancient olive trees and heavy with the scents of wild thyme with small, sheltered beaches forming the ring around, island is a fabulous and dreamy from the point of view of romance. The island has a feel of being ancient and virgin as there are not many structures, except some historical houses and a chapel, located near the jetty.

Built in the neo-classical style, the one of the century-old houses is exquisite with high ceilings, large windows and antique tile floors and original fireplaces. On the other sites, there is a wonderful calm and serenity where guests can enjoy swimming and eating out from the locally grown vegetables and reared eggs. An unforgettable experience awaits you with chefs at the island preparing for you wonderful culinary delights.

Things to do: Speed-boat ride, Swimming, feasting, Boat trips, Fishing, Hiking, Massage, Mountain biking, Sailing, Scuba diving, Swimming, Yoga etc.

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Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

This exotic place is home to several amazing islands, however no island is as beautiful as the Necker Island, owned by Sir Richard Branson, chairman of the Virgin Group. The island lies at 30 minutes’ drive by boat to the north-east of Tortola. The picturesque archipelago is home to about 200 flamingos, 60 resident staff members and it can accommodate about 28 guests.

The island is named after the 17th Century Dutch squadron leader Johannes de Neckere, even though the island remained uninhabited till the later part of the 20th century. Despite privately owned, the island and its beaches, up to the high water mark, are Crown Land and are open for public access.

There are plenty of things to do during the day in the sandy beaches and crystal clear waters of the island and when the sun goes down, the party begins with the unmistakable thrill

Things to do: Water-skiing and wakeboarding, Sailing, Windsurfing, Paddle boarding, Kite Surfing, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Zip Line, Infinity Pools, Tennis, Island Walk, Pilates, Spa Treatments, Party and Wedding arrangements, Golf, BVI Cruise, Anegada barrier reef etc.

Frégate Island Private, Seychelles

Located merely 4 degrees south of equator in the heavenly surroundings of Seychelles, Frégate Island Private is a treasure trove destination, with everything amazing and exotic that the nature has to offer. The fascinating island was declared a French Colony in the 18th century and since passed many hands between the French and the British before securing independence in 1976.

Adorned with 16 spacious teak villas, each with a private pool, a dining pavilion with a butler facility, the island offer as an amazing luxury as it can be. The island also has a yacht club, PADI center as well as a kids club. Fregate Island Private seem like a jewel fixed with the background of blue and turquoise crown. The seven beaches, with excellent services and incredible culinary delights are literally made to spoil you.

The island also operates an excellent conservation program to protect and conserve Seychelles’ rich but delicate flora and fauna. The location is absolutely stunning for spending private and warm moments with your loved one and bring back memories to which you can smile together for the rest of your lives.

Things to do: Nature Walks, Hiking, Helicopter Rides, Air-conditioned Gym, Stargazing, Deep Sea Fishing, Sailing, Surfing, Kayaking, Windsurfing, Water Skiing, Banana Towing, Spa etc.

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Nikoi Island, Indonesia

Nikoi Island was a happy purchase by a group of six expats in 2001, who were working in Singapore at that time. Initially bought to make it as a private retreat for their respective families, the island was slowly evolved to accommodate guests and general public, adding the destination to the list of World’s Top 20 Private Islands for a Romantic Getaway.

However the island is not exactly a place to enjoy exotic luxury and laid back comfort with lavish spending. In fact it has been conceived and designed by the owners for the people as their own private retreat. The underlying idea is to bring the guests back to nature, to let them enjoy barefoot long walks on the beaches and appreciate simple luxuries of life such as good food and wine.

A 15 hectares of pristine exotica, the Nikoi Island is a wonderful place for lovers to enjoy some unforgettable moments together and that too, well within most budgets.

Things to do: Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Trekking, Tennis and Croquet, Beach Volleyball, Boule, Capture the Flag, Fishing, Swimming, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Wind Surfing, Paddle Boarding, Sailing, Kite Surfing, Diving, Spa, Jetty Jumping, Craft Workshops, Nature Walks etc.

Lizard Island, Bedarra and Hayman Island, Australia

The Lizard Island is one of Australia’s many exotic private islands which has captured the hearts of many tourists since long. The island is said to be most isolated of the Queensland’s island resorts, being located 17 miles offshore and having a direct access to the fascinating The Great Barrier Reef.

The resort provide accommodation for at least 80 people and is bedecked with stylish interiors and comfortable amenities designed in the contemporary fashion. The Lizard Island covers an area of almost 10 square kilometers and has wonderful and luxuriant jungle of banyans, tree ferns, lianas and vines which are punctuated with white sandy beaches. The island affords a wonderful seclusion for lovers as they need. With the tropical climate dotting the island, the guests can enjoy a wonderful weather throughout the year.

With such picturesque views and incredible delights awaiting you, the Lizard Island is definitely a place to take your sweetheart to.

Things to do: Snorkeling, Boat Excursions, Diving, Fishing, Private Charters, Bird Watching Walks, Spa, Stargazing, Treasure Hunts etc.

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Lake Mälaren, Sweden

A lake is an excellent escape for you and your loved one to spend some private, romantic time. Located fifty miles away from the capital Stockholm, this little island is placed on Lake Maleren and can be hired for a dreamy sojourn. The island has just four buildings- A modern sauna facility, a house having three bedrooms, a structure containing only a single room as well as a one bedroom round house.

The main resort is an exquisite structure, bedecked with a mesmerizing blend of Gustavian Tradition and modern Scandinavian style. There is a facility of motor boats in which guests can navigate across the exquisite towns of Mariefred and Gripsholm Castle.

Surrounded in the quiet of natural surroundings and adorned with picturesque views of landscapes this is wonderful place where you will find perfect moments to spend with your spouse or lover. Available for exclusive hire, this place resounds with great attractions.

Things to do: Visit to Drottingholm, Mariefred, River Rafting, Snow-Mobiling, Sauna etc.

Musha Cay, The Bahamas

With 700 acres of natural beauty, the Musha Cay is a magical island, full of most astonishing experiences and delights. The Island has been created by its owner into a treasure trove, full of most exciting attractions and draws. It can be and is, one of the most thrilling destinations to visit with your loved one. Take for instance, Dave’ Drive in, an open air movie theater, where you can enjoy a warm and cozy movie experience under the stars, on comfortable lounge chairs.

There is a provision of private picnics, which you can relish at any of the 40 secluded beaches. In addition to this, there is an amphibious catamaran where visitors can walk, right off from the boat into the beach.

The adventure, however, does not stop here and there is lot you can do to collect ravishing recollections. Come here and have an experience of a lifetime.

Things to do: Dave’s Drive In (Movie Theatre), Treasure of Copperfield Bay (Treasure Hunting), The Secret Village (Nature Walks), The Musha Olympic Games (Swimming, Running and Volleyball), The Musha 500 (A Racing Event), Musha Force ( Adventure Games), etc.

Cayo Espanto, Belize

Situated five kilometers off the Ambergris Cave, which is the largest island of the Belizean archipelago, the Cayo Espanto is a breathtaking sandy isle. Decorated naturally with dense coconut palms, there are eight villas, out of which seven are located along the island’s north and south coasts and one, called the Ventanas, is built over water, cinematically located at the end of the 45-meter wooden walkaway on the eastern end of the island.

These villas are simple but are comfortably furnished for the guests to enjoy their time at the island to the hilt. Differentiating in size, the wooden structures and ambience of these villas provide a unique taste of residing to the guests. For letting the guests to relish the pleasures of the table, there is a restaurant which serve thrice a day using mostly local ingredients such as mahi-mahi, parrot-fish, black corn, black beans and mole sauces made from chilies and chocolate.

The restaurant staff will ask you about your likes and dislikes and dishes are only prepared after a prior approval. Cayo Espanto, Belize doubtlessly lets you have the time of your life with your darling which you will surely remember together.

Things to do: Diving, Snorkeling, fishing and exploring local reefs and places etc.

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Jumby Bay, Antigua and Barbuda

Although only a mile long, this exotic island is called the Long Island, which is something a misnomer of sorts. The island is owned by the Denver based Rosewood Resorts and was opened in 2012, after about a US$28 million renovation investment. Located a couple of miles away from the north-east of Antigua, the island is now mostly invoked as Jumby Bay.

The island is unusually easy to access and one is able to reach it only by about seven minutes speed boat ride from Antigua. All the needs of the guests are taken care of through a range of amazing services. The villas on the island, although new, quintessentially gives the feeling of old school that somewhat point to the British Colonial Era. The floors are made of terracotta or roseate stone and everywhere there are loud colors and prints.

But nonetheless, each villa and room is provided with state of the art modern facilities and there is nothing that hinders the experience and joy of a modern guest. It is one of the most outstanding places where you can take your partner to and thoroughly impress her or him.

Things to do: Water-Skiing, Windsurfing, Paddle Boarding, Kayaking and Snorkeling, Kite Boarding, Sailing, Private Cruises, Tennis, Golf, Antigua Rainforest Canopy Zip Line, Tours to nearby attractions, Fitness Center, Spa, Pools etc.

Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands

An exotic and exciting archipelago accessed after a 75 minute flight from both Miami and Nassau and then a boat ride, The Parrot Cay is one of the most beautiful cays of total 49 cays that adorn Turks and Caicos. This 1000 acre jewel is privately owned by the COMO Hotels and Resorts. The Parrot Cay essentially exudes the essence of a New England beach house.

The interiors are adorned with groove paneling and pale upholstery, added with the flavor of Balinese Teak, cane and rattan furniture as well as wafting mosquito nets. However, what sincerely distinguishes the island are the empty, mile-long beaches which are bestowed by nature with one of the palest and softest sands and beautiful turquoise waters whose color deepens after a line of white breakers.

The weather remains cool and you will find the atmosphere totally chilled out. The staff is pre-dominantly Asian and excellent in serving their guests with best of facilities and services. There is a wonderful spa at the island which rivals with some the best you can have at any of the private islands. With such a wonderful and amazing atmosphere, there is little doubt that your partner won’t love spending cozy moments with you here.

Things to do: Catamaran Sailing, Windsurfing, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Fun Tubing, Private Boat Charters, Snorkeling, Diving, Fishing, Sunset Cruises, Eco-adventures, Shopping, Picnics etc.

L’ilot, Mauritius

Quintessentially remarkable in every aspect, being quite unique of all the mega-hotels which grace this region, L’ilot, Mauritius is a wonderful place to take your sweetheart to. The island is located just off the mainland, which is accessed via a narrow bridge.

The house located at island is as exotic as the settings in which it is situated. Being utterly private, the house is surrounded by a fringe of pine and palm trees. Every room affords a 360 degree view of the Indian Ocean from every door and window as well as from every bedroom.

Living here essentially involves lazy dips into the sea, sumptuous dinner at the verandah as well as afternoon siestas. The life is absolutely languid here with remarkable luxury and comfort at every step. If you really want to floor your love and make him or her your own that this is a fabulous place where you can take them to.

Things to do: Snorkeling, Marine Discovery, Kite Surfing, Golf, Excursions etc.

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Cerralvo Island Mexico

This 16 mile long exotica is located 60 miles east to the city of La Paz. The island consists of diverse landscapes-arid deserts, habitat and vegetation. There are also beautiful mountainous ridges that peaks at a height of 2,100 feet. Running North and South of the archipelago, the mountains are bedecked with alluring streams with beach and coves.

The island is surrounded by ample sea life. Cerralvo Island has one of the best and most consistent weather to the delight of the tourists who come here in at all times during the year. The development of an eco-resort at this place is particularly appealing for those who care for nature. The island is extensive and sufficiently allow for lovers to enjoy their time together in isolation and seclusion.

It is the ninth largest island in Mexico, covering a total area of 35,000 acres. It was a former volcano but now contain many mansions to spend a lovely time with your partner. The long and warm sandy beaches are a great temptation to walk hand in hand and relish romantic moments. Situated just 30 miles away from the mainland, it is also easy to access.

Things to do: Fishing, Diving, Scuba Diving, snorkeling etc.

Tetiaroa, French Polynesia

The island is better known as the Marlon Brando’s private island and is an excellent retreat for the lovers to savor their time together. The place is actually an atoll and consist of 12 small islands. In fact Marlon Brando’s son Teihotu, permanently lives here. The island abounds in picturesque views and attractions.

There is a tropical bird sanctuary where many exotic birds have their homes. Located 30 miles northeast of Tahiti, the main accommodation here is the swanky hotel named “Brando”, offering breathtaking luxury in the midst of pristine nature.

Essentially exuding the typical Polynesian lifestyle and culture, this place wonderfully complements to the owners mission to provide one of the most luxurious, authentic and enriching travel experiences. The atoll spreads in the total area of 2.3 miles and is said to hold a special place in the hearts of the people of French Polynesia.

Things to do: Spa, Diving, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Bicycling, Bird Watching, Library etc.

Ciftlik Island, Turkey

The island sits in the Aegean Sea, just 250 meters off the coast line of the exotic country of Turkey. The highlight is a house which is built in the wonderful castle style which also has a guest house and servant quarters.

The sunny, warm weather suits guests of any disposition as also the development, as this is one of the only few islands in the region which has the facility of water, electricity and telephone.

The island occupies a total of 20 acres and is a great place to spend isolated and stress-free holidays with the love of your life. Besides the main house, the other houses are well-furnished and provided with all the modern amenities, making the island, one of the best such place in the world.

Things to do: Swimming, Boating, Jeep Safaris, Diving etc.

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Tavanipupu Private Island Resort, Solomon Islands

Embellished in the South Pacific Ocean, the Tavanipupu is a jewel of an island, one of the 1,000 that make up the Solomon Islands. The island was nothing but a coconut plantation but putting his wonderful imagination at work, a British interior designer and his wife transformed the place into a dreamy destination.

The resort has now been developed and refurbished and feature a wonderful five star hotel while still retaining its natural charm and pristine beauty. The place is adorned with spotless beaches that meet with lazy, turquoise waters, fringed by palm trees. For residence, the island has simple but elegant beach-rustic bungalows which are located amidst tropical gardens.

The interiors have wooden furniture and there are white linen, canopied nets over the four posted beds. The restaurant is another highlight and most of the ingredients are sourced from the local areas and the organic gardens. However sea food is the distinguished feature which tastes really delectable. The island welcomes you into another world altogether and with your loved one, it would surely be an experience worth remembering and preserving.

Things to do: Spa, Fishing Trips, Cycling Tours, Nature Walks, Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, snorkeling etc.

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