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Things to do in Bomdila

Bomdila caters to every kind of traveler by offering many activities and enriching experiences. From trekking trails that lead to valleys to getting insight into Buddhist and Tibetan Culture, the diversity of activities is sure to keep you engaged.

The wildlife sanctuary and viewpoints on the hill station offer a getaway for nature lovers. Experience the best of this town with peace of mind, knowing that you can explore these and many more unique travel experiences with Bomdila tour packages from Indian Holiday.

Monastery Exploration

Discover the peaceful atmosphere and cultural beauty of Bomdila with monastery exploration. You can admire ancient architecture and delve into Buddhist culture amidst breathtaking Himalayan vistas by visiting these monasteries.

Bomdila Monastery

  • Highlight: Admire the traditional architecture, intricate murals, and ancient scriptures, gaining insight into the local way of life.
  • Suggestion: Meditate and witness daily rituals, offering a profound spiritual experience.

GRL Monastery

  • Highlight: Admire numerous colorful paintings on the wall that depict Buddhist teachings. Experience the serenity in the air, enhancing your spiritual learning.
  • Suggestion: Respect monastery rules and maintain silence to fully embrace this tranquility.

Thubchog Gatsel Ling Monastery

  • Highlight: This sanctuary is nestled in lush greenery and offers a scenic view of the Himalayas. Participate in meditation sessions and witness the daily rituals that hold deep spiritual significance.
  • Suggestion: Interact with monks to gain a deep insight into Buddhist culture and tradition.

Adventures Activities

Bomdila is a hub for heart-pounding activities and unforgettable thrills for adventure enthusiasts. These activities will give you an adrenaline rush and enrich your travel experience in so many ways.

Paragliding at Bomdila View Point

  • Highlight: Experience the thrill and witness scenic Himalayan view with paragliding. The view, sounds, and feels of fresh air combine to create an unforgettable adventure.
  • Suggestion: Try to enjoy morning flights for smoother air currents, enhancing your paragliding experience.

Trekking in RR Hill

  • Highlight: Enjoy trekking in RR Hill to reach the highest point of Bomdila. You can enjoy your trek from the nearest village and trace the beautiful path to the stunning destination.
  • Suggestion: Witnessing the sunrise from RR Hill is one of the best experiences in Bomdial. Hence, you should try to visit early in the morning.

River Rafting on the Kameng River

  • Highlight: Enjoy a rafting expedition on the gushing waters, navigating thrilling rapids and swirling currents amidst stunning landscapes. It is undoubtedly an unforgettable adventure for thrill lovers seeking excitement in the heart of nature.
  • Suggestion:  Pay attention to safety briefings before enjoying the rafting trip for a great adventure.

Naure Retreat

Reconnect with nature amidst Himalayan landscapes, offering a peaceful escape from city life. There are various places to admire natural beauty, including hills, viewpoints, and orchards.

Camping in Dirang Valley

  • Highlight: This valley offers minimal light pollution and optimal stargazing conditions. You can admire the stars, constellations, and even the Milky Way stretching across the clear night sky.
  • Suggestion: Do not forget to bring a portable telescope or stargazing binoculars to enhance your camping experience.

Enjoy Wildlife at Sessa Orchid Sanctuary

  • Highlight: Experience the natural beauty and Exotic Orchid while exploring the only orchid sanctuary in Arunachal Pradesh. While exploring this sanctuary, you can witness red pandas, crows, pheasants, and goral.
  • Suggestion: Remember to carry your camera, as you will have regular opportunities to get click-worthy sights.

Walk in Apple Orchards

  • Highlight: Stroll through apple-laden gardens and purchase some fresh apples cheaply. This orchard is one of the finest Bomdila tourist places and attracts tourists throughout the year.
  • Suggestion: To witness an entire blooming apple, you should visit here in winter.

Culinary Delights

Bomdila is also renowned for its delectable flavors and culinary creations, which tantalize the taste buds of every type of tourist. Traditional dishes like Thukpa, Zan, and Bamboo Shoot Fry are some of the must-try dishes here.

Taste Arunachali Cuisine

  • Highlight: Explore the diverse flavors of Arunachali cuisine at famous restaurants such as Himalayan Kitchen and Dragon Restaurant.
  • Suggestion: Delve into the culinary adventure by sampling various dishes and relishing the unique flavors that define Arunachali cuisine.

Cooking Workshops with Locals

  • Highlight: Join a cooking class taught by local chefs to try hands-on cooking. You will learn about traditional recipes, culinary techniques, and cultural anecdotes in class and get a chance to prepare and taste these dishes yourself, adding a thrilling element to your culinary journey.
  • Suggestion: Embrace the opportunity to fully engage in the culinary traditions of Bomdila's warm and hospitable community.

Food Trails in Local Markets

  • Highlight: Having street food while enjoying the Bomdila sightseeing is a great culinary experience. Upper Gompa Market and Bomdila Main Market are must-visit places in Bomdila for street foods.
  • Suggestion: Try an adventurous palate and be ready to explore the flavors and aromas of Bomdila's vibrant food scene.

Why Choose Indian Holiday For Your Bomdial Tour

Discover endless adventures and wonders of Bomdila with our well-crafted tour packages. Our Bomdila tour packages offer everything you need for a memorable trip, including luxurious stays, delicious food, seamless transfers, and captivating sightseeing tours. Book your adventure today with Indian Holiday, and let us take care of every detail for an unforgettable journey.


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Q: What are the must-visit attractions to visit in Bomdila?

Ans. Bomdila places to visit include Bomdila Monastery, Bomdila View Point, Craft Centre & Ethnographic Museum, and Apple Orchards. Moreover, each tourist place in this hill town offers a unique travel experience along with culture, history, and natural beauty.

Q: Are there any adventure activities available in Bomdila?

Ans. Bomdila is one of those gems amidst the Himalayas, where you can find the finest and most thrilling activities. The extensive range of activities, from paragliding to mountain biking, will keep you engaged.

Q: How can I experience the local culture and traditions of Bomdila?

Ans. Explore Bomdila's cultural heritage by visiting Bomdila Monastery. It is one of the famous spots to visit in this region, showcasing local culture and tradition. In addition to visiting the monastery, you can participate in local festivals and indulge in traditional cuisine.

Q: What are some recommended dining experiences in Bomdila?

Ans. Arunachali cuisine at local eateries is one of the best combinations when discussing about's dining experience in Bomdila. From hearty soups to flavorful stir-fries, the dining experience offers diverse delights to satisfy every palate.