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Best Time to Visit Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji, perched atop the Khasi Hills, boasts the title of one of the wettest places on Earth. This mesmerizing region, with its lush landscapes and cascading waterfalls, is a year-round destination offering unique experiences in every season. planning your tour to Cherrapunji will let you explore the distinct charms of winter, summer, and monsoon.

Summer March to May 15°c - 25°c
Monsoon June to September 12°c - 16°c
Winter October to February 5°c - 15°c

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Q: Is it safe to travel to Cherrapunji during the monsoon season?

Ans: While Cherrapunji is enchanting during the monsoon, travelers should exercise caution due to heavy rainfall. Stay informed about local conditions and plan activities accordingly.

Q: Are there any cultural events during the winter season in Cherrapunji?

Ans: Winter in Cherrapunji is a serene time, and while there might not be specific cultural events, it is perfect for exploring the cultural heritage of the region in a tranquil setting.

Q: Can outdoor activities be enjoyed in Cherrapunji during the summer season?

Ans: Yes, the summer season in Cherrapunji offers mild temperatures, making it suitable for outdoor activities such as nature walks and waterfall exploration.