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History of Chhattisgarh

Till the end of the 18th century AC, in the medieval period, the region came to be known as Gondwana and became an extended part of the kingdom of the Kalchuris who then ruled the region.

As per the Muslim chroniclers of the 14th century AD the region also came under the suzerainty of the Mughal Empire around the 16th century and later under the Marathas in 1745. Later Marathas dominated the region and the entire region of Chhattisgarh was somewhat plundered by the year 1758. Following strictly the glorious Chhattisgarh history it is seen that 'Chhattisgarh' was popularized during the Maratha period and was first used in an official document in 1795. With the British interferences in the early 19th century, much of the territory was taken into the Central Provinces. Chhattisgarh also took part in the 1857 Revolution when Vir Narayan Singh, a landlord of Sonakhan, severely opposed the injustices of British rule in the region. In the year 1904 British restructured the region and transferred Sambalpur to Orissa and included the estates of Surguja to Chhattisgarh.

As per the history of Chhattisgarh, India the demand for a separate Chhattisgarh state was initiated by the Raipur Congress unit at the meeting of the Raipur district Congress in 1924. It was seen or rather presumed that the region of Chhattisgarh was culturally and historically separate from the rest of Madhya Pradesh and deserved a special recognition of its own. During that time the plea was not taken into consideration.

After the independence of India, the demand for a separate state again was encouraged and in 1955 it was raised in the Nagpur assembly of the then state of Madhya Bharat, which eventually did not materialize. And finally the vision of a separate state of Chhattisgarh became a true reality when it was declared the 26th state of India on 1st November 2000. Wile educating yourselves about Chhattisgarh general info, it is quite interesting to know about history of Chhattisgarh, India.


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