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Chitrakoot Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Chitrakoot

Chitrakoot is a land of history, culture, and sacredness. Explore this city and grace your holiday with fantastic experiences.

  • Chitrakoot city in Uttar pradesh
Chitrakoot At a Glance
  • Average Climate:8°C - 30°C
  • Best Time to Visit:October - March
  • STD Code:0765

Chitrakoot Travel Guide

Chitrakoot is one of the magnetic tourist places in the Satna district of Madhya Pradesh. It encompasses the five villages of Sitapur, Karvi, Nayagaon, Khohi, and Kamta. It is situated in the northern Vindhya range of mountains. Chitrakoot Tourism is about gaining insight into history, culture, and archaeology. Apart from it, there are many things that you can enjoy, including shopping, fun-filled activities, tasting local foods, and interacting with locals. This city of Madhya Pradesh is considered one of the significant places to get a better outcome on Hindu culture.

Tourism of Chitrakoot is fully packed with lots of magnetic elements, which allure you to explore more and more. Further, temples, arts, and traditions are linked with fascinating stories that entice you even more. However, a trip to this city needs to be well-planned to get the best out of your holiday. Thus, this Chitrakoot travel guide covers almost everything that helps you to enjoy a good vacation. So, plan your tour package for Chitrakoot and fill your heart with serenity, divinity, and exquisite beauty.

Chitrakoot Tourism -  A doorway to a breathtaking experience of nature, history, and spirituality.

Language Spoken in Chitrakoot

Most people speak Hindi in Chitrakoot, but the first language of this district is Bundeli. In addition, an English tour guide is also available at the site as tourism is increasing as time passes.

Where is Chitrakoot located?

Chitrakoot is settled in the Satna district of Madhya Pradesh, and it falls in the northern Vindhya Range outstretched over Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

Why Should You Visit Chitrakoot?

The connection of Chitrakoot with the epic Ramayana with so many references is so fascinating that it is enough to plan your trip here. Suppose the legends are to be given any credence. In that case, there is no reason to disbelieve that Lord Rama, accompanied by his wife Sita and brother Laxman visited Chitrakoot during their exile. Chitrakoot was also where the great sages Atri and Sati Anasuya meditated. For a long time, Chitrakoot was the seat of Hindu thought and philosophy. Tours to Chitrakoot will take you to that sacred land that Goswami Tulsidas visited. He wanted to seek divine inspiration before chronicling Lord Rama's life in his celebrated work Ramacharitamanas.

Temples in Chitrakoot

Kamadgiri Temple, Gupta Godavari, Janaki Kund, Hanuman Dhara, Sati Anusuya Temple, Bharat Milap Temple.

Activities in Chitrakoot

Temple Excursion, Explore Ashrams, Visit Ghats, Explore forts, Deep in the rivers of Chitrakoot.

Shopping in Chitrakoot

Sadguru Shopping Mall, Priyanka Shopping center, Om Vastra Bhandar, and Shiv Ram Shopping Complex

Local Foods in Chitrakoot

Suppli, Causa, Ice Cream, Pizza, Cheese, Dal Tadka, Soup, and Tave Kosi.

How to Reach Chitrakoot

You can reach Chitrakoot in various ways, including by air, road, and train. Choosing any of these modes depends upon multiple factors, such as your commuting distance and traveling preferences. However, the flight is one of the fastest and most comfortable ways to get to Chitrakoot. The following details display the ways to reach Chitrakoot.

By Air: The nearest airport from Chitrakoot is Khajuraho, located at a distance of 157 km. Apart from it, there are two other options to reach Chitrakoot by flight; Varanasi (Airport 268 km) and Jabalpur Airport (294 km). After landing at any of these airports, you can get a wide variety of transport services, including bus, cab, and taxi, to reach Chitrakoot.

By Train: If you are willing to reach Chitrakoot by rail, you should visit Chitrakoot Dham Karwi Railway Station. It is the closest railway junction, located around 10 km from Chitrakoot. After arriving at the junction, you can take a taxi or reach your desired location in Chitrakoot.

By Road: Chitrakoot is well-linked with nearby cities with good road conditions. You can take several government and private buses from several towns, like Allahabad, Banda, Satna, Panna, and many more.

Best Time to Visit Chitrakoot

The best time to visit Chitrakoot is between October and March because the weather is pleasant for outdoor activities and sightseeing. Summer is not advisable to enjoy a trip to Chitrakoot as the climate makes the temperature high. Even though winter months make sightseeing challenging due to the foggy atmosphere. And also, road trips are dangerous because the fog hampers visibility and driving becomes difficult. For season wise information about the weather condition of Chitrakoot, check out the below details.

Summer Season: The summer season begins in Chitrakoot in March and lasts till June, with the highest temperature around 47°C. and the minimum is approximately 29°C. This season is not a good time to plan your trip to Chitrakoot due to the hot and balmy weather.

Monsoon Season: Chitrakoot experiences the cold with rainfall from July to October. June and July are the months that bring the highest rains. Therefore, booking your Chitrakoot tour From August to September is advised. During these months, Chitrakoot comes alive with dense and leafy vegetation.

Winter season: This season is delightful for visitors in Chitrakoot as the climate brings clear skies and balmy days. January and February come up with fog and coldness in this region. Moreover, booking your hotels and travel tickets in advance as it is advised as it is the peak season for Chitrakoot.

How to get around in Chitrakoot

You can explore Chitrakoot by various modes of transport. Buses and taxis are primary sources for covering the vast distance and sightseeing. However, rickshaws are also a unique mode of transportation to cover short distances with decent speed. The benefit of choosing a rickshaw is that you can peacefully observe the lifestyle of people while enjoying the ride. However, walking is also an excellent option to cover the shortest distances in this city of Madhya Pradesh.

Places to Visit in Chitrakoot

There are plenty of tourist places that you can visit on your Chitrakoot trip. Valmiki Ashram, Sati Anusaya, Kalinjar Fort, Gupt Godavari, Rajapur, Bharat Koop, Ganesh Bagh, Dhar Kundi, Ram Ghat, and Hanuman Dhara are among the best places to visit in this city. The list of places to visit in Chitrakoot has religious places, historical sites, cultural points, and archeological hotspots. In this town of Madhya Pradesh, you will delve into the different elements with a single sightseeing tour. Thanks to Chitrakoot tourism which allows you to get an insightful experience of spirituality, history, art, and culture at the same time.

Things to do in Chitrakoot

You can make your tour a soul-soothing vacation by enjoying the top things to do in Chitrakoot. With a unique charm and religious significance, many opportunities will keep you engaged and give you unlimited fun. Discovering the Gupt Godavari, spending some time on the stairs of Ram Ghat, attending the prayer of Mandakini River, and temple excursions are some of the must-do activities in Chitrakoot. Also, if you can cover around 170 km from Chitrakoot, you can get the wildlife thrill at Panna National Park. Enjoying a wildlife safari in this national park is the next level of thrill that can become the highlight of your holiday. 

Where to Stay in Chitrakoot 

A holiday in Chitrakoot is a delightful experience that you can enjoy with your close ones. And the selection of your stays matters a lot for your vacation. If you are looking for luxury accommodations for a holiday in Chitrakoot, you will get that in huge numbers. Besides, from mid-range to budget-friendly hotels, you will have plenty of choices for your stay. Hotels in Chitrakoot are well-appointed and have modern amenities to give you a great experience. Kamadgiri Bhawan, Shri Shridhar Dham, Hotel Ramkripa Inn, Jaipuria Bhawan,  Hotel Vivek Palace, Shree Jee Bhawan, and Guru Kripa Atithi Griha are among the good choices for your stay.

What to Eat in Chitrakoot

Chitrakoot is a religious tourist place in Madhya Pradesh and offers a wide variety of vegetarian dishes. Moreover, you can get South Indian Cuisines at the restaurants in Chitrakoot. Tave Kosi, Suppli, Causa, Dal Tadka, and Soup are the top things to try while enjoying the foods of this city. Apart from that, the variety of ice creams, pizza, and other snacks are also good options for refreshment in the middle of sightseeing. Ashok Restaurant, Ramghat,  Jaipuria Smriti Bhawan, Annapurna, and Paryatak Awas Grah are top-listed restaurants that offer a wide variety of foods.

Art & Culture of Chitrakoot

Chitrakoot has great significance and is a pilgrimage hotspot in Madhya Pradesh. The meaning of its name is hill of many wonders, and its fascinating past is linked with Lord Rama. Thus, the culture of Chitrakoot is heavily influenced by the epic Ramayana. You can find many numerous places which are related to the various legends. Apart from it, the art and craftwork on stone and wood idols gracefully reflect the beauty of culture.

Festivals & Fairs in Chitrakoot

Being linked with Lord Rama, the festivals related to Rama are celebrated enthusiastically. And some of the significant festivals of Chitrakoot include Diwali, Dussehra, National Ramayana Fair, Navratri Celebration, Ram Navami, and many more. Apart from it, you can see that numerous kinds of folk dances are practiced here. Akhada, Badhai, Rai, Saira, Jawara, Shaitan, and Dhimrai are some notable folk dances in Chitrakoot.

Is it safe to visit Chitrakoot?

Yes! It is safe to visit Chitrakoot, and it is also safe for solo travelers. However, it is advised not to roam alone in this city's quiet places. You can also plan your Chitrakoot trip with Indian Holiday to get the best out of its tourism.

Chitrakoot Travel Tips

  • Chitrakoot is a pilgrimage destination, and you must respect the culture.
  • Remember to spend some time on the streets along the Ghats.
  • Dress appropriately while visiting the temples of Chitrakoot.
  • Book your hotel and flight tickets in advance to get the best deals, as you can also save money.
  • Pack your bags with some woolen clothes if you visit in the winter as night brings coldness.
  • Drive carefully in the winter season in Chitrakoot due to the fog.
  • Start your sightseeing tour early so you can attend the Aarti Ceremony at most temples of this city.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Chitrakoot Tourism

Q: Why is Chitrakoot tourism famous?

Ans: Chitrakoot Tourism provides an opportunity to experience religious values, spiritual significance, rich history, and architectural values. Moreover, you will also get a dose of excitement with shopping, food, and unique tourist places that you will hardly find anywhere else in the world. Chitrakoot is a widely popular city in Madhya Pradesh as a pilgrimage center for Hindus as it is dotted with numerous temples.

Q: What are the best things to explore in and around Chitrakoot?

Ans: Ghats, rivers, temples, forts, caves, and markets are the best things to explore during your Chitrakoot tourism. You can also explore the waterfall and wildlife near the Chitrakoot, which you can include in your tour for an extra layer of fun and thrill. 

Q: What is the popular festival of Chitrakoot?

Ans: Many famous festivals in Chitrakoot are celebrated with full zeal. However, Ram Leela and Maha Shivratri are among the most celebrated festivals. These both are honored on a large scale at the end of February. You can plan your trip to Chitrakoot during these months to attend the vibrancy of these festivals in this city. 

Q: Which is the best way to reach Chitrakoot?

Ans: The best way to reach Chitrakoot depends upon various factors, including the distance of your starting point and your preferences. If you have to cover a long distance, you can choose flight as it provides comfort and takes less time. However, the train is also a good option for huge spaces but can take more time. Moreover, roadways are better if you are coming from the nearby places of Chitrakoot.

Q: What is the significance of Gupt Godavari?

Ans: Gupt Godavari is an important place for devotees as it is believed that Gupt Godavari River used to come and see Lord Rama from here. And after emerging into the cave, it flows into the ponds and vanishes.