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Chitrakoot Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Chitrakoot

  • Chitrakoot city in Uttar pradesh
Chitrakoot At a Glance
  • Average Climate:8°C - 30°C
  • Best Time to Visit:October - March
  • STD Code:0765

Chitrakoot Tourism | Chitrakoot Travel Guide

Reckoned among one of the most venerated pilgrimage sites in North India, Chitrakoot encompasses the five villages of Sitapur, Karvi, Nayagaon, Khohi and Kamta. Tours to Chitrakoot is nothing less than a spiritual experience that brings composure to the fretted souls. Chitrakoot is encircled by the mountain ranges of the Vindhyas. An aura of inviolable peace, tranquility and sanctity pervades the place.

If the legends are to the given any credence, then there is no reason to disbelief the fact that Lord Rama accompanied by his wife Sita and brother Laxman visited Chitrakoot, during the period of their exile. Chitrakoot was also the place where the great sages Atri and Sati Anasuya meditated. For long Chitrakoot was the seat of Hindu thought and philosophy. Tours to Chitrakoot will take you to that sacred land which was visited by Goswami Tulsidas. He wanted to seek divine inspiration before he went about chronicling the life of Lord Rama in his celebrated work Ramacharitamanas.

Your tours to Chitrakoot will enable you to visit the popular tourist hotspots that are situated along the Mandakini River. Visit the Janaki Kund on your Chitrakoot tours. This is famed as the favorite bathing spot of Lord Rama's consort Sita. A flight of stairs on the left bank of the river lead to the greenish-blue water. Don't give the Ramghat a miss on your Chitrakoot travel. Ramghat is frequented by a number of pilgrims who perform religious ablutions and rituals here.

Pay a visit to the Kamadgiri hill on your tours to Chitrakoot, that is famous for the presence of a number of temples at its base among which, the Bharat Milap Temple is the most prominent one. Sati Anusuya temple is consecrated to Sati Anusuya who was very attractive and at the same time very devoted to her husband. She was vexed by the persistent solicitations of the Hindu Gods reduced them to infants. The Sphatik Shila is a huge boulder that contains the imprints of the Lord Rama's feet.

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