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Chittorgarh Travel Guide

  • Chittor Fort Tourist attraction in Rajasthan
Chittorgarh At a Glance
  • Average Climate:5°C - 35°C
  • Best Time to Visit:September - March
  • STD Code:01472


Famed for history of bravery and courage, Chittorgarh city is the true face of the glorious Rajput clan. The historical city is located on the banks of river Gambhiri and Berach. Its enriching history dates back around the time of the 13th century, when the city was attacked of Allaudin Khalji. During that time, the disturbing practice of self immolation or Jauhar took place for the first time.

First to commit Jauhar were Rani Padmini and Karnavti after loosing from the enemy. Rulers of Chittorgarh again proved their heroism in the future wars against the Mughals. The stories of their valor and sacrifice can be realized by the numerous structures built in the city. Most prominent among them is the Chittorgarh fort.

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