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Coonoor Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Coonoor

Experience the natural bliss in multiple ways at this unique hill station of Tamil Nadu. Besides, you will also get a dose of thrill and culture.

  • Nilgiri Mountain Railway Coonoor
Coonoor At a Glance
  • Average Climate:
  • Best Time to Visit:October to March
  • STD Code:0423

Coonoor Travel Guide

Coonoor ranks high among the best hill stations in India. It is located in the midst of the Nilgiri Mountains and is a part of the state of Tamil Nadu. Coonoor is a famous place for tourism and is also known for coffee plantations. Unsurprisingly, hundreds of people visit Coonoor every year! This hill station in Tamil Nadu is situated at an altitude of around 4,927 feet and is the second largest city in the Nilgiri region after Ooty. The place is known for its scenic beauty and lovely weather. Coonoor tourism will take you on a trip to give you remarkable experiences.

There are many other things in this hill station that you would like to explore while enjoying a tour of Coonoor. It is full of sprawling vegetation, mountains, and lovely waterfalls. The climate of Coonoor remains mild and pleasant throughout the year. And summer months are pleasant, while the winter months are cool. Moreover, the monsoon brings rainfall that graces the natural beauty. However, the best time to travel to Coonoor is from October to March. Apart from it, there are multiple things that you must know before enjoying a vacation in this hill station. This dedicated travel guide of Coonoor has covered it all on how you can make your holiday worthwhile. So look at this travel guide and plan your tour for your vacation like never before.

Coonoor Tourism

Tourism in Coonoor allows you to uncover the different layers of beauty. From indulging in thrilling-packed activities to visiting tourist attractions, there are many things to explore on your trip to Coonoor. On top of that, pilgrimage sites, heritage hotspots, culture, and shopping are other important elements of this tourism. You can enjoy your trip in Coonoor with so many elements, and on top of that, you can plan any theme vacation at this holiday destination.

Opportunities of hiking, exploring tea plantations, beautiful valleys, and exquisite waterfalls are top reasons to visit Coonoor. However, this hill station is widely popular for the production of Nilgiri Tea, so you must try it here. Apart from it, you will enjoy the panoramic views and lush green landscapes, which will make a special place in your heart forever. Therefore, plan your next trip to the charming Coonoor that provides delightful natural beauty.

Why Visit Coonoor?

There is no second thought that Coonoor is one of the most fascinating holiday destinations for nature lovers. However, numerous things will allure tourists from other parts of the world for a holiday. Whether you are inclined towards the culture, natural beauty, historic charm, or enthralling experiences, Coonoor has it all for you. For instance, the experience of waking up with the view of snow-capped mountains, valleys, waterfalls, and lush green tea gardens is incomparable.

The majority of people in Coonoor speak Tamil and e Badaga languages. However, English and Hindi are also used as tourism has a high level and attracts tourists from different corners of the world.

Where is Coonoor Located?

Coonoor is located in the Nilgiris District in the state of Tamil Nadu and second highest hill town in the region.

Where is Coonoor Located?

Coonoor is located in the Nilgiris District in the state of Tamil Nadu and second highest hill town in the region.

Places to Visit in Coonoor

Coonoor is a stunning and refreshing holiday destination in Tamil Nadu. It gives you many elements to add to your travel memories, including spiritual vibes, rich history, cinematic views, and natural beauty. In addition, this hill station is blessed with various tourist attractions you must visit to grace your vacation. So check out the list and enjoy a holiday like never before in Coonoor.

  • Dolphin’s Nose
  • Lady Canning’s Seat
  • Highfield Tea Factory
  • Lamb’s Rock
  • Ketti Valley
  • Hidden Valley
  • Catherine Falls
  • Sim’s Park
  • Droog Fort
  • St. George’s Church
  • Law’s Falls
  • The Taj Garden Retreat – Fine Dining
  • All Saints Church

Things to do in Coonoor

Coonoor has outstanding landscapes and is blessed with natural beauty. This combination brings numerous activities you can enjoy on holiday with different themes. For example, whether you plan a family tour, a romantic trip, or a vacation with friends, you’ll have plenty of unique activities to indulge in at the site. Check out the list of must-try activities in Coonoor to make your tour more memorable.

  • Take a joyride with Nilgiri Mountain Railways
  • Trekking in Hidden Valley
  • Indulge in fun activities at Sim’s Park
  • Explore the Tea Factory
  • Discover the history of Droog Fort

Best Time to Visit in Coonoor

October to March is the ideal time to plan your tour to Coonoor. During these months, you will get the chance to admire nature peacefully as the weather climate is pleasant. Moreover, sightseeing becomes more accessible, and you will also be able to indulge in outdoor activities. During this time, so many festivals were celebrated with full zeal in Coonoor. And you will also get a chance to learn about the culture and tradition of this region by being a part of these kinds of celebrations. The time of your vacation matters a lot from different aspects. Thus choosing the best time for your visit matters a lot for your vacation.

How to reach in Coonoor

Being a popular tourist spot, Coonoor can be easily reached from any part of India. The nearest airport to Coonoor is Coimbatore International Airport which is located approx. 71 km from the hill station. This airport is well connected with the major parts of the domestic and international cities, including New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Sharjah, Singapore, and many more. After arriving at the airport, you will get the bus, taxi, and cab service to reach your desired location in Coonoor. Moreover, the road trip is also an excellent choice to reach Coonoor from the nearby town, as NH67 connects this hill station with Ooty and other cities of the country.

How to get around Coonoor

Coonoor is divided into Lower Coonoor and Upper Coonoor, and both have their charm. The lower segment is a little bit crowded with the main bus stand. On the other hand, Upper Coonoor has a good-condition road, incredible sights, and less traffic. Cabs and auto rickshaws are good choices for exploring the Coonoor. However, strolling along the lush slopy landscape is an advisory to get a unique experience.

How many days are enough to visit Coonoor?

5-7 days are required to enjoy Coonoor tourism in a good way. You can visit major tourist attractions during your tour and indulge in various immersive experiences. However, the vacation days depend on your traveling preferences and how you would like to enjoy the holiday at this hill station in Tamil Nadu.

Accommodations in Coonoor

Coonoor is an enchanting holiday destination that attracts a large number of tourists throughout the year. You can find here various kinds of options to stay. From luxury hotels to budget-friendly visit, you will find suitable accommodation options in Connor. We have listed some famous staying options you can choose on your Coonoor tour.

  • The HighGarden
  • IGLOO Holidays
  • Sunvalleys Homestay
  • JJS Cottage
  • Gateway Coonoor
  • Hotel Vivek
  • Neemrana's Wallwood Garden

Where to eat in Coonoor

Coonoor culinary experience links with natural fruits and foods that will fascinate you. The Coonoor has various tastes and foods, from several types of cuisine to delicious natural jams. There is a delectable selection of unusual Jams, Peach, Mulberry, and Passion Fruit from multiple cuisines. Apart from that, you can enjoy unadulterated organic honey that will enhance your culinary experience in Coonoor. Check out the famous restaurants and cafes in Coonoor, where you can give your taste buds an irresistible treat.

  • Hotel Lakshmi
  • Quality Hotel
  • The Taj Garden Retreat
  • Gateway All Day
  • La Belle Vie

Shopping in Coonoor

Shopping is one of the exciting activities that you can enjoy in Connor at various places. Various shopping markets in Coonoor offer multiple items you can buy as souvenirs, artifacts, and decorative items. Both things are possible with a shopping spree in Coonoor, from branded items to local handicraft items. Here is the list of places for shopping in Coonoor.

  • Upper Bazaar Road
  • Coonoor Main Bazaar
  • Tulsi Mall
  • Green Shop Coonoor
  • Priya Electronics And Furnitures
  • Tibetan Market

Travel Tips for Coonoor

  • You should pack your bags with woolen clothes if you visit in the winter.
  • Respect and explore the local culture and get an insightful experience by interacting with locals.
  • Keep a camera with you as every side of Coonor has some interesting views which you should capture for memories.
  • Having a cup of tea while exploring the factory is a remarkable experience you should not miss.
  • Remember to collect some souvenirs from the local markets of Coonoor to make your trip unforgettable.

Coonoor Packages by Themes

Frequently Asked Questions About Coonoor Tourism

Q: How many days are required to visit Coonoor?

Ans: 5-7 days are required to enjoy Coonoor tourism in a good way. You can visit major tourist attractions during your tour and indulge in various immersive experiences. However, the vacation days depend on your traveling preferences and how you would like to enjoy the holiday at this hill station in Tamil Nadu. 

Q: What makes Connor famous?

Ans: The list of things that make Coonoor a famous holiday hotspot in Tamil Nadu is long and captivating. Tea gardens, Lush vegetation, trekking, adventure parks, shopping, and many more are included in that list. Apart from that, the Nilgiri Tea production is one of the major highlights of its tourism, explore the same to make your tour even more amazing.

Q: Which is the best month to plan a Coonoor trip?

Ans: November is the ideal month to plan your Coonoor tour, as the pleasant climate lets you delve into the best experiences. However, you can plan your trip to Coonoor between October to March. During these months, the weather is perfect for tourism in this hill station. If you are not a fan of chilling weather, you can avoid the month of December and January, as both are the coolest months of Coonoor.

Q: What are the best things to do in Connor with family?

Ans: You will find endless things to do in Coonoor that will blow your mind. Of course, trekking for adventure enthusiasts has a special place in their hearts, and Coonoor allows you to enjoy it. However, enjoying the bath under the waterfall is another thrilling activity. Beautiful gardens are also dotted in Coonoor for having picnic time with your close ones. In addition, taking a ride on Nilgiri Mountain Railways is always considered as one of the top activities in Coonoor.

Q: What are the unexplored tourist places in Coonoor?

Ans: The list of offbeat attractions in Coonoor has the potential to add excitement and surprising elements to your holiday. Embark on a sightseeing tour in Coonoor to cover its undiscovered tourist places, including Lamb's Rock, Kotagiri, Highfield Tea Factory, and Kodanad View Point. These are some excellent options to enjoy an offbeat vacation in Coonoor.