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Customer Alert: Key Guidelines

Preventing travel fraud requires a combination of vigilance, research, and adherence to best practices when booking your trip. Here are some guidelines to help you avoid becoming a victim of travel fraud:

  • 1) Research Before You Book:
    1. Always conduct thorough research on the travel company/website, or service provider you plan to use.
    2. When booking hotels, flights, or vacation packages, use well-known and reputable travel company/websites. Be wary of deals that seem too good to be true.
  • 2) Verify Contact Information and official communication channel:
    1. Ensure the travel company has legitimate contact information, including a physical address and a working landline phone number where they can be reached.
    2. You can verify our Official Communication Channel by contacting the official number provided here LINK / or by emailing to [email protected]
  • 3) Fill the Enquiry Form on the Official Website:
    1. For additional verification and record-keeping, fill the enquiry or booking form available on the official website of the travel company.
  • 4) Be Cautious of Unsolicited Offers:
    1. Be careful of unsolicited emails, messages, or calls offering vacation deals. Phishing scams often start with such unsolicited offers.
  • 5) Avoid Deals Shared via Messaging Apps:
    1. Be cautious of travel deals or discounts shared exclusively through messaging apps like WhatsApp. Verify the offer directly through the company’s official website or with the team member of the travel company.
    2. Always request packages through the official email ID of Indian Holiday Pvt. Ltd. for accurate and secure information.
    3. You can verify the Official Communication Channel by contacting the official number provided here LINK or by emailing to [email protected]
  • 6) Official Contacts:
    1. Use the official contact number or landline number mentioned in the email signature for communication.
    2. Do not solely rely on the caller display name; always verify the number you are communicating with to ensure authenticity.
    3. You can verify the Official contact number by checking here LINK or by emailing to [email protected]
  • 7) Dealing with Official Representatives:
    1. When making inquiries or bookings, deal directly with official Indian Holiday Pvt. Ltd. executives.
    2. If in doubt, verify their official email ID to ensure you are in contact with authorized personnel for a secure and reliable transaction.
    3. You can verify the Official email ids by emailing to [email protected]
  • 8) Secure Payments:
    1. Prefer secure payment methods that offer consumer protection, such as credit cards or debit card and wire transfer. Avoid cash payment or payment through apps to individuals or unverified entities.
    2. Always verify the bank account details where you are sending money. The account should belong to the company you are dealing with, not to an individual.
    3. While depositing the amount, please ensure to cross-check the beneficiary name and account number.
    4. Do not pay on any phone numbers through payment applications.
    5. You can verify secure payment modes by emailing to [email protected]
  • 9) Keep Documentation:
    1. Keep detailed records of all bookings, receipts, confirmations, and communications with the travel company. This documentation can be vital in case you need to dispute a charge or report fraud.
  • 10) Stay Informed About Common Scams:
    1. Educate yourself on the latest travel scams and warning signs. Scammers continually update their methods, so staying informed can help you avoid new traps.
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