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Shopping In Cuttack

India is a country that has a teeming million of different castes, religions and languages. It also has some of the most crowded bazaars in the World. The diversity that the country showcases is reflected in the different bazaars and shops across the length and breadth of the country. If you are looking for diverse items of rare quality then shopping in this part of the globe is an intelligent option. Orissa being a state in this country only adheres to this tradition and Shopping in Cuttack Orissa is an experince that cannot be forgotten easily.

Shopping in Cuttack Orissa starts with the handloom saris produced in the districts of Sambalpur and Sonepur which are popularly called sambalpuri and sonepuri gharana of handloom fabrics. Here you can also get a taste of traditional weavings and animal motifs indigenous to the Maniabandhis. They produce silk and cotton saris of very high standard.

Shopping in Cuttack Orissa is a non starter without venturing out to the Silver Filigree or "Tarakashi" one of the places which produce good silver crafts. Here you get items like necklaces, ear pendants, brooches, anklets, hairpins, bangles and those worn by the Odissi dancers. The beauty of Shopping in Cuttack In India is that you can buy showpieces, Puja items and utensils at best bargain prices.

You must also try out some of the rare handicrafts that speak of a very old tradition that had influences of Buddhism, Jainism, Shaivism and Vaishnavism and strong tribal traditions. You have a lot to choose from, like Stone arts, Applique arts, Wooden paintings, Wooden carvings, Dhokra, Laquer arts, Paper Maiche Masks and Patta paintings.

If you are on a tour to Cuttack then Shopping in Cuttack is one of the primary things that you must do. It is an experience that you will treasure all your life.

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