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Dalhousie Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Dalhousie

  • Dalhousie city in Himachal Pradesh
Dalhousie At a Glance
  • Average Climate:2°C - 35°C
  • Best Time to Visit:Throughout the year
  • STD Code:01899

Dalhousie Travel Guide

Named after 19th-century British Governor-general Lord Dalhousie, this enchanting hill town is among the most popular tourist destinations of Himachal Pradesh. Snuggled in the outer slopes of the Dhauladhar range, Dalhousie stretches over five distinct hills, namely Balun, Kathlog, Petreyn, Tehra, and Bakrota, with heights ranging between 1,525 and 2,378 m above sea level. Encompassed by majestic mountains and dotted with architectural marvels, Dalhousie is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. In addition, this stunning hill station is a perfect holiday destination for family vacations, romantic honeymoons, solo traveling, and group travelers. The Dalhousie travel guide contains detailed information about the town, including the best time to visit, how to reach, accommodation options, things to do, and places to visit in Kangra.

With boasts of panoramic views, gushing waterfalls, glistening streams, and historical monuments, Dalhousie is a picturesque tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh. This travel guide of Dalhousie allows you to plan an eventful holiday and create memories that last forever.

Dalhousie is a perfect weekend getaway from Delhi, Chandigarh, Amritsar, and nearby cities. This new hill town offers wonderful experiences to every kind of traveler. Handicrafts and handloom products of Dalhousie are popular, and tourists can buy them as souvenirs. This beautiful hill station is easily accessible from nearby cities and towns. Dalhousie tourism entices tourists from different corners of the world. You can also plan your vacation with your close ones in this picturesque land of Himachal through this Dalhousie travel guide.

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Read this Dalhousie tourism guide and plan your vacation perfectly

Why visit Dalhousie?

Dalhousie is a dream destination for travelers and is known for its gorgeous valleys, ravishing rhododendrons, blissful surroundings, and lush vegetation. This idyllic hill town is a paradise for nature lovers and thrill-seekers. In addition, this beautiful tourist destination is known for its relaxing and rejuvenating environs. Dalhousie is popularly known as 'Little Switzerland of India' home to colonial architectural marvels. There are numerous trekking trails, meandering streams, and sparkling waterfalls, making the Dalhousie tour worthwhile. Camping, trekking, boating, paragliding, zorbing, and horse ride are popular adventure activities in which tourists can partake during the Dalhousie trip. It is said that on clear days, you can see the three rivers, the Satluj, Beas, and Ravi, meandering down the beautiful valleys.

Things to do in Dalhousie

Dalhousie is an ideal holiday destination that offers many activities to do in this pristine hill town. Tourists can indulge in those activities to make their vacations memorable. Adventure fanatics, nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, and thrill-seekers can indulge in nature walks, boating, speed boating, jungle safari, and wildlife spotting. Hiking, paragliding, zorbing, horse riding, trekking, rock climbing, and camping are popular things to do in Dalhousie.

To satiate the adventure-loving soul, tourists can embark on the Ganji Pahari trek, Khajjiar trek, Chowari Jot trek, and Dainkund Peak, from where they can get glimpses of enthralling view of snow-capped peaks as well as the charming beauty of the hill towns. Also, explore some of the historical monuments and churches of Dalhousie, which offer a sneak peek into the old-world charm of the bygone era.

To satiate the adventure-loving soul, tourists can embark on the Ganji Pahari trek, Khajjiar trek, Chowari Jot trek, and Dainkund Peak from where they can get glimpses of enthralling view of snow-capped peaks as well as the charming beauty of the hill towns. Explore some of the historical monuments and churches of Dalhousie which offer a sneak peek into the old-world charm of the bygone era.

Best time to visit Dalhousie

The best time to visit Dalhousie is from March to June, when this beautiful hill town experiences balmy and sunny weather. The summer season is a perfect time for sightseeing tours and outdoor activities. During this month, the temperature remains moderate, offering adventure enthusiasts numerous opportunities to partake in trekking and camping. The winter season is also ideal for visiting Dalhousie for those who wish to experience snowfall. Here is the detailed information about the best time to visit Dalhousie:

Summers (March to June)

In summers, Dalhousie experiences moderate and calm weather, making exploration and sightseeing tours comfortable. The average temperature ranges from 18⁰ C to 29° C in summers in Dalhousie. It is also the perfect time to indulge in adventure activities like trekking, hiking, and camping. Nature walks, zorbing, paragliding, and horse riding are other popular activities in summers.

Monsoon (July to September)

The monsoon season arrives in Dalhousie in July and lasts till September. The region receives mild and low-frequency rainfall, which enhances the captivating beauty of this hill station in multiple folds. The temperature ranges from 16⁰ C to 20° C in monsoon season, and the weather gets pleasant owing to the rainfall. The striking waterfalls of Dalhousie reach their full glory during the monsoon season, and tourists can spend some relaxing time there. The region does not receive torrential rainfall, so it is safe to visit here in the rainy season.

Winters (October to February)

The winter season starts in October and lasts till February in Dalhousie. The temperature plummets below zero on some nights. The region enjoys cold climatic conditions, making the sightseeing tour comfortable during the daytime. The weather remains characteristically comforting for outdoor activities. This is a fantastic time for trekking, hiking, rock climbing, and hiking. Tourists can also partake in numerous other activities, including sightseeing, nature walk, and pilgrimage tour in Dalhousie.

How to reach Dalhousie?

Dalhousie is located near numerous major cities and towns, including Pathankot, Chamba, Dharamshala, Kangra, and Jammu. It is easily accessible from all parts of the country by different modes of transport. This quaint hill town does not have an airport. However, the nearest airport is Pathankot Airport. The city also does not have a railway station. Daily, private and government-run buses commute from the neighboring states, including Delhi, Pathankot, Jammu, Amritsar, and Chandigarh. Tourists can reach there without the hassle by road. Here is the detailed information about how to reach Dalhousie.

By Air:

Pathankot Airport is the nearest airport from Dalhousie, located 90 km from the town. There are limited direct flights to Pathankot from Delhi. Tourists can reach Delhi and then board flights for Pathankot. Another nearest airport is Gaggal Airport in Airport, situated 105 km away. It also has less connectivity with other states by flight. Tourists have to take connecting flights, or they can visit Jammu Airport, located 170 km from Dalhousie and is well-connected with all the country's cities. From the airport, travelers can hire a private taxi or board a bus to reach Dalhousie.

By Rail:

Pathankot Railway Station and Pathankot Junction are the nearest railheads from Dalhousie, situated 92 km from the hill town. Pathankot houses two major railheads of the Northern Railways from where numerous train passes. These stations are among the major halts on the Jammu Kanyakumari railway line. Tourists from Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, and other states, as well as cities, can easily reach there. From Pathankot, they can board a bus for Dalhousie or hire a private taxi. This is the cheapest option for traveling to Dalhousie.

By Road:

This beautiful hill station is well-linked with the nearby states and cities of the neighboring states by national and state highways. Delhi, Jammu, Chandigarh, Amritsar, and Pathankot are well-connected from Dalhousie by road network. There are regular buses ply for Dalhousie from Dharamshala, Palampur, Una, Chamba, and other nearby cities of Himachal Pradesh. Tourists can reach there from government-run and private buses. The Himachal Road Transport Corporation or HRTC provides the services of semi-Volvo buses for Dalhousie from other cities. Travelers can hire a private taxi or drive on their own.

How to get around in Dalhousie?

The most convenient option to travel within Dalhousie is by cabs and private taxis. Tourists can easily find the conveyance in every corner of the town. The government-run buses and private buses are also available in Dalhousie if someone wishes to visit Chamba and Khajjiar, the cheapest mode of transport.

Tourist Attractions of Dalhousie

This picturesque town is encompassed by dense pine forest overlooking the snow-clad Pir Panjal mountain ranges. It is a perfect tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh for nature lovers, families, friends, and couples. Dalhousie boasts about old-world charm and jaw-dropping locales. The stunning landscapes of this idyllic hill town are blessed with captivating charm, which attracts many tourists from all over the country. Numerous tourist places in Kangra make the trip to Kangra unforgettable such as:

  • Bakrota Hills - It is a place known for its scenic beauty and offers tourists a grand view of snow-clad peaks. One of the most pleasant and refreshing places one has ever come across, its pure mountain air leaves you rejuvenated, while thick 'Deodar' forests that look like a beautiful green carpet can't help but captivate you. Even more spellbinding are these hills in the winters when they are covered with snow carpets.
  • St. John's Church - The first church built after Dalhousie was founded, St. John's Church is known for its architecture and glasswork.
  • St. Patrick's Church - Known to accommodate at least 300 persons, St. Patrick's Church is the largest in Dalhousie, built-in 1909, exclusively from contributions made by officers and ranks of the British Army. It is known for its architectural beauty, intricate carvings, and beautiful glass and stonework.
  • Laxmi Narayan - This temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu is another important attraction frequented by tourists and local devotees and enshrines a beautiful image of Lord Vishnu.
  • Jandhri Ghat - It is a beautiful place to enjoy the scenic beauty and the exquisite summer palace of the erstwhile rulers of the region who were in power before the advent of the British.
  • Kynance - A private residential building of Dharamvir was constructed in 1933 by Dr. N. R. Dharamvir of Lahore. This place has historical significance as Netaji Subhash Chander Bose stayed here for a period of 7 months. During his stay, it is believed that he spent most of his time by the side of a water body, meditating amidst the dense woods of Cedar and meeting his party workers; today, it is called Subhash Baoli after him.

How many days are enough for the Dalhousie trip?

2-3 days are enough to explore Dalhousie. This quaint hill town houses many tourist places, including churches, temples, architectural wonders, trekking trails, glistening waterfalls, lush meadows, and sparkling streams. This duration is enough to explore the attractions of the city. However, Dalhousie comprises trekking destinations and is also near numerous other popular tourist destinations. Therefore, travelers can embark on the trek and add other nearby tourist places to the itinerary. For this, the Dalhousie tour duration may increase.

Accommodation in Dalhousie

Dalhousie is thrived by many tourists all year round from all over the country. Dalhousie houses various accommodation options to cater to their requirements, including hotels, resorts, guesthouses, hostels, and lodges. From budget travelers to leisure-seeking tourists, Dalhousie has something for everyone. The luxury hotel and resorts are equipped with state-of-art facilities, and economical hotels comprise basic amenities which can make vacations comfortable.

Where to eat in Dalhousie?

The vibrant local culture and traditions of Dalhousie can be witnessed in the diversity of their cuisines. This city is known for its lip-smacking local dishes and culinary delights that offer a fantastic gastronomical journey. Some of the popular places to eat in Dalhousie are:

  • Kwality Restaurant
  • The Kettle House
  • Café Dalhousie
  • Tiffins Restaurant
  • Moti Mahal
  • Old She-e-Punjab Dhaba
  • Moga’s Cafe

Shopping in Dalhousie

Popular for its local handicrafts, handlooms, and woolens, such as embroidered shawls, Dalhousie is a fantastic place to shop for tourists. Tibetan handicrafts, handwoven blankets, handmade dolls, and jewelry are some of the most common things to buy in the city. Traditional artifacts, which depict the truly magnificent art of the locals, are among the most sought-after things to buy in Dalhousie. There are numerous shops in Dalhousie where tourists can enjoy street shopping and buy some souvenirs for their loved ones. Some of the famous markets of Dalhousie are:

  • Bhuttico
  • Tibetan Market
  • Tibetan Handicraft Centre
  • Gandhi Chowk Shopping Plaza
  • Mall Road

Useful Tips for Dalhousie

  • Dalhousie is a popular tourist destination and weekend getaway from Delhi, which is being flocked by tourists throughout the year. If someone is planning a Dalhousie trip in peak season, it is advisable to book accommodation in advance to avoid the last-minute hassles.
  • Private taxis and cabs are the most convenient options to get around the city and visit nearby tourist destinations. However, buses are also available in the city to travel from one place to another, the cheapest option.
  • Wear decent clothes while visiting religious sites. Cover the head and shoulders. Also, do not wear short clothes at the pilgrimage places.
  • Carry clothes according to the weather as the temperature dips in the evening during summers also.

Nearby Tourist Places of Dalhousie

Himachal Pradesh is known for its enthralling hill towns and acts as the best escape from the scorching heat in summers. During Dalhousie's trip, travelers can explore numerous other tourist destinations located in the vicinity of the town. Some of the famous nearby tourist places in Dalhousie that are worth exploring are:

  • Khajjiar
  • Chamba
  • Dharamshala
  • Mcleodganj
  • Palampur
  • Baijnath
  • Kangra
  • Bir Billing
  • Sach Pass

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