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Best Time to Visit Dalhousie

Dalhousie is blessed with scenic beauty and is surrounded by snow-clad Dhauladhar mountain ranges and Shivalik hills. This beautiful hill town enjoys pleasant weather all year round. However, visiting at the right time is best to make the most of your Dalhousie trip. The best time to visit Dalhousie is from March to June, when the town experiences calm and soothing weather.

However, the ideal time to visit may vary from person to person, as Dalhousie offers various activities for travelers, some of which are specific to certain seasons. If you want to enjoy particular activities, planning your trip during the relevant season is advisable. Seasonal temperature variations are minimal, and the weather remains pleasant all year round. For your convenience, we have provided detailed information about the best time to visit Dalhousie.

Summers March to May 15°c - 30°c
Monsoon June to Sep 15°c - 25°c
Winter Oct to Fab 0°c - 10°c

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Q: What is the weather like in Dalhousie in December?

Ans: In December, Dalhousie experiences cold weather, with temperatures ranging from 0°C to 10°C. If you enjoy chilly weather, visiting the hill station is the ideal time.

Q: Does it snow in Dalhousie?

Ans: Dalhousie typically sees snowfall between December and January in the winter. If you enjoy snow activities, booking a Dalhousie tour package during the winter season is recommended.

Q: How is the climate of Dalhousie throughout the year?

Ans: Dalhousie's summer temperatures range from 15°C to 25°C while its winter temperatures drop below 0°C. Therefore, the climate is pleasant throughout the year.

Q: What activities are available in Dalhousie during the winter season?

Ans: Visitors to Dalhousie can enjoy a variety of activities, such as snow trekking, building snowmen, and skiing.