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Art and Craft

The people of Daman and Diu have the same outlook, customs and traditions similar to the people residing in the adjoining Gujarat area. The Daman and Diu union territory is represented by a single representative in the union parliaments, lok sabha and the lower house.  The major population of this territory comprises of mainly of Hindus with a few Christians and Muslims. The spoken language of the region is Gujarati.

The Daman and Diu is famous for mat weaving craft. The residents make use of traditional and folk motifs to make beautiful mats. Another form of crafts practiced in Diu is the ivory carving along with tortoise shell crafts. The shores of Diu feature a rich variety of tortoise which has enabled the development of tortoise shell craft.  The craftsmen make several decorative household items using these shells. Ivory carving is another exquisite form of art flourishing in these union territories.  

The simple people of Daman and Diu live their life following the Hindu system being inspired by Gujarat people. The wonderful customs of the inherited by the Daman and Diu provides a glimpse of the Portuguese era. The folk dance festival is one of the main festivals in Daman and Diu. The dance forms like Mando Dance, Verdigao and Vira dance which are the main attractions of folk dance festival in Daman and Diu. Another popular dance festival of Daman and Diu is Garba festival, this celebration takes place in honor of Goddess Amba by singing devotional songs and dances. Garba does not remain restricted within Gujarati but all the people from different community come and take part to make the festival a grand event.