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Shopping in Daman and Diu

Daman and Diu is quite an interesting place to shop and is an integral part before putting the tour to an end. The Old town featuring colonial structure makes for a completely new shopping experience. Though shopping in Daman and Diu is not going to be a typical shopping hub experience but as you walk down the roads of this colonial market in search of souvenirs you get chance to observe their rich culture.

Daman and Diu feature a number of shopping locations which tourist are advised to visit them to collect some of the most beautiful items on their return. The Princess Park and the Maharajas Super Market make for some of the most popular markets for shopping.

Shopping in Daman and Diu make for a number of items that may vary in every way and make for a must buy. In addition to buying the regular beach items like Oysters and shells there are number of interesting items to pick at these markets. A major specialty of Daman and Diu is shopping is the shopping for the custom made goods they sell.  The most common items to shop for while in Daman and Diu are:

  • Hand woven of bamboo mats and baskets
  • Perfumes,
  • Electronic Items
  • Toys
  • Leather Slippers