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What to Buy in Daman

A visit to Daman will remind you of Goa. The golden silky beach lines, swaying palm groves and exotic alcohol; all stand together and lend it the charm and beauty of Goa. Like Goa, Daman boasts of magnificent architecture. In fact it also has warm hearted greeting folks like Goa. To state laconically, it has quite a lot of resemblance with Goa. However one thing that it has in possession is calm and tranquil environment which is to some extent is missing in Goa. There is end number of travelers who visit this part of India particularly to get rid of the hustle and bustle of the urban life that characterizes most of the urban cities. Along with this, there are other reasons also that play massive role in attracting tourist attention of which sightseeing deserves special mention. However, this is the usual feature of any of the travel detonations. But something that you might not have expected to enjoy here is shopping. Shopping in Daman is a fun task. In fact its richness in variety will absolutely confuse you as to what to buy in Daman and what not to.

There are many things to buy in Daman. Although it can not be said to be a patent shopping destination but still a hop to the bazaars in Daman is an all embracing fun and enjoyment.

If you are interested and also very curious to know what to buy in Daman then it must be revealed to your amazement that it is a good place to look for seized foreign products at affordable rates. There is an array of Customs Shops that sell these kinds of products.

This apart, you can also look for beautiful leather slippers and woven bamboo mats and baskets to add variety in your shopping spree. These are indeed the things o buy in Daman. Also, Daman shopping is incomplete without purchasing trendy electronic goods, amazing gift articles and attractive household appliances.

The best places where you will exactly get to know what to buy in Daman are Maharaja Super Market and Princess Park at Devka Beach. These are the most sought after shopping destinations over here.

However the one of the very interesting things to buy in Daman remains to be beach items like products made of seashell and oysters. These are sold in huge quantity at Devka Beach, Nani Daman.

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