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Dantewada Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Dantewada

  • Danteshwari Temple in Dantewada
Dantewada At a Glance
  • Average Climate:10°C - 27°C
  • Best Time to Visit:October - January
  • STD Code:07856

Dantewada Travel Guide

India has always had a wealth of tourism spots. Different cities and towns have attracted numerous tourists from far and wide with their natural beauty and most interestingly, their strong historical links. Chhattisgarh having been recently formed after the state of Madhya Pradesh was split up into smaller portions, boasts of the picturesque district of Dantewada which came into being in 1998, after having been a tehsil of the larger Bastar District till then. A Tour to Dantewada is what would prove its exquisiteness. Read more about Dantewada History.

Part of the Bastar Division, the ancient city of Dantewada is bounded on its north and north east by the Bastar District, on the south and south west by Khamman District (Andhra Pradesh), on the east by the Malkangiri district (Orissa) and on the west by Irawati river

Ruled by various kingdoms of Nagas, Satwahanas, Chalukyas and Nalas at different points of time, Dantewada derives its name from the name of goddess Danteswari. Various evidences show influences of Jainism and Buddhism during the 3rd century A.D.

Baila Dila is one of the major tourist attractions in Dantewada, which is a mining area and boasts of 14 reserves of top quality ores. Consisting of two towns, Bacheli (29 km from Dantewada) and Kirandul (41 km from Dantewada), the mines are found in Akash Nagar, the highest peak. The journey from Bacheli to Akash Nagar via winding forests can be really exciting. Another 12 km road from Kirandul leads to Kailash Nagar, another peak.

Barsoor, another place of interest, located along the Indrawati River, bears witness to the ruins of several temples of the 10th and 11th century, some even containing Vishnu idols.

The Bodhghat Sath Dhara, the Memory Pillars of Gama Wada and the Danteswari Temple are some other prime locations which are generally flocked by tourists.

Dantewada's wildlife is worth catching a glimpse of as it is home to the Pahadi Maina and the wild buffalo, apart from the usual tigers, leopard, deer and bisons.

Accommodation in Dantewada is not a problem. In fact you can choose from a variety of hotel options according to the personal and financial preferences of the tourists.

How to reach Dantewada:

Road : State Highway No.16 connects Jagdalpur. (Also connected to Raipur, Bilaspur and Hyderabad).

Air : Raipur

Railway Station : Dantewada Station


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