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Best Time to Visit Darjeeling

Darjeeling is one of the most well-known hill stations, with pleasant and soothing weather. The climate enhances the beauty of Darjeeling and allures tourists throughout the year. Hence, the best time to visit Darjeeling depends upon your choice. You can enjoy sightseeing at any time of the year.

The ideal time to visit Darjeeling depends on several factors, so bear that in mind. Every person has a different level of tolerance for extremes in temperature, whether they favor the cold or the hot. Therefore, it's imperative to be knowledgeable about each distinct season and everything it offers. You can make the best choice once you have all the necessary information. Additionally, it helps to be aware of the dangers and safety precautions.

The thing to keep in mind right off the bat is that it is better to be careful in the monsoons, as landslides are common during this season. Here are the complete details of each season that will allow you to plan your vacation in any weather conditions as per your requirements.

Summers April to June 11°c - 19°c
Monsoon July to Sep 13°c - 19°c
Winter Oct to March 3c °- 10°c

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Faqs about Best Time to Go Darjeeling

Q: Why should you visit Darjeeling in summer?

Ans: As summer is the best time to visit Darjeeling, the town experiences pleasant weather during the summer months. The average temperature ranges between 11 degrees Celsius and 19 degrees Celsius. This charming hill town boasts about lush greenery, blooming rhododendron, and serene weather in summer. Tourists can indulge in several adventure activities.

Q: How is the weather of Darjeeling in May, June, and July?

Ans: May is among the most popular months to visit Darjeeling. The weather remains soothing and pleasant in May. The temperature ranges from 11 degrees Celsius to 19 degrees Celsius. The sky remains clear, which offers an enchanting view of the mighty Kanchenjunga.

In June, the region receives occasional showers and temperature ranges from 13 degrees Celsius to 19 degrees Celsius. The lush green environs become greener and slopes look more beautiful after the downpour.

Darjeeling receives the maximum rainfall in July. The temperature fluctuates between 14 degrees Celsius and 19 degrees Celsius. The monsoon brings out the true beauty of Darjeeling and it is the perfect season for sightseeing.

Q: How is the weather in Darjeeling in December?

Ans: The winter season starts in December in Darjeeling. Sky generally remains clear, while early mornings experience cold weather in December. The temperature ranges between 2 degrees Celsius and 9 degrees Celsius in December. The city turns into a paradise for winter lovers. New Year and Christmas are celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Q: How is the weather in Darjeeling in January?

Ans: In January, The average temperature of Darjeeling is remains around 5 degrees Celsius. the region receives snowfall and this fascinating hill town transforms into a fairyland. It is strongly recommended to carry heavy woolens if you are visiting Darjeeling in January.

Q: How is the weather in Darjeeling in October and November?

Ans: October is the first-month post-monsoon and the region enjoys a comfortable temperature ranging between 10 degrees Celsius and 18 degrees Celsius. This month brings the autumn and clear skies to offer a glimpse of the snow-clad peaks. In November, the temperature ranges between 6 degrees Celsius and 18 degrees Celsius, and the region starts becoming colder. This is a great time for sightseeing. It is advisable to carry woolens as the temperature dips in the evening during these months.

Q: What is the best time to visit Darjeeling with your family?

Ans: The best time to visit Darjeeling with family is from March to May and from September to November. During these months, the region experiences pleasant weather, which is good for sightseeing and outdoor activities. Tourists can relish the panoramic views of the mountains and valleys. The beauty of this lovely hill station is at its peak during this time of the year.

Q: What is the best time to go for a honeymoon in Darjeeling?

Ans: Winter season is the best time for a honeymoon in Darjeeling. From October to March, Darjeeling experiences pleasantly cool weather, which makes it a paradise for couples. They can indulge in several adventure activities and delight in the breathtaking landscapes.

Q: What is the best time to experience snowfall in Darjeeling?

Ans: The best time to experience snowfall in Darjeeling is from December-end to February-end. Tumling and Sandakphu are the best places to witness snow.

Q: Which are the off-season or affordable months to visit Darjeeling?

Ans: Monsoon season is the off-season for Darjeeling. From June to September, accommodations are available at affordable rates and the region is free from the hustle-bustle of crowds.