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Cuisines of Diu

Diu Island is predominated by fish that forms an integral part of its cuisine. The fishes found here are very large in size as compared to usual. The Silver Pomfret here needs a special mention as this is the largest form of fish that cannot be found anywhere else in India. Tourists as well as locals love to eat different varieties of sea fish available in Diu Island. Portuguese and Gujarati cuisines are also hot favorite in this island. Diu primarily adopts Gujarati style of cooking that have touches of Portuguese and Goa tastes, offering subtle flavors to all the dishes.  

Seafood of Diu

Seafood of Diu is enjoyed by a large number of tourists as well as locals to a greater extent. Lobster and crabs are also enjoyed but are preferred mostly during the months of October.

Restaurants in Diu Island

The local restaurants are the best way to enjoy mouth-watering cuisine of Diu. All the restaurants are popular for Gujarati and Portuguese cuisines. The fruit of the Hoka tree is a very popular Portuguese option in Diu that is just cannot be found anywhere else in the country. Apart from Gujarati and Portuguese cuisines, tourists can also get a flavor of Punjabi, Chinese, South-Indian Parsee and several international cuisines. Top restaurants of Diu are –

  • Kohinoor
  • Magic do mar
  • Sarovar
  • Orignath
  • Apna
  • Maratha D’souza
  • Deepee


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