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How to Reach Diu

Diu is largely popular for its picturesque natural beauty. Travelers who embark on their Tour to Diu get captivated by this scenic beauty of the place. Diu is enclosed by the backwaters on the northern side and by the Arabian Sea on the other three sides making it look even more beautiful. Diu is famous for its fishing industries and also for the palmyra, coconut, tamarisk and the hoka trees. If you are wondering about How to reach Diu, don’t worry as it’s an easy task.

Reaching Diu is as simple as doing any routine thing!

How to reach Diu by Air: Diu has an airport which is located in Nagoa. From here, Jet airways offer daily flights to and from Mumbai.

How to reach Diu by Rail: The nearest railway station is located at Veraval. One can access Diu by reaching Veraval which in turn is connected to Rajkot, Ahmedabad and the other important cities of western India. Tour to Diu by rail would be fun since the tourist will come across the rural parts of India and will have a good opportunity to witness the beauty of these regions. It is advisable for the tourists to travel to Diu from October to March since the weather is the most pleasant one during this period.

How to reach Diu by Road: Diu is well linked via roads that connect the National Highways of the country. These well maintained roads link Diu to Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Vadodara, Daman, Palitana and other major places of the western part of India.


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