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History of Dwarka

On your Tour to Dwarka, you would be mesmerized by its temples and legends. However, it would be prudent to know a few things about the History of Dwarka in order to enjoy the real essence of this place.

Dwarka is a significant pilgrimage center in India. This place is steeped in legends. The life of Lord Krishna is associated with Dwarka. In Puranic times, Dwarka was called by the name of Dwaravati or Kushasthali. It basked in the glory of being the most important location on the Saurashtra coast. It is believed that after slaying Kansa, Lord Krishna left his residence at Mathura. He traveled with his entire Yadava community, reached the coast of Saurashtra and founded a town called Swarnadwarika.

According to legend, when Lord Krishna was dying, he asked his devotees to go away from Swarnadwarika so that it could be engulfed by the sea. Until this day, the beloved city of Lord Krishna lies buried under the sea. Excavations have exposed the fact that the sea swallowed a total of five settlements. However, the present-day Dwaraka, the sixth in the line, was spared.

Vajranabh, the successor and great grandson of Lord Krishna, is believed to have constructed the present temple Dwarakanath, which is also known as Trilok Sundar. This temple is an integral part of the History of Dwarka. Many Hindus fervently think that this temple was built in one night by a mystic agency, under the direction of Vajranabh.

According to Dwarka History, the original inhabitants of this region are called Kabas, Kalas and Modas. The Modas and Kabas now appear to be extinct. However, the present-day Vaghers are believed to have descended from the Kabas.

So, book yourself for a Dwarka Tour at your earliest and enjoy your sojourn to this beautiful place.

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