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Bazaars in Dwarka

A site of immense mythological interest, a tour to Dwarka is naturally a favorite amongst the tourists. The city of the ruling center of Lord Krishna, Dwarka pulls a huge number of crowds throughout the year. Anybody visiting the place naturally gets acquainted with the cultural ethos of the city. It is a lively city which is seen at its best during Janmashthami when the whole city is decorated with flowers and festoons.

Shoppers are never at a loss as to What to buy in Dwarka as Shopping in Dwarka is best relished as in the form of bargained purchases in front of the temples. Even the Bazaars in Dwarka located at close proximity to the temples, where the shopkeepers try and keep a watch on the shoppers, observe their inclinations and convince them to buy from the huge range of display of ethnic items. The buyers get to buy things from the very premises of the holy spots in the city.

Includes a lot of buy and sale of lovely colorful, multi-hued fabrics, silver jewelry and showpieces.

Bazaars in Dwarka exhibit a wide collection of beautiful items emitting folk culture of the state of Gujarat, in the form of Patola sarees, Bandhni materials, mirrored and sequined dresses and materials, woven footwear, wall pieces. Apart from the local bazaars in Dwarka, the city also astonishingly houses quite a number of shopping malls which are able to satisfy the requirements of people with varied tastes and preferences thereby bringing the concept of shopping in Dwarka to a full circle. There is a list of shopping centers in Dwarka which will stand you in good stead.

  • Supreme Plaza
  • Vardhman Airport Plaza --II
  • Bansal Plaza
  • Vardhman Airport Plaza - I
  • Wadhwa Plaza
  • Pankaj Plaza - IV
  • Pankaj Plaza - III
  • Dwarka Deep
  • Pankaj Plaza - II
  • Sagar Plaza
  • Mefcons Plaza
  • Aditya Plaza
  • Vardhman Plaza
  • Odeon Plaza - I
  • Pankaj Plaza - I

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