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What to buy in Dwarka

The royal city of Dwarka is a hot spot amongst the travelers who prefer to delve into mythological reminiscences of glory and grandeur. The city being the capital city during the reign of Lord Krishna, exudes a lot of mythical mystery and intrigue. Apart from being one of the most haunted pilgrimages for religiously inclined people, a Tour to Dwarka often is a quest for the curious and knowledge seekers. This enables a wide range of visitors to hit the city for various interests. As a natural phenomenon with every other tourist around the world, it is almost mandatory for anybody traveling to any part of the world to pick up things which gave flavors of the place visited. So, with no exception here, a Tour to Dwarka invariably precedes quite an amount of Shopping in Dwarka as well in Bazaars.

The travel lover surely gets to his shopping spree once done with the visit to his place of interest. At a point of dilemma as to what to buy in Dwarka and what not to buy, the tourer needs to go to the right places an pick the right items as mementos. A city where spring is almost a permanent settler throughout the year in the form of its colorful touch in most of its products, Shopping in Dwarka as well has to be replete with color and vividness.

Beautiful Patola sarees are a must among the buys while Shopping in Dwarka. Exuding the essence of rich Gujarati folk culture, the Bandhni form of embroidery is a treat to the eye. Bandhni works in sarees, Ghagra cholis, dress materials, handicraft items, showpieces and accessories in a rich demonstration of life and liveliness. The mirror works coupled with a dazzle of sequins shells and beads in fabrics, footwear and home accessories like bed covers and home linen, add a new dimensions to the shoppers' list. Ornaments or any showpieces made out of silver is another interesting buy in Dwarka.

The outside premises of the temples or tourist spots or the following shopping malls can bring a relief to the average traveler from the confusion of the fact as to what to buy in Dwarka.

  • Supreme Plaza
  • Vardhman Airport Plaza --II
  • Bansal Plaza
  • Vardhman Airport Plaza - I
  • Wadhwa Plaza
  • Pankaj Plaza - IV
  • Pankaj Plaza - III
  • Dwarka Deep
  • Pankaj Plaza - II
  • Sagar Plaza
  • Mefcons Plaza
  • Aditya Plaza
  • Vardhman Plaza
  • Odeon Plaza - I
  • Pankaj Plaza - I

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