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Ugadi Festival

  • Dates :

    06/04/2019 - 06/04/2019

  • Location :

    Andhra Pradesh

The Ugadi Festival in Andhra Pradesh is the New Year festival that is celebrated every year as Ugadi marks the beginning of the Hindi Lunar calendar. Ugadi marks a day of joy and happiness, aspirations and hope, the belief are that this day and its joys would foreshadow the course of events for the upcoming year.

Ugadi festival in Andhra Pradesh is the festival to rejoice the coming of the New Year. It gives the people of Andhra Pradesh a reason to celebrate the coming of the New Year in many different ways. People wake up early and wear new clothes. The festoons of mangoe(torana) are tied to the doors and the houses are decorated with fresh flowers. There is a special 'Chutney' called Ugadi pachadi that is made during the Ugadi festival which is kept in an earthen pot before the idol of the house. Thereafter, puja is performed and everyone takes the share of the chutney and go for feasts and meals together.

Time for celebrating Ugadi Festival 

The Ugadi Festival generally falls sometime during the months of March or April. The time for celebrating Ugadi Festival is on March 16, this year.