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Fairs and Festivals of Assam

The fairs and festivals of Assam are a fine reflection of the state's jest for life. Indeed, the people of Assam are a merry lot who lose no opportunity to celebrate. So, it is not surprising to see the festival calendar packed with a variety of fairs and festivals in Assam that attract visitors from all over India and international destinations.

From yearly fairs like the Ambubachi Mela to the Rongali Bihu Festival, Assam has many popular festivals. Moreover, Assam is a melting pot of varied races and cultures adds more to its appeal. So it's needless to mention that the Assam festivals have their roots in various faiths and beliefs.

For centuries, the locals have celebrated all major fairs and festivals of Assam with equal enthusiasm and zeal. The fairs and festivals of Assam so well reflect the spirit of togetherness that one is often left mesmerized. So, if you time your visit well, you can indeed be a part of some of the most celebrated fairs and festivals in Assam.

Apart from regional festivals, the people of Assam also celebrate all the national festivals of India. From the lights of Diwali to the patriotic colors of Independence Day, you can see them all in Assam, India. So the next time you travel to Assam, time your visit to be a part of some of its most colorful Assam festivals. To indulge in these popular fairs and festivals, you can book Assam tour packages with us that are customizable. Contact us for more information and to book a tour with us!

Take a look Famous Festivals  Assam

Bihu Festival

One of the most significant festivals in Assam, the Bihu Festival of Assam, is celebrated with pomp and gusto by the Assamese people. Keeping aside their caste, creed, faith, religion, and belief, all people delight in Bihu festivities.

Three types of Bihu are celebrated in a year - Bohag Bihu (hope for a good harvest), Kaati Bihu (cutting & binding of grains), and Magh Bihu (harvesting season of grains).

Majuli Festival

Majuli Festival is among the most beautiful fairs and festivals of Assam. Cultural activities are held in which people take part in large numbers. Traditional troupes from different regions of the country visit Majuli to represent Majuli Festival is among the most beautiful fairs and festivals in Assam. Cultural activities are held in which people take part in large numbers. Traditional troupes from different country regions visit Majuli to represent their culture through various talents. Exhibitions give Assam artisans and experts a platform to showcase their handicrafts, authentic clothing, and wooden showpieces.

Ambubachi Festival

Celebrated in the Kamakhya Temple of Guwahati, Ambubachi Festival is celebrated during the monsoon. Several rituals take place with Tantric rites and the doors of the temple remain shut for three days. People believe that the earth becomes impure for three days. On the fourth day when the temple finally opens, devotees can enter the temple for worship. 

Tea Festival

Assam is known for its vast tea estate and thus, celebrates the Tea Festival to glorify its tea production. The state of Assam produces some of the finest quality of tea ever tasted and ranges from black tea to white tea to green tea.

Jorhat is called the Tea Capital of the World and celebrated this festival in Assam in November. It lasts for three days and gives visitors a chance to taste the different charities of tea leaves. 

Baishagu Festival

Bodo Kacharis of Assam revel in the Baishagu Festival. It is one of the famous fairs and festivals in Assam observed in the month of Bohag (April) of the Assamese calendar. It is celebrated in Baishagu in Assam during which traditional Bagurumba dance is performed.

People of all ages join this dance while young men play traditional instruments like sifung, kham, and tharka. Folk songs are sung and specially prepared chicken and local rice beer (zou) are offered to Lord Shiva or Bathou.

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