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Fairs and Festivals in Assam

The fairs and festivals in Assam are a fine reflection of the state's jest for life. Indeed, the people of Assam are a merry lot who lose no opportunity to celebrate. So it is not surprising to see the state's festival calendar choc a bloc with a variety of fairs and festivals that attract visitors from all over.

Right from yearly fairs like the Ambubachi Mela to the Rangali Bihu festival, there are many fairs and festivals in Assam to speak of. The fact that Assam is a melting pot for varied races and cultures adds more to its appeal. So its needless to mention that the Assam fairs and festivals have their roots in a varied number of faiths and beliefs.

For centuries, the people of Assam have been celebrating all fairs and festivals with equal enthusiasm and fervor. The spirit of togetherness is so well reflected by the fairs and festivals of Assam that one is often left mesmerized. So if you time your visit well, you can surely be a part of some of the most popular fairs and festivals celebrated in Assam.

Apart from regional festivals, the people of Assam also celebrate all the national festivals of India. From the lights of Diwali to the patriotic colors of the Independence Day, you can see them all in Assam, India. So the next time you travel to Assam, time your visit in a way that you are able to be a part of some of its most colorful festivals.

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List of Fair and Festivals in Assam

Start Date: 21/11/2021
End Date: 24/11/2021
Majuli, Assam

One of the major festivals that draws visitors from far and near is Majuli Festival in Assam, the gateway to the Northeast. The Majuli festival is... read more»

Start Date: 11/02/2021
End Date: 17/02/2021
Kaziranga National Park, Assam

The State of Assam organizes one of the largest elephant festivals in India for the purpose of conservation and safeguard of Asiatic elephants. The... read more»

Start Date: 15/01/2021
End Date: 15/01/2021

The Magh Bihu festival of Assam is celebrated with great fervor by its entire populace. Characterized by merry making and feasting, this festival... read more»

Start Date: 14/04/2021
End Date: 16/04/2021

A traditional aboriginal ethnic festival celebrated in Assam, Bohag Bihu is also known as Rongali Bihu and it marks the beginning of the Assamese... read more»

Start Date: 26/06/2021
End Date: 26/06/2021
Kamakhya Devi Temple, Guwahati

The Ambubachi Mela is celebrated in the capital city of Guwahati, in the northeastern state of Assam in India. The Ambubachi Mela is the most... read more»

Start Date: 15/01/2021
End Date: 15/01/2021
Jorhat district, Assam

The Tea Festival is held in the district of Jorhat in the northeastern state of Assam in India. Jorhat is well-known for its extensive tea gardens,... read more»

Start Date: 17/02/2021
End Date: 21/02/2021

The Ali Ai Ligang Festival, also known as Ali-Aye-Ligang is celebrated in Assam, India. Most of the tribal festivals celebrated in Assam, are... read more»

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Assam, Northeast India

The Dehing Patkai Festival is celebrated in the eastern part of the northeastern state of Assam in India. The Dehing Patkai Festival in Dehing is... read more»

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