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Kalachakara Festival, Bodhgaya

(Last Updated 28 Jan, 2023)

  • Dates :

    To be Announced

  • Location :

    Bodhgaya, Bihar

The Kalachakra festival is organized in Bodhgaya, the place where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment and lasts for ten days wherein a large number of people come together to create inner peace.

Festival for World Peace

As per Vajrayana Buddhism, Kalachakra is related to the concept of time and cycles in Buddhism. The cycles include everything right from the cycle of human breathing to the cycle of planets. Kalachakra makes one use the energies of their body and takes them onto the path of enlightenment. The concept of Kalachakra also covers a process of the rebirth of an individual wherein the person vows to be kind to all other human beings. In Buddhism, there is a tradition to offer this teaching to a large audience.

A Festival of  Experiences and Meditations

The Kalachakra festival includes a number of meditation, prayers, chants, vows and dances. This ancient ritual is performed with a single aim of bringing in world peace.

Kalachakra Festival is celebrated on a large scale where the Dalai Lama gives a session of his teachings to a huge public audience. The Initiation given by Dalai Lama is believed to lead to a path where the positive energies are generated in the body. These energies make one experience life in a Buddhist way.


The first eight days of the festival cover the preparation of the mandala by the monks. Post that, people are given the permission to see the sand mandala. The star highlight of the festival is the large sand mandala which is prepared at the beginning of the festival using sand in fourteen different colors. At the end of the festival, the sand mandala is undone in order to show the impermanence of things. The festival ends when the monks release the positive energy of the mandala through a ritual to the entire world. The festival allures a number of people from all across the country and the world.

For those who are looking for some peace of mind, they must attend the Kalachakra Festival. The festival makes one interact with inner self.

Travel tips for attending Kalachakra Festival 2023

During the Kalachakra Festival, thousands of devotees from all across the globe visit Bodhgaya to be a part of the grand celebration. Because of this, all the hotels, resorts and guests houses remain booked at this time. To save yourself from all the accommodation issues, it is best to get your accommodation booked beforehand.

Also, as it is the peak season, it is advised to book the air tickets before they reach high prices. Don’t forget to register yourself for the festival on the official Kalachakra Festival Page.

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