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Procession of All Saints

(Last Updated 31 Jan, 2023)

  • Dates :

    01/11/2023 - 01/11/2023

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India is a land of innumerable festivals, in tread with the cycle of the seasons. These proceed with sowings and harvesting and around them have grown legends, most of them portraying the victory of good over evil. These fairs and festivals impart color and cheerfulness to life of the Indians. Some festivals and fasts are specific protocols of religion which aims towards communication with the Almighty. The vivacity of the people is reflected in the colorful liveliness of the fairs and festivals. Processions, prayers, new attires, dance, music etc. are essentials related to any of such celebration. The Indian calendar is marked by superfluity of such big and small occasions. Some festivals are mainly of religious nature, and others are related more to, change of season and harvesting. They have a retentive past and many have gone through major alterations. Though, the fervor for some of the festivals also seems to be disappearing, yet they are capable of bringing about a change in the lifestyle of the people.

The Procession of All Saints in Goa is one of the most popular festivals in the state of Goa. A huge number of people take part in this festival.

Time for celebrating the Procession of All Saints :

The Procession of All Saints in Goa starts every year in the month of March from the Church of St Andrew in Old Goa. Surely there can be no better time to plan your trip to Goa. It gives you the wonderful opportunity to be a part of a religious festival and fair and also be witness to the extravagant carnival.

Description of the Procession of All Saints in Goa:

Goa is the only place outside Rome where such a procession is held. The procession attracts thousands of people from neighboring villages around Goa Velha. Local devotees carry life size statues of 31 saints on their shoulders on the fifth Monday of Lent and circulate it in a solemn procession around the whole village. Although a religious procession, a gaiety atmosphere can be seen in the evening because the main road is lined up with stalls selling snacks, sweets, and toys etc. 

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