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Dang Darbar in Gujarat

  • Dates :

    To be Announced

  • Location :

    Ahwa District, Gujarat

One of the major tribal festivals of the Dang area, Dang Darbar Fair is held in the month of March every year. The Dang area is located in the Satpura hills and is surrounded by lush green forests. 

Dang Darbar Fair takes place before the colorful festival of Holi and focuses on the interesting lifestyle of the tribal people of the Dang area. The fair is held every year in the Ahwa district of Gujarat.

Dang Darbar is the perfect place to witness the lifestyle and cultural life of the native tribal people. The fair is started by the tribal chief who blesses the fair.

Kahalia and Tadpur the ancient tribal instruments are played during the Dang Darbar fair.