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Dang Darbar Festival, Saputara, Gujarat

(Last Updated 13 Dec, 2022)

  • Dates :

    11/03/2023 - 15/03/2023

  • Location :

    Ahwa, Saputara, Gujarat

One of the major tribal festivals of the Dang area, Dang Darbar Fair is held in the month of March every year. The Dang area is located in the Satpura hills and is surrounded by lush green forests. Dang Darbar Fair takes place before the colorful festival of Holi and focuses on the interesting lifestyle of the tribal people of the Dang area. The fair is held every year in the Ahwa district of Gujarat.

Dang Darbar is the perfect place to witness the lifestyle and cultural life of the native tribal people. The fair is started by the tribal chief who blesses the fair. Kahalia and Tadpur the ancient tribal instruments are played during the Dang Darbar fair.

History of Dang Darbar Festival

According to the legends, the mighty Mughals and Marathas tried persistently to conquer this region. Even British tried their luck to gain a foothold but the forefathers of the 5 kings: Gadhavi, Pimpri, Amala-Linga, Vasurana and Daher were invincible.

Finally there was a truce signed between the five kings and British and in 1842 a ‘timber lease’ was signed for the sum of rupee 11,230 annually thereby allowing the Royal Indian Naval Dockyard of East India Company to collect the teak wood from that region.

This marked the beginning of the Dang Darbar Festival over a 170 years ago and it continues till date. However in 1954 the privileges of kings and other nobles were revoked all over the country, the 5 kings family are given the political pension every year one the first day of the Dang Darbar Festival.

Dang Darbar Festival Celebration

Tribals from over 300 villages gather in Ahwa, the headquarters of the tribal district of Dang to mark this festival organised by the state to honor the 5 kings. The highlights of the festival includes shopping by tribal for household goods. For visitors, Dang Festival offers a great opportunity to experience the lives and culture of tribal people of the region that include Kunbis, Bhils, Gamits and Warlis.

All the traditional dances of the tribes along with traditional music forms the major highlight of the festivals. Locals attired in traditional costumes perform traditional dance forms. No wonder this festival is also referred to as the festival of costumes.

Dang Darbar Festival Dates

Dang Festival is celebrated every year before the Holi, yet another major festival of India. It is a five day annual affair held in Ahwa located in the lone hill station of Gujarat, Saputara. This year (2023), Dang Festival dates are from 11th March 2023 to 15th March 2023.

How to Reach Ahwa

One can reach Ahwa by road from Saputara by private taxi or self-drive car. The road distance between Saputara and Ahwa is approx. 42 kilometers. For people from states other than Gujarat, the nearest major railhead is Surat.

Surat is also well connected from all major airports of Indian cities. From Surat is located at a distance of 116 kilometers from Saputara. Road condition is good between Surat and Saputara and one can travel smoothly via private taxi, buses of own car from Surat to Saputara.

Also buses, both private and government ply regularly from Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad to Saputara.

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