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Easter Festival, Gujarat

(Last Updated 13 Dec, 2022)

  • Dates :

    04/04/2023 - 04/04/2023

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    All Over India

One of the important fairs and festivals in Gujarat is the Easter. The Easter, Gujarat is celebrated generally during the month of March and April every year. The festival is religiously celebrated by the Christians all over the world and also in Gujarat. From Easter eggs to Easter bunnies, Easter is a time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. offers online information on Easter, Gujarat and other tourist attractions of Gujarat and other parts India. On your tour to Gujarat in India you can be a part of this colorful festival.

The word Easter according to some was coined from Goddess Eostre by the Anglo Saxons in the 8th century. According to the Roman Catholic Church a number of celebrations take place during this time. Firstly the paschal candles are lit, service of lessons takes place and then the blessings and the mass of Easter follows. The first mass of Easter takes place in the midnight. During the Easter in Gujarat a number of people from all over assemble in the Church to attend the midnight mass of Easter, Gujarat. 

After that comes a joyful announcement that “Christ is risen” and this is followed by the Easter Eucharist. When the procession comes out from the church there are no lights but when it comes back there are a number of lights and candles which denote the significance of Christ’s Resurrection. 

There are a number of popular beliefs associated with Easter. In Easter Gujarat you can get to see a number of colorful celebrations where the Christians from all the communities participate. There is an association between Easter and spring as both of them denotes the birth of new life. In different parts of the world there are different customs related to Easter. One of the important rituals is making Easter eggs and even Easter bunnies. In Gujarat different Christian families wear colorful dresses and make excellent sweets and desserts. On your tour to Gujarat you can see the Christian families participating in the celebration of Easter. 

Different countries have different customs regarding the Easter eggs. According to some Easter egg is the tomb from which Jesus Christ came out. It is a symbol of fertility and new beginning. Rabbits were also a Christian symbol associated with fertility. 

In Gujarat different churches celebrate Easter Gujarat. This is one of the important fairs and festivals in Gujarat. From colorful dresses to the sweet delicacies, Easter is all about celebrating the spirit of new birth and spirit of Resurrection. So Easter is one of the important Christian Festivals.

When Easter is Celebrated

Christians from all over the world observe the Easter. This is celebrated during March and April every year. This is the day when Jesus Christ was crucified. Christians from all over the world as well people from different religions attend the prayer service in the Church. Easter, Gujarat is observed religiously and Christians in Gujarat attend the prayers in the Churches in Gujarat.

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