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Good Friday Gujarat

(Last Updated 16 Sep, 2022)

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    07/04/2023 - 07/04/2023

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    All Over India

The Friday before Easter is celebrated throughout the world as Good Friday. One of the important Christian festivals it commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This is a holy day for the Christians where they attend the prayer services and listen to the readings from Gospel.

One of the most sacred festivals of the Christians, Good Friday is celebrated all over India as well. Good Friday, Gujarat is one of the important occasions which brings all the Christians in Gujarat to attend the prayer service. People from other religions even attend the Good Friday, Gujarat during this time.

Good Friday also called Holy Friday is one of the sacred dates for the Christians. The day is a day of mourning where Christians follow the rituals to commemorate the event of Crucifixion of Jesus on this day.

The date of Good Friday marks the end of a 40 day period of fasting during Lent which tries to remember the agonies and pain which Jesus Christ went through while he spent his penance in the desert.

The popularity of Jesus scared the kings and with the help of one Jesus’ close associate, Judas, Jesus was arrested for treason and crucified. This happened on a Thursday just before Good Friday when he was finally arrested and crucified. The celebration of Good Friday spreads the message that non-violence is far more powerful than hatred and violence.

The entire day people in Gujarat fast and then they offer their prayers to the Lord. In some churches in Gujarat, during Good Friday, Gujarat, a number of charitable deeds are carried out to spread the message of God. Besides this the prayer service also includes readings from the Bible. In many churches in Gujarat in India, a piece of wood in the shape of a cross is kept. The service lasts for three hours after twelve as it is believed this was the time when he was crucified. 

In Gujarat you can find in many of the churches people don black robes to enact the Passion of Christ. In some churches during Good Friday in Gujarat, candles are not lit. On your to Gujarat you can get a glimpse of the Good Friday celebrated in the churches in Gujarat which by now is one of the important fairs and festivals in Gujarat. On your tour to Gujarat in India you can be a part of this important festival.

When Good Friday is Celebrated

Christians from all over the world observe Good Friday as the day when Jesus Christ laid down his life for the good of humanity. It is celebrated on a Friday before Easter. This is the day when Jesus Christ was crucified. Christians from all over the world as well people from different religions attend the prayer service in the Church. Good Friday, Gujarat is observed religiously and Christians in Gujarat attend the prayers in the Churches in Gujarat.

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