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Shab-I-Barat Festival, Gujarat

(Last Updated 01 Jul, 2022)

  • Dates :

    07/03/2023 - 07/03/2023

  • Location :

    All Over India

Shab-i-Barat (Shia day of atonement) Gujarat is celebrated on the fifteenth night of the months Sha'aban- the eighth month of the Islamic calendar, also known as the month of ‘separation’. It is so called because the pagan Arabs used to disperse in search of water during this month.

Shab-i-Barat (Shia day of atonement) Gujarat is ‘the Night of Records’; some people think that on this night Prophet Muhammad told his followers that Allah records all the deeds that the humans have to perform for the next year. However, there is no Quranic or Hadith evidence to support this belief.

Shab-I-Barat (Shia day of atonement) takes place 15 days before the beginning of Ramadan month. A whole night of prayer is devoted to asking for forgiveness for the past year and praying for good fortune in the year to come. Legend goes that on this night the Holy prophet Muhammad visits each household and relieves the pains of suffering humanity. This is one of the holiest dates in the Islamic calendar, and is widely celebrated in India and throughout the Muslim world.

Shab-i-Barat is essentially a Shia festival and owing to the considerable number of the same in Gujarat, Shab-I-Barat in Gujarat India is one of the widely celebrated fairs and festivals in Gujarat.

Shab-I-Barat Celebration in Gujarat as elsewhere is celebrated with a grand evening feast. Sweets, specially, sevvaiyan (vermicelli) are prepared and sent to the houses of friends and relatives. Vermicelli chapattis, jaggery, halwa, meat, biriyani are the commonly prepared dishes. Fatiha or blessings are recited over food in the name of the Prophet, his daughter Fatimah, and his son-in-law Ali. The Holy Koran is recited and at night, fireworks light the sky.

The women of the household have a separate set of celebrations; women of the locality or the household gather together and one of them read out the Quran. Elder women recite and explain verses from the Quran and tell mythical stories.

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