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Mango Festival in Haryana

(Last Updated 05 Aug, 2021)

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Summers can never be complete without a good feast on delicious mangoes. The people of Haryana know it well and the Mango Festival in Haryana is a testimony to that. It takes place at the Yadavindra Gardens in Pinjore. This place is about 20 kilometers from Chandigarh. The main idea behind the Mango Festival in Haryana is to enhance and highlight the tremendous popularity of the mangoes.

Description of Mango Festival in Haryana

During the Mango Festival in Haryana, many different varieties of mangoes from all over India, from states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana and also from states like Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. There is also a competition held between mango growers from all over the country who enter their prized fruits at the competition during the Mango Festival. The visitors at the Mango Festival get the chance to taste all the different and traditional varieties of these summer fruits during this festival in Haryana. Along with the mangoes, there are also the latest hybrid fruits from the different agricultural universities.

Various companies from the agro industry and those companies in the food industry that process mangoes come and display their products at the Mango Festival. These products include different kinds of jam, pickles and canned fruits. The stalls exhibiting and selling mangoes also have cultural programs and functions which are a part of the Mango Festival. There are also competitions held between preserved fruits, food and other products of mangoes. The Mango Festival in total also reflects the enriching cultural extravaganza of Haryana.

Time for celebrating Mango Festival in Haryana

The Mango Festival in Haryana takes place in the months of June or July.

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