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Teej Festival in Jaipur

(Last Updated 31 Oct, 2023)

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    07/08/2024 - 07/08/2024

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Planning for a Rajasthan tour that would be embedded with both natural attractions as well as tour to culturally rich places of Rajasthan? The best way to get these attractions embedded in your tour is to visit a fair or a festival in Rajasthan. The Teej Festival in Rajasthan is a perfect place to visit. The fair will not only provide you enough opportunity to have fun and frolic. It will also be the right place to get close to the rich culture of the place.

Teej Festival is mostly popular among the women population of Rajasthan. The festival has a great religious significance. The young girls also actively take part in this festival. Married women carry out the various rituals and pray to Goddess Parvati for well being of their husband. They also pray for a blissful married life. The festival holds a lot of importance for the people of Jaipur as during the festival, the pick city gets enveloped in green color. Women in thus part of the world also dress up in colors that signify freshness and richness. Their accessories mainly include colored bangles and jewelry.

Decorating the Teej Mata temple is also an integral part of the festival. The idol of Teej Mata is adorned with and traditional jewelry and beautifully embroidered clothes. On visiting the festival, you will also get to hear devotional songs sing by the ladies. These songs are dedicated to Goddess Parvati. The place boasts a different look during the festival as the lawns and the gardens are wonderfully decorated. They are decorated with a number of swings. These swings decorated with strings of marigold and spring flowers. The festival also features a procession with the idol of Teej Mata. The procession terminates at Kanak Vrindavan.

History of Teej Festival

According to Hindu Mythology, Teej festival celebrates the marriage of Parvati and Shiva according to ancient Hindu mythology. According to mythology, Parvati took 107 rebirths before becoming Shiva's wife after dedicating 108 years.On this day, married women fast for their husbands' well-being and pray for their happiness. It is particularly popular in North India. Hariyali Teej occurs during Shukla Paksha in Adhik Maas Sawan.

Where is Teej Festival Celebrated?

Teej Festival is mainly celebrated in Rajasthan during the monsoon (especially in the month of Sharavan). Aside from Rajasthan, it is also celebrated in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Punjab.

How is Teej Festival Celebrated?

The Teej celebration primarily revolves around women. Women fast on this day for their husbands' health and happiness. They wear traditional clothes, apply henna, play games, and enjoy the monsoon on swings under trees.

Teej Rituals

On Teej, women dress in colorful clothes, wear jewelry, apply henna, and fast for a day. Married women get gifts (Sinjara) from their parents as blessings for their marital bliss. At the end of the day, they worship Goddess Parvati and seek blessings for their married life and the health and longevity of their husbands.

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FAQs about Teej Festival in Jaipur

Q: What kind of food is served during the Teej Festival in Rajasthan?

Ans: During Teej Festival, traditional Rajasthani food is served including the signature dishe Dal Baati Churma. The festival also features traditional Rajasthani sweets such as Ghevar and Malpua.

Q: What colour clothes to wear on teej?

Ans: As teej is celebrated durning monsoon, women prefer to wear bright colors like green, red, yellow, or oranges.

Q: What is the symbol of teej festival?

Ans: The teej festival symbolizes the reunion of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and their eternal love. It also represents Goddess Parvati’s devotion.

Q: Which ornaments is must during teej puja?

Ans: During Teej Puja, married women must wear sindoor, bindi, mehendi, bangles, jewelry, and toe rings.

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