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Kolhua Mela in Hunterganj

(Last Updated 05 Aug, 2021)

  • Dates :

    To be Announced

  • Location :

    Hunterganj, Chatra, Jharkhand

Jharkhand is well noted for the number of fairs that are held in its premises. All these fairs have active participation from the enthusiastic people, which makes Jharkhand a cheerful and a vivacious state in India. The Kolhua Mela is one such fair in Jharkhand that takes place twice a year in a place called Hunterganj. Hunterganj is at a distance of about 190 kilometers, north of the Kolhua Hill in the Chatra district of Jharkhand.The Kolhua Mela takes place on the top of the Kolhua Hills where an ancient Kali Temple is located. The Kolhua Hills lie about 6 miles south east of Hunterganj.

Description of Kolhua Mela in Hunterganj

The Kolhua Mela in Hunterganj is a very ancient fair of Jharkhand. This Mela takes place on the top of the Kolhua Hill. There is an ancient temple of Goddess Kali on top of the hill. The origin of the temple is not known yet by the historians. The temple is also called the temple of the ‘Kuleshwari Devi’. There is also a water tank on the top. The Kolhua Mela is a religious fair in Jharkhand. On this day a number of pilgrims and devotees flock to the top of the hill to worship the Goddess. To attend the Kolhua Mela in Jharkhand, one has to trek to the top of the hill. It is not an easy trek as the roads are steep and there are no rest houses. But the place is serene and beautiful and one is most likely to forget of the fatigue once he/she reaches the top of the Kolhua Hill and looks around.

Time for celebrating Kolhua Mela in Hunterganj

The Kolhua Mela in Jharkhand is celebrated twice every year. The times for celebrating the Kolhua Mela are during Magh Vasanth Panchami and Ram Navami.

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