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Rabda Sharif, Jharkhand

(Last Updated 05 Aug, 2021)

  • Dates :

    To be Announced

  • Location :

    Pratappur, Jharkha, Jharkhand

There is no end to the time for merriment in Jharkhand, which is always wrapped up in some kind of revelry or the other, in the form of fairs and festivals. In Jharkhand, fairs are also held to pay homage to Sufi saints who visited Jharkhand long time back. The fairs are held around their mazaar, such as the Rabda Sharif or the Barura Sharif, to pay respect to them and the contribution they had over humanity as a whole.

Data Faham Khyal Shah was a contemporary to Data Amir Ali Shah who is a greatly revered and respected Sufi saint, popular with people of all religions, be it the Hindus or the Muslims. The mazaar or the shrine of Data Faham Khyal Shah is situated at Rabda Sharif in Pratappur.

There is an annual fair that is held to pay homage to the saint. This fair at Rabda Sharif is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and passion by all the devotees and there is a wide participation of the people who flock here from in and around the state.

Apart from the Rabda Sharif, the other very renowned and visited mazaar is at the Barura Sharif that of the famed Sufi saint Data Amir Ali Shah. He had a powerful influence over all humanity by the virtue of his views on religion, love, respect and because of his impartiality towards any particular creed or caste, he is still respected by all, both Hindus and Muslims. The fair at the Barura Sharif takes place on a wider scale than Rabda Sharif which nevertheless is a significant fair in Jharkhand.

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