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Fairs and Festivals in Karnataka

Karnataka is one of the most beautiful multicultural lands of the South that hosts many cultural festivals and events throughout the year. The fairs and festivals in Karnataka are stunning, extravagant and are celebrated with lots of enthusiasm. You can enhance your traveling experience by participating in these fairs and festivals of Karnataka.

The best part about these festivals is, you can sense the colorful heritage of this impressive state of South India in so many ways. Every region and religion have festivals that will charm you with quaint rituals and make your vacation special.

You can enjoy a dance festival, a traditional puja, a patriotic event, exhibitions, and performances in Karnataka with these fairs and festivals. Fun, frolic, and celebration are all part of the festivals of Karnataka.  Check out the below list to know more about particular popular fairs and festivals of Karnataka.

Hampi Festival

Hampi festival is one of the most significant festivals of Karnataka that is celebrated with zeal and great celebration. This festival brings back to life Hampi architecture and draws people together to celebrate togetherness. Many famous artists and musicians become part of this event and showcasing their matchless talent. You can enjoy this festival with lots of colors, light, and excitement.

  • When to Celebrate: January
  • Where to Celebrate: Hampi Village, Vijayanagara, Karnataka
  • Duration of festivals: Three days

Mysore Dussehra

Dussehra is a 10 days auspicious festival that is celebrated throughout the country, but the attractiveness of this festival in Karnataka is outstanding. It is celebrated in a lively manner precisely in Mysore, and locally this celebration is called Nadahabba. During this festival, you can witness the flood of light everywhere, and Mysore Palace glows breathtakingly. The feeling of joy floats in the air, and the city becomes majestically paradise.  

  • When to Celebrate: October- November
  • Where to Celebrate: All over the Mysore
  • Duration of festivals: Ten days


This is one of the most captivating festivals in Karnataka that is also known as Sankranti. At this festival, people adore their cattle and feed them Pongal, a dish made of rice. Apart from that other special dishes are made for this day. The bonfire is organized, and decorated cattle are made to hop into the fire. It is all a part of the celebration of Pongal in Karnataka.

  • When to Celebrate: January
  • Where to Celebrate: In all over Karnataka
  • Duration of Festivals: One day

Kambala Festival

Kambala festival in Karnataka is one of the most fascinating events. Around 150 pairs of buffalos are specially groomed for the race as it is part of this festival. On the first day of Kambala, a parade of competing farmers and buffaloes is organized at his festival. The field is made with water on which buffalo has to run with the bold farmer. The one who wins the race gets the prize.

  • When to celebrate: It is celebrated between November to March as different regions celebrate on different dates.
  • Where to celebrate: Majalu, Puttur, Kamalakettu, Baradi Beedu, Bolantur, Kolatta, and Uppinangadi.
  • Duration of Festivals: Two days

Pattadakal Dance Festivals

Pattadakal Dance festival is also known as Chalukya Dance Festival as Pattadakal was the capital of the Chalukyan king. This magnificent festival is organized by Karnataka tourism to promote the local artists and celebrate their art on the International Stage. Grand music, dance gala, artisans, and craftsmen are part of this festival. Artists from different corners of India come here to display their art in the exhibition.

  • When to Celebrate: January
  • Where to Celebrate: Pattadakal
  • Duration of Festival: Three Days


Ugadi is one of the main festivals of Karnataka that has extreme significance in the Hindu religion. It is marked as the beginning of the year according to the Hindu calendar. During this festival, people wear new clothes, decorate their houses, dance to the rhythm of folk music to celebrate the beginning of a new year. The poetry competition, chanting mantras in the temple, and a classical music concert are part of this festival. One must visit the hamlets and villages of Karnataka to behold the full glory.

  • When to Celebrate: Between March and April (On the first day of Chaitra as per the Lunar calendar)
  • Where to Celebrate: In the entire Karnataka
  • Duration of Festival: One day

Vairamudi Festival

Vairamudi is one of the most religious and popular festivals in Karnataka. Each year more than 400,000 people mark their presence to witness Vairamudi festival in Karnataka. This festival is celebrated on the third day of the Brahmotsavam at the temple of Cheluvanarayana. Decorating Lord Cheluvarayaswami's statue with a diamond-studded crown that was once related to Mysore's former maharajas is part of this festival. This festival depicts the cultural and religious values of the state.

  • When to Celebrate: March to April
  • Where to Celebrate: at Cheluva Narayana Swamy Temple in Melukote
  • Duration of Festival: One Day

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