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Kambala Festival in Karnataka

(Last Updated 31 Dec, 2021)

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Kambala Festival, a rural festival of Karnataka is celebrated every year with a lot of enthusiasm and vigor. The Kambala Festival is popular because of the Buffalo Race associated with it. The Kambala Buffalo Race is held with a lot of colors, grandeur and merriment. This rural sporting festival of Karnataka was at one point of time a pastime for the royal family and the tradition was kept alive till it passed on the ordinary men, by the feudal lords of Tulu region.

Description of the Kambala Festival

The Kambala Festival is famous for the Buffalo race that is held during the celebrations. During the Kambala Festival in Karnataka, when the fields are wet, the buffalos are made to race on the tracks, edged by a strong farmer who comes after the buffaloes surfing and balancing his way on top of a wooden plank. The buffalo race starts off amidst a lot of colors, frenzy and cheers. The buffalo which is the swiftest gets the fist prize.

Time for celebrating Kambala Festival

The Kambala(Buffalo race) Festival in Karnataka takes place in between November and march every year. The places where the Kambala Festival takes place are Baradi Beedu, Bolantur, Kolatta, Majalu, Puttur, Kamalakettu and Uppinagadi.

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