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Adoor Mahalingeshwara Temple

(Last Updated 05 Aug, 2021)

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The Adoor Mahalingeshwara Temple is one of the splendid temples at Kerala. Makara Sankramam is an important ceremony held here. The festival at the Adoor Temple consists of a holy dip into the river and concludes with mass feeding. It is known as Kumbhabhishekam.

The holy dip in the River Payasini is considered as sacramental and so, people try their level best to go and have a sacred bath in the Payasini River. In doing so, their sins are eliminated and they find peace and solace inside their hearts.

History of the Adoor Mahalingeshwara Temple:

According to the mythology, a Harijan, who was an untouchable, discovered the Shiva lingam while he was on his way to his work. Since the Shiva Lingam was discovered by a common man, the day is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. People throng to the temple premises and wear their choicest costumes. They celebrate the Makara Sankramam Festival with remarkable fervor and keenness. They pay homage to the Shiva Lingam and also ask for their prosperity and overall happiness.

Description of the Adoor Mahalingeshwara Temple:

The Makara Sankraman Festival consists of feeding the poor and the needy people. It is said that doing this act serves to eliminate the sins that a person commits during his lifetime. Adoor Mahalingeshwara Temple is noted for its ancient Shiva Temple which is supposed to have been constructed by Arjuna, the epic hero of the Mahabharata.

The Sri Mahalingeshwara Temple lies on the southern bank of the river Payasini. The landscape is soothing to the eye. It is at this river that people take a holy dip during the Makara Sankramam Festival.

Time for the celebration of the Adoor Mahalingeshwara Temple:

The Festival at the Adoor Mahalingeshwara Temple is held in the month of February-March. It begins with the Dwajahoranam.

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