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Kadammanitta Padayani, Kerala

(Last Updated 18 Jul, 2022)

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    08/04/2022 - 08/04/2022

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A land where tradition and heritage are still preserved in each and every heart of the people of the land. The tour of Kerala is made even more fascinating by a glimpse of the land's various rituals, customs, and festivals. The various festivals of Kerala are influenced to a large extent by the culture of Kerala. They are kept alive even today by the various legends and myths associated with them. These are led by the festivals, which are a form of commemoration of a special event that had taken place sometime during the history of Kerala. These include some of the most famous festivals in Kerala, like the Kadammanitta Padayani. It is a 10-day annual Padayani festival celebrated at Kadammanitta Bhagavathy Temple. This festival in Kerala is a part of the yearly Pathamudaya Mahotsavom.

Description of Kadammanitta Padayani

This festival of Kerala starts with the Chootu Vaipu or lighting of the fire taken from the temple's sacred lamp. After that, it is followed by the drumming of Chenda and Thappu. During festival days, you can see the rituals of eduthu varavu or the procession of various Padayani Kolams.

It begins with the kolam of Ganapathi and other various kolams in the procession of this festival included, including Marutha, Kalan, Kuthira, Madan, Pakshi, Yaklshi, and Bhairavi. However, the main comic interlude of the Kadammanitta Padayani festival is Paradeshi.

How Kadammanitta Padayani Festival is Celebrated

During this festival, the kolams dance to Padayani songs. On top of that, you will also witness Kottakkolam(all kolams) performances that will blow your mind. There are many types of performances that are part of this festival, such as Ganapathi kolam , four Marutha kolams , one Kalan kolam , eight Yakshi kolam , Kanjiramala , and Bharavi kolams. However, artists and devotees get the blessing by singing the Vallappattu, a boat song.

When Kadammanitta Padayani Festival is Celebrated

One of the famous festivals in Kerala, the Kadammanitta Padayani, is celebrated on the first day of the month of Medam according to the Malayalam calendar or when the sun is in the constellation of Aries according to western calendars. The ceremony, an elaborate display of skills, dècor, traditions, and color, is a fun-filled event that takes place for ten days.

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