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Kerala Village Fair

(Last Updated 02 Feb, 2023)

  • Dates :

    15/01/2023 - 25/01/2023

  • Location :

    Kovalam, Kerala

The Kerala Village Fair in Kovalam is one such event that sets the quiet village bustling with tourists. This festival takes place in mid-January every year. Village Fair revolves around music, dances, food, and exhibition. The locals know the 10-day-long Kerala Village Fair as "Gramam." Kovalam is a widely visited country, drawing foreign tourists throughout the year. It is one of the fascinating festivals in Kerala that is celebrated in Kovalam.

The village Fair in Kerala will take you back in time and allow you to witness the beauty of nature in every essence. It also gives you a chance to reminisce about age-old traditions and learn about the lifestyle of Kerala. The basic concept of having the "Gramam" is to recreate an entire village in Kerala style. Ethnic wear, traditional food, snacks, and other handicraft work would be displayed.

Description of Kerala Village Fair

As part of the fair, traditional thatched-roof houses are decorated on the festival's first two days. The "Nalukettu" homes have traditional decors and are illuminated at night. The replication of the entire village in Kerala style brings back the traditional fervor. On the days of this festival, you can avail of the nearby accommodation facilities. The theme of simplicity is cherished through the work of the artists. The homesteads in Kerala, "tharavadu," are mansions primarily made of wood. The open courtyard, pillars, and other architectural styles of traditional homes have a vast collection of antiques. Tourists will be enthralled with teak, sandalwood, and modern furniture sets.

How Village Fair is Celebrated

The flower decoration of "Pookalam" makes the huts look even more enchanting. The celebration days also include folk dance performances of Pulikali, Villupattu, Theyyam, and Thullal. Also, savor delicacies like "Puttu" and "Kadala."

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