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Machattu Mamangam Festival Thrissur

(Last Updated 01 Feb, 2023)

  • Dates :

    21/02/2023 - 21/02/2023

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The Machattu Mamangam in Kerala is an annual festival celebrated with full enthusiasm and attended by thousands from Kerala, Southern India, and all over the globe. The venue for the celebration is fixed at the Machattu Thiruvanikavu Temple at Vadakkencherry in the Thrissur district.

How long will the Machattu Mamangam Festival in Thrissur continue?

The five-day-long celebration involves a massive crowd, exhilarating entertainment, and great pageantry. The festival's main ritual takes place on the last day, with the heavily decorated Kuthirakolams, the motifs of the horses, being taken out for the procession.

The annual extravaganza, attracting thousands from all over the place, is staged at the Machattu Thiruvanikavu Temple at Vadakkencherry in the Thrissur district. The five-day splendor continues with loads of celebration. The last day is scheduled for the main events, when immense structures heavily decorated with ornaments and other materials are taken out for processions. The temple, the center of attraction, is where the Machattuvela festival is staged, and devotees with great passion and devotion participate.

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What happens at the Machattu Mamangam Festival in Thrissur?

The Kuthirakolams, motifs of horses, are ceremoniously taken out for precessions on the street. These motifs of horses represent different villages of the region. Then, as myth would have it, the Goddess Bhagavathy leaves the temple to visit the homes of the devotees all around and accepts the offerings, showing blessings on them. The procession also accompanies the elephants dressed up royally, along with the Chenda Melam and traditional percussion music, making the event a real treat for the visitors.

How to reach the Temple?

The easiest way to reach the temple is to take the rail route and drive from there, about 21 kilometers from Thrissur railway station.

When is the Machattu Mamangam Festival celebrated?

The annual event is scheduled for the third week of February and continues for five days with various celebrations. The time for the occasion is a great time to visit the state filled with the serenity of nature. The event is scheduled for February every year.

Venue: Machattu Thiruvanikavu Temple
Location: Vadakkancherry
District: Thrissur

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