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Pariyanampetta Pooram Festivals, Kerala

(Last Updated 15 Jan, 2024)

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    13/02/2024 - 19/02/2024

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A seven-day festival known as Pariyanampetta Pooram is conducted at the Pariyanampetta Bhagavathy Temple in Kattukulam. Goddess Bhagavathy, of the 14 Desams, is the patron goddess of the Pariyanampetta temple.

On each of the seven days of the festival, the goddess' picture is ritualistically painted on the ground while songs are sung in accompaniment. This ritualistic drawing is known as Kalamezhuthu Pattu.

Where Pariyanampetta Pooram Festivals, Kerala is Celebrated?

The PariyanamPatta Pooram festival is celebrated at the Pariyanampatta temple, MangalamKunnu Palakkad. and is the famous festival of Valluvanad. The presiding deity of the temple is Goddess Bhagavathy.

How is Pariyanampetta Pooram Festival, Kerala is Celebrated?

The Pooram festival is marked by traditional folk and classical music performances like the Tholpavakoothu, Kalamezhuthupattu, Pootham, Thira, Karivela, Kaalavela, Kuthiravela, Kathakali, and Chakyarkoothu. The last day of the festival sees a ceremonial procession of 21 elephants. These grandly caparisoned elephants are made to march through the streets while thousands of people gather to watch them and seek blessings from them since the elephant is hailed as holy in Kerala.

The elephant and traditional musical performances are inherent parts of religious festivals in South India—Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The fairs and festivals in Kerala are more so. Also, musical performances are performed before the deity to please.

When Pariyanampetta Pooram Festival is Celebrated

According to the Malayalam calendar, the pooram day is on the 7th of the month of Kumbam. It falls approximately in the second week of February.

Venue: Pariyanampetta Bhagavathy Temple
Location: Kattukulam
District: Palakkad

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