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Thirunakara Festival in Kerala

(Last Updated 01 Feb, 2023)

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    15/03/2023 - 24/03/2023

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There are a large number of temples in Kerala. These temples embody the rich cultural and architectural heritage of the land. They stand not merely as places of worship but also as the breeding grounds of various art forms. The Thirunakkara Temple, located in the heart of the city of Kottayam is one such temple that attracts a large number of visitors. Even though the temple reflects remarkable architectural dexterity, its chief attraction is the Thirunakkara Festival, held annually.

Thirunakkara Temple is dedicated to which god?

The Thirunakkara Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. When the Thirunakkara Festival is celebrated, devotees from various parts of the state come here to offer their prayers to this vital god of the Hindu Pantheon.

How is the Thirunakkara Festival in Kerala celebrated?

On the occasion of the Thirunakkara Festival, one can witness various programs by folk artists. Within the temple premises, Mayilattom, peacock dance, and Velakali are performed by them in the evening. On the third and fourth days of the Thirunakkara Festival, Kathakali dance shows are put on by professional artists and continue throughout the night.

The premises of the Thirunakkara Temple are also converted into a fairground at the time of the Thirunakkara Festival. This colorful and vibrant fair becomes the meeting ground for a large number of people. Many stalls are set up, and a large variety of industrial and agricultural products are exhibited at this fair. The ambiance is cheerful.

The Thirunakkara Festival in Kerala concludes with the Aarattu ceremony, or the holy bathing ceremony of the idol of Lord Shiva housed in the Thirunakkara Temple. The grand procession begins in the afternoon. The most striking feature of this splendid procession is the nine elephants, which are beautifully decorated. The ornamental trappings of the elephants will surely impress you.

When Thirunakkara Festival is Celebrated in Kerala

The Thirunakkara Festival is celebrated yearly in the state of Kerala from March to April. This annual festival lasts for ten days.

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